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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Z is for Zooks and Zounds

Now everyone that has been following along on this challenge will  know that Z is for Zooks and Zounds  for a reason.
I could have smartly  chosen "Zip" as in "zip the lip since A to Z is finished already ". 

We're on a roll now, we're meandering over the finishing line of the A to Z challenge at half speed, perhaps even nonchalantly, to enjoy the sensation of actually having completed  a challenge.

Because the challenge took much supreme dedication  and putzing about, and a bit of outstanding work, (cheer now)    I did not care to use common words like 'zoo' or ' zipper', even though both of those  fine 'Z' words would  suitable for closure.
 So are ' zloty', 'zither'  and 'zippy'.  Being bribed in Polish zloty's  to stop playing the zither and finishing up at an extra- zippy pace just in time for dinner works every time.

 However much I may have been tempted to make  tongue-in-cheek oaths never to pack it in and never attempt such foolishness participation in challenges  again, I shall stand firm and not waiver.... professing dedication to the AZ'y  very end.  
( It would have been just a mild oath, mind you.....  A zook, or a zound.    That's why, today,  Z is for Zooks and Zounds.)
Have you heard the old oaths  "Zounds!"  or  "Gadzooks!" ?  Mild oaths were  invented back in the days when nobody cared to take the oaths of Deities in vain. Gad and Asher must have been particularly careful not to make unnecessary  zooks when Zilpah, their mother, was listening too.
 "Father, I heard some Gad zooks today, you better speak to your boy!"

    Famous old sculptors were also heard to say "Gadzooks!" or 'Zounds!"  when the village putz knocked an arm or the  nose off of one of their wonderful marble statues.  Dear readers, we would probably offer a coloured comment too, after fourteen years, six months and three weeks of Sundays trying to carve a magnificent, perfect  historical work of art. 

We now know the heady feeling of success.   We have the A's through Z's  all covered with a veritable salad of ideas.  Transmogification   of the English language.  We have spinach superflooie at hand.  A few collards, cabbages, and a variety of squashtickles decorated with xylography too.
We're ready to whackify  collard-snatchers, play  with the pups  and get winning lottery tickets on Friday so we can ride in that yellow submarine.
  Surprise!  We have chosen a preemptive strike for the  rebellious nonconformity and appreciation we have for our loyal readers at Incoming Bytes. I have  officially decided to complete the challenge with flourish,  a kaflooie and a head-stand in appreciation for life itself. We hope you smile.

so,  ....Zookeris and and Zoundifiers....
We're all finished, we'll just stand on our heads for a while. 

 After all, we need something to chat about after the challenge, don't we?
 The challenge is part of life, and that is what life is 'about' --life  with all of it's challenges, from A to Z...and if you remember, A was for About everything. 

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. I like it! This is a very fun way to zoyng into May, zwooshing and zwabucking, zinking about zelightful zings for future blog posts:) Happy Monday to you, Raymond!

    1. hi M.J., thanks! I really like your words 'zwooshing and zwabucking' too,and zinking is funny as can be, zelightful zings' sure can be interesting and amazing! Hopefully our creativity will keep moving after standing on our heads to revive the brain! Happy Monday to you, and congrats on your new blog too! ~R

  2. An enjoyable excursion into the realm of alphabet zoup...oops I meant soup :) BTW the zither is one of my favorite instruments, and so is the zurna :)
    If you want to know what a zurna sounds like check out my post on Bulgarian folk music from the Pirin region. (the zurna was originally a Turkish horn).

  3. Hi Katley, thanks! The zither is a beautiful sound, I've never even heard of a zurna, isn't that funny what we learn doing these things? Thanks for that link! I will check it out! Thank you so much for visiting! ~R

  4. Great "z" words that aren't used every day. Great meeting you on the challenge.

  5. hi Kathi ! Welcome to Incoming Bytes!
    They are great words aren't they? Thank you for visiting, I will visit your blog too. Great meeting you! ":)

  6. Fun, fun, fun. Best part of A-Z was meeting you, Raymond. About letter M I was wondering if I'd do this again next year.

    Well heck yes! I'll be a ZOMBIE and do this again. Gads Zouks! I've learned so much with all my new friends.

    I will stand on my head too--if I can find a wall that will support me...

    1. Hi Sharon! It's wonderful meeting you too! I intend to read as much of your work as possible. On this challenge I was stressing the most around H and I -- and almost stalled completely at W. Isn't that strange? Gadzooks is right. Standing on your head helps the thinking process...LOL Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I'm sure there's a wall that will support your headstands without any problem at all. ":))

  7. Hi Raymond, I have really enjoyed all your A to Z's and for me you have found words which are not always the Norm.. and your take on them has been a journey in itself..
    I see I am behind on commenting here but I have read them in my email box as they came in.. But didnt always get the time to click over to comment.. so forgive me for not commenting on them all..
    I think you dedication to taking up the challenge is commendable.. Especially in the view of all the DIY work and working Worlds we all have besides our blogs..
    You have given us V~ Variety, You have made us Q~ Question, you have even given us S~Solutions, within this R~Reality... In fact you have made your Blog Z~ Zing! with the Zounds of K~Knowledge and made us ~F Focus on some really I~ Interestings topics A~About your A to Z choices.. Great~ as I learnt about ~Grating.. as you threw out the J~Junk.. In a N~noneconformist way..... ;-)
    And Ive still a whole lot more letters not covered.. But I have really enjoyed this Challenge Raymond..
    Love and Blessings to you ~Sue

  8. hi Sue, I am so glad you enjoyed reading the A to Z's. I smiled when I read your comment here, we don't always get time to comment, but look here, you wrote a wonderful one for me this time didn't you? I SO much appreciate your taking so much of your very limited time and dedicating it to visit and comment. Much appreciated! Please don't feel bad about not being able to comment every time, I have to admit I am in the same boat time-wise!
    Love and blessings to you too! ~R

  9. Zooks and Zounds! Very comic book and retro.

    1. Querulous, thanks for visiting, it is kind of comic book retro isn't it....":) ~R

  10. So, does this mean you are going to pick up your award at my place now???
    (Wanders away whistling)

    1. Hahaha, Red, one never knows what is to happen next, other than the fact I have some deadlines I have to meet. After that, one still never knows. Those things take so much time and I am so slow! I already didn't pick up a couple of others..the list grows.....LOL....I do, however, thank you profusely, my somewhat evil friend ":)).....and hope you are better now! ~R

  11. I am featuring you on my blog tomorrow. Come check it out.
    ~Naila Moon


  12. Hi Naila, that's wonderful, thanks!! Much appreciated! ~R


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