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Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Here I thought the Silence was my Imagination.....

It never fails to surprise me how human instinct can sense differences in the atmosphere, events,  and social happenings  without really knowing why, or what is happening.
My last two posts discussed the strange  "silence" out in the media  that has raised my own curiosity level to the extreme.  I wondered if it was 'official' silence, or just perceived.
 It turns out there is much  more to come about "silence" .  It seems I am not alone.

I'll refer the reader of Incoming Bytes  to a new article in  "Before it's News"  and encourage all of our readers to think for yourselves...and  pay a lot of attention to the article:
"12 Things That the Mainstream Media is Being Strangely Quiet about Right Now". 
http://members.beforeitsnews.com/story/730/999 The "12 things"  are listed short-listed below for your convenience, but the reader really should read the article in its total form.

1)   The crisis at the Fort Calhoun nuclear facility in Nebraska 
2)   Bombing in Yemen and Pakistan and rumors of the US invasion of Libya
3)   Fukushima in Japan: the nuclear crisis is worsening, far worse than Chernobyl
4)   Christian groups are considered to be a threat to National Security
5)   Flooding in China is the worst in 55 years
6)   The Dodd-Frank Act is closing down Forex gold/silver trading by July 15, 2011
7)    Huge cracks in the earth 3km long have appeared in the earth in Peru, and a huge crack has appeared in Michigan
8)    Arizona wildfire is now over half a million acres 
9)    North Korea has tested a "super  EMP weapon"
10    "Active shooter drills"  are being conducted American public schools without notice
11)   " Emergency preparedness" initiatives for NASA employees and their families are being conducted
12    NO-fly zones--40 of them--have been declared by the FAA in the last week.

What is really  going on here?  Clearly our instincts work overtime even  when our media does not, or is ordered not to.  Why are public officials sanctioning  the media  "SILENCE"?  Are all disasters, events, and threats now on the " information based on need to know" principle? Is  "Big Brother" deciding what we shall or shall not be informed about?

Meantime, back in the fog surrounding the  garden, the beans are growing peacefully, cabbage is doing just fine, the corn is growing in leaps and bounds,  and everything else is sprouting in the finest possible fashion, with nary a news flash.
I have to wonder which of these two subjects is more valuable to me as a human being?  Which do I have the most control over?  I ask again, is it better to be uninformed? Big Brother seems to think so.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The "Silence Experiment"

      Having  unintentionally fabricated  my own version of a "Silence Experiment" following  my last post " The Greater the Event, the Less we Hear", and not making any noise about any world events for a couple of weeks,  our dear  readers may  have come to the conclusion that Uno Eventus Gigantus  was taking place,  ergo the Total Silence in this blog,  "the less we hear" and all that.
     That assumption would be wrong, since everybody has to take time off to plant their garden, cut the grass,  attend graduation ceremonies,   take care of business, and think up new stuff to analyze,  comment upon and even complain about.  That's what I did, and surprise, surprise, the world carried right on doing stupid stuff  -all by itself.
Isn't that helpful?

      There is never a dearth of foolishness out there;  there is never a lack of warfare, evil lawyer tricks being conducted, outrageous CEO bonuses,   and / or  repressive government policy, wasteful spending, and  excessive taxation to comment about.

      While I was off raking mulch, planting winter cabbage and repairing my lawnmower, the war raged on in Libya,  volcanoes erupted, earthquakes shook New Zealand again, and Manitoba and Quebec continue to suffer from " excessive" water,  while Alberta is suffering from  forest fires,  drought, with  nary a drop of water to be had.

      With a majority government in Canada, somewhat starchy and pretty  bossy at best,  and a failing economy in the US led by the close- to- silent GOP,  there is plenty to worry about.  A major recession is already upon the U.S.,  gold is over $1500.00/oz, which means the dollar has been seriously devalued,   but the "people" continue to shop and watch television.  They  BBQ big fat steaks out in the admittedly cold weather,  and have seemingly 'forgotten'  Japan's  Fukushima  nuclear disaster, radioactive food, earthquakes and tsunamis and Avian flu, and other incidental delights.  It's more important to live for the day--apparently the future doesn't count.
     Where does our excessive contemporary apathy come from?  Sedation?  What are we collectively "on" ?
  Is all food being drugged by Corporate North America, or is the average Joe just  brainwashed into total  apathy,   the   "not being able to do anything about it anyway, so why bother" syndrome?

     Do we shut our brains down in self-defense from information overload? One of my astute readers here at Incoming Bytes  suggested that possibility. 
Meantime, the greedy keep getting greedier, Corporate North America is running the show, and politicians continue to do as they will,  a.k.a.  do NOTHING about it because it's too much fun being in power.
     Outrage should be the norm, but it is not. In the old West, such rats, cads, and crooked do-nothings  would be strung out to dry in the desert sun. In old Europe, even one better,  they would be drawn, quartered, and hung, put up for display on a pike-pole to act as a deterrent and warning to other such persons of ill repute.
Our civilized society  "allows" such abuse of power in silence.  We  happily vote political offenders  back in office, to do the same kinds of things all over again,  again and again.
Why is that?  Do we ever learn?  Apparently not.  

     Where is our leadership? We don't have to ask where Prime Minister Harper was, he was flying off to a NHL  Stanley Cup  hockey game via very expensive tax-payer funded jet...$11,000.00  an hour or something equally outrageous as that--- to see a NHL hockey game. --when people in this country are homeless and unemployed and seniors live in poverty.   How lovely.  How TOTALLY  predictable. 

If life is going to treat the Elite so wonderfully,   would it actually be better to be out in the garden, totally uninformed, totally  ignore  the news, and just walk around in serendipity  with a warm fog surrounding the garden, home,  pups and peace?
Shall we all participate in total  silence and refuse to pay Corporate North America and the political machine that drains us dry, but does nothing for us?   By being silent, can we create ever larger events?  I have to wonder. 

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.