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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We Carry ON...With Morgidoo's Christmas Carol, 3rd Edition!

by Raymond Alexander Kukkee


Writing....it's always about books and stuff.... so here we go...

It is always a VERY difficult decision for an author to change the status quo, change publishers, change an 'edition' of any book, --particularly if we got along fine with the past publisher, admired the old cover, and we are always busy doing other things anyway.  We must smile about that.
Procrastination, inertia, and being busy (as we all perhaps pretend to be at times) all help to  delay decisions and --the pain and  extensive detail work required to make  necessary changes effectively. 

 Progress and change for the better, is fortunately inevitable in any endeavor as we carry on, and the way we see it, publishing cannot be an exception. Change is necessary.

Even the 'simple'  republishing  of any book  takes a lot of work, thought, time, and dedication,  --especially for unique, timeless Christmas classics written for ALL AGES, like Morgidoo's Christmas Carol (the Bells of Blister )

Why Change??

The *2nd  print edition of Morgidoo's Christmas Carol (2013) offered a 'square' *8.5x8.5 " format --which we sadly discovered --readers actually said they dislike very much and reportedly would not tend to purchase because it was perceived to be only a child's book, --a 'skinny book' that real readers, teens and adults don't read, --but most surprisingly,  said it was a bad, floppy format which could not stand alone by itself on a bookshelf !  
(---although most also commented the cover  artwork was amazing and beautiful!  go figure!  )

*the 1st, edition,  the original Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  was published originally in 2011 only as an eBook. 

 Wow--what to do?  Carry on and Republish.

We had to.  We reasoned,  readers choose books based upon many factors,  including genre, author, size,  format, comfort to hold, read, print size, paper,  cover aesthetics, back jacket, and many other factors.

 So...finally...a new cover,  was designed with a *6x9" *standard novel vertical format ---for what is now the 3rd edition!  
Morgidoo's Christmas Carol 3rd Edition is  170 pages in softcover--which WILL stand proudly upon any bookshelf.  Reportedly,  "much better to read, hold and enjoy. "

About the 3rd Edition: 
The 3rd edition remains true to the original 1st ed. content with additional, original photos, and also has had   "The Bells of Blister"  (the original story file name)  added,  taking it's rightful place on the cover as a subtitle.

 Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  (The Bells of Blister)   is NOW  available in the 3rd Edition  in both eBook and Print through Amazon and other fine outlets.


Complete cover, front and back --Morgidoo's Christmas Carol (The Bells of Blister) 3rd. Ed.

The Kindle eBook is offered in full colour.

The 3rd edition Print:  Softcover,  B&W --as a classic should be, 6x9" format ,170 pages.

  • ISBN-10: 1523683821
  • ISBN-13: 978-1523683826

Available now,  even if Christmas is a few months away--who's counting?

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