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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's Comment

(c) 2013  by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Let's comment on the "news" just because we can, and not because we are delusional and think it will make any difference in the long run. "Governance" is what it is.  Let's keep in mind arbitrary abuse of power by government and bureaucracy is what ultimately causes failure of governments. How soon we forget.

35-50,000 gathers near the Washington Monument on Feb 17, 2013 to protest the Keystone XL pipeline

Let's comment on  Prime Minister Stephen Harper  visiting our American neighbors, looking desperate, while  'touting' the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Mr. Harper insists it is  "good" for the United States to approve the Keystone pipeline to enable pumping of  environmentally dirty and expensive oilsands heavy crude from Northern Alberta to refineries in the Gulf. To hell with pipeline disasters. The oil industry says 'it's safe'.  
"Sure it's good". And safe. Right. We 'believe our leaders and their "logic".

 A few temporary jobs.  We must ask why would Canada not build some refineries in Alberta  instead, and refine that oil in Canada for thousands more jobs? Permanent jobs. Construction jobs. Logical jobs. For Canadians.  Good economics.
Why would Canada insist on discounting and exporting oil to the US market which already has a glut of oil?  While Canada--at the same time--is stuck importing expensive foreign oil at world prices? 

Why should Americans be able to buy gasoline made from Canadian crude oil far cheaper than Canadians can buy this essential commodity?
 What?    Let's THINK about it.  

While we're Commenting... (  You'll LOVE this one  )

Let's Comment on the Atomic Energy Commission of Canada (AECL) currently "downplaying" an incident in which an 'operator' conveniently stupidly inadvertently pushed the 'wrong' buttons which subsequently just happened to stop the main cooling pumps from pumping cooling water to an active nuclear reactor at Chalk River. (2)  
 " Coincidentally, a senior AECL official was taking a visiting official from the World Association of Nuclear Operators through the control room for a peer review. He spotted the mistake and reversed the valves before the (valves)closed completely, but not before a "low-flow" alarm sounded, the Citizen said.   

Let's be realistic. No matter how the 'incident' occurred, there was potential for a major nuclear event. How AECL can "downplay" an incident of this magnitude is beyond comprehension and inexcusable. A 'senior' official happened to notice the error?  WHAT????
 Let's " Pay attention" to Chalk River's "safety record".
According to a 2011 article in the Guardian newspaper, there have been 33 serious incidents and accidents at nuclear power plants  since the first Chalk River meltdown in 1952. That one was rated a Level 5 incident on an ascending scale of 1 to 7.
Level 1 is classed as an "anomaly," the Guardian said, while Level 7 is Chernobyl, the only accident of its kind that's ever been publicly acknowledged. 

A level 5 accident. A full meltdown in 1952.   A senior official "happened to spot the mistake"........ What  "Nuclear Safety"?  
 AECL  is  "DOWNPLAYING"  this incident?  This is inexcusable --and irresponsible. 

The Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan isn't even on the list.  We have to wonder if AECL is downplaying that one too.  It was considerably worse than Chernobyl. And ongoing.  Have YOU heard anything about Fukushima lately?  Of course not. It is being "downplayed".

  Let's THINK about these issues.  And comment on them. 
 We deserve better from our leaders.


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