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Monday, December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas to EVERYONE! 2019 Version

              This  is the Nutcracker Team revived from 2015.  The boys are looking good!


Imagine this...  It is Christmas once again...and  I found  an untitled post on this blog. Unbelievable.   The sabbatical to the dot.com site has been an extended leave apparently.     

That's what the page  was called. 'Untitled post" and not posted. Good thing.  

No pic. No title, no Christmas cheer on  an empty page.
This must be where the Santa and the ELVES  come charging in and rescue  the day. 

Why?   My dot.com site (www.incomingbytes.com ) is suddenly NOT  working for some reason. A critical error  is the message displayed.  A Wordpress error? I have no idea.

So.... I have  to find out what the problem is, remedy it, and carry on.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That's a given.  Christmas or not. 

Normally there's no  Santa to rescue us.  But at Christmas we can count on jolly good old St. Nick, Rudolph and all of the reindeer, and employ a whole whack of  elves that are NOT sitting on shelves this time of year.  They are busy!

While we determine the source of all technical difficulties over on  'dot com' we will fall back  and file our BEST Christmas wishes  right here -- to everyone. To ALL of our family, associates, fellow writers, and friends, American buddies S. of the border-- and globally.    

May YOU and YOURS have a SAFE  and HAPPY  Christmas...

---and while we're at it... a Happy New Year too!  Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous 2020!  

Is that Incoming I hear?

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