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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Get Used to it, Jack

The Light is Upon Us

Wake up!... er....what?   "Get Used to It, Jack!"

Well, it's time to wake up,  after all, these echoes are also  IncomingBytes, are they not?
As a boy- child once said when  he woke me up, little fingers prying open both eyelids for me,  "Sun's up, so get up!"
I wipe the sleep from my face. The blue eyes are only two inches away from my own. "Wake up!"

How can we sleep with that kind of sunlight in eyes pried wide open?
Smart kid. Action, reaction, and satisfaction. Persistence pays. "eh?" er...-that would be "huh?" in American.   

Get used to it, Jack!  The boy pokes the muse, and the muse insists.  We are the bored... tired.   We cannot escape. We will be assimilated.  Beam me up, anyone!  *Note for future reference: "beam me up" is not synonymous with "wake me up"  or "get me up" ..... lazybones.  
 We shall get to  enjoy those technical disparities  whilst snoozing for another five? Another..two? 

Well, not...quite. The  child is insistent, and the sun is getting stronger,  fast.  It is incredibly bright but still -20C according to the thermometer just outside the window.   Joking. It's balmy....only -17C.  That's much better isn't it?   Fact is, we still have 3' of snow in Northwestern Ontario, but ---who's measuring? The sun is the color of daffodils.

I get up with the sun. Most of the time. It's a lifetime habit. Assisted by growling, once in a while, I must admit. Reluctantly, quite often, I must admit.
 I can smell the coffee already too. That's a good excuse.  The brain registers. Coffee. Hot. That does it every time.  Hit the deck.  Get used to it, Jack!  Cold red oak wakes the feet up in no time.

 It seems that here on Incomingbytes.blogspot.com  we have been procrastinating,  playing hookey, m.i.a. , absent on a bit of a hiatus, or...something,  a sabbatical,    'taking some time off -well, not intentionally, you understand, just doing something else which is supposed to be as good as a rest, or so they say.  Who is 'they' anyway? 
 .....I wonder which goofy tired blog-person first said that whilst the eyelids were propped up with toothpicks?
 Do you feel like that sometimes?  If so, you, too, cannot resist. You, too-- shall be assimilated. 
We have been busy, assimilated by life itself.  Working on my new website, incomingbytes.com ,  including blog and author portfolio. 

We have also  been launching The Fires of Waterland,  my hot new novel published by Redmund Productions. We have been admiring the first hands-on paperback copy, of The Fires of Waterland-- which is now the first signed edition, a milestone for any published author.

We have been writing press release sheets. And that doesn't include handouts, setting up book signings,  amusing Tilly the Tall and Ebony the Short  (T.T.S. and E.T.S, the resident pups) or planning (dreaming about) the garden.
I can tell, I need some more sleep already...Wake up!

Update:  THIRD Edition!

 Notice....... on the sidebar, the 3rd Edition of The Fires of Waterland  (2016)  is now available on Amazon in print and eBook!   

Why is this story so important?...because...
"Fire changes everything but the past....Feel the HEAT...

Is that Incoming I hear?