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You Get what you See #1

Winter, the Blogger, and Tilly the Tall----- Mar 30,2012

Well, ---that bit of  summer--didn't last long.  See?   You know the one we had for the last two weeks or so? Shirt-sleeve stuff. Camping weather.  It was warm and exciting while it lasted, wasn't it? 
Snow.   Mother Nature played a joke on us....has everyone stopped laughing yet? 

Eh?  ....*sigh....yes, dear readers,  it  snowed again last night, we received about 6" of the wet, sticky stuff.  That's Northwestern Ontario for you!  We never know what we're going to get.....that's where "what you see is what you get" was invented!

Regardless,  never mind the weather,  let's get down to business and see what we got in exchange...some amazing photos!

What you see is What you Get: 
This is a new feature on Incoming Bytes  and it is called "What you See is What you Get".  Why? Because  whatever is incoming,  is also what we see--if we're paying attention.
Sometimes we see amazing things and for some reason do not take the time to  recognize, or appreciate  the absolute,  incredibly  beautiful surroundings we have.

 Here's an example of  what I mean,  an 'ordinary' photo taken by my extraordinary photographer Wendy Lee,  the loving better half.  
I hope you like this feature, we shall keep bringing photos and miscellaneous items under the same kind of title from time to time.  Yes, this is snow on water.....

A Late Spring Snowstorm brings       Late reflections:  Snow on Water       

And here is the reflected arch of a Black Ash tree bent high over the same pond.  The snow-covered weed in the photo above is clearly  an elegant arch wannabe!  The clear spot with no snow on it is the result of a tiny flow of water entering the little pond.

Black Ash Arch Reflection       photos courtesy of  W. L Kukkee

It sure is handy to have a great photographer around, isn't it?   Get the detail in this incredibly beautiful photo of ordinary,  white, bland, unexciting snow.....and the exciting acrobatics that is taking place.  Those weeds are really trying to catch our eye, aren't they?

Snow and Weeds:   The Acrobats

Maybe this team of acrobatic  weeds is just  trying to distract us from the beautiful reflections of winter and water, who knows?
Once should never second-guess Mother Nature.  After all, who else  could create something as elegant as this soft, fluffy snow?

March 30th, 2012      Soft stuff : Snow Fluff

That's about it.  We got it, now you can see it.  Snow.  Beautiful fluff  or not, I still had to shovel it.

No wonder we like camping better. Even winter camping. Go figure.
  Maybe summer will come again for a bit.  We'll see.  After all, what we see is what we get.

Is that Incoming I hear?  

photo credits (c) 2012 w.l.kukkee


  1. What stunningly beautiful photos! I may not like winter, but it surely is nice to see.

    1. Thank you, Glory! They are beautiful aren't they? Winter is one of the most gorgeous times of the year for photography, and Wendy sure does take advantage of that, doesn't she? ":)

  2. Beautiful photos Ray. I am a winter lover (sure beats summer's heat) and only fall can rival winter for beautiful photo ops. Wendy Lee has a terrific eye behind the lens.


  3. Mike, I agree,they are excellent, no doubt about that. Wendy Lee does some amazing stuff! I'll be featuring more of her work on this page.
    I like autumn pics too, but winter sure does shine beautifully when looked at carefully doesn't it! Thanks for commenting! ":) ~R

  4. Oh the white stuff again for you?!! Poor Raymond! Your 'better half' as you call her is a great photographer. How wonderful that she can collaborate with you now under this new feature of your blog. Great to hear you are expanding your work as you have such a talent to share with us readers. A great Incoming as usual...

    1. Christyb, you are so kind! Thank you for the wonderful compliments. Now all we need is some Christb poetry about reflections, snow acrobats and snow on water...":)

  5. Greetings RK....Great photos and love the new section of your site! Great idea. I'll be glad when the snow is gone up there though. It is hard to look at in April!!! Hope it melts soon so you can find spring underneath. Have a good one and thanks for your contributions to the universe....VK :)

  6. hi Vk, we have had a warmer day, most of the snow is gone now. The universe is warming up, now if only humanity can fathom the extent of the change and act accordingly.... ~R ":)


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