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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


(c) 2013 by raymond alexander kukkee

      "   Snow as warm as popcorn. Imagine that!


Well, great news----that wonderful word that rings in the ears of writers everywhere:   PRINT.   Hear the bells ring! 

But first......
Yes, I know,  mea culpa time flies, and  I have been m.i.a.  --and  haven't posted here on IB blogspot.com for some time,  but that's what happens when we are up to our necks in everything. Summer. Gardening. Pruning. Fishing. Weeding. Grass cutting. Lawnmower repairs. Visiting. Picking apples. Hosting.  Fall crops, blogging,  harvesting, making apple Jack, sauerkraut, and all things good. Editing, cultivating, writing, fixing, reading,  rewriting,  repairing, creating,  building stuff, winter coming on, taps leaking, you name it!
We've all been there, right Life is a merry-go-round at times. We survive!

Of course my loyal readers all know by now that we  write at  IncomingBytes.com   my blog-portfolio --IB's sister siteand continue the discussion on all kinds of interesting stuff.

I do hope everyone drops over to IB.com to  visit, read, enjoy, and comment. Dare to think. Dare to be fearless. Dare to argue. Dare to build and construct society as you think it should be.
I hope we see you there, and that means  everyone!

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol 

Now, about that news, Robin Tidwell  at   Rocking Horse Publishing confirms that RHP is on track---putting Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  into PRINT, and  it's HERE,  available NOW!

MCC  sports a great new cover created by Rocking Horse Publishing,  and Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  promises to be the same unique Christmas classic for all ages not  "Santa-centred"  but rather focused on a great story, +love, children,  a bit of magic for the season,  and above all, hope and perseverance. That being said, "Merry Christmas, everyone, may your Christmas be warm, happy and peaceful!"    

Snow as warm as popcorn. Imagine that!

Keep an eye out for the Rocking Horse Publishing edition of Morgidoo's Christmas Carol --in PRINT and ebooks -- in bookstores near you and online everywhere.

 Meantime,- stay warm, drop over to  www. IncomingBytes.com and stay awhile!

Is that Incoming I hear?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's Comment

(c) 2013  by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Let's comment on the "news" just because we can, and not because we are delusional and think it will make any difference in the long run. "Governance" is what it is.  Let's keep in mind arbitrary abuse of power by government and bureaucracy is what ultimately causes failure of governments. How soon we forget.

35-50,000 gathers near the Washington Monument on Feb 17, 2013 to protest the Keystone XL pipeline

Let's comment on  Prime Minister Stephen Harper  visiting our American neighbors, looking desperate, while  'touting' the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Mr. Harper insists it is  "good" for the United States to approve the Keystone pipeline to enable pumping of  environmentally dirty and expensive oilsands heavy crude from Northern Alberta to refineries in the Gulf. To hell with pipeline disasters. The oil industry says 'it's safe'.  
"Sure it's good". And safe. Right. We 'believe our leaders and their "logic".

 A few temporary jobs.  We must ask why would Canada not build some refineries in Alberta  instead, and refine that oil in Canada for thousands more jobs? Permanent jobs. Construction jobs. Logical jobs. For Canadians.  Good economics.
Why would Canada insist on discounting and exporting oil to the US market which already has a glut of oil?  While Canada--at the same time--is stuck importing expensive foreign oil at world prices? 

Why should Americans be able to buy gasoline made from Canadian crude oil far cheaper than Canadians can buy this essential commodity?
 What?    Let's THINK about it.  

While we're Commenting... (  You'll LOVE this one  )

Let's Comment on the Atomic Energy Commission of Canada (AECL) currently "downplaying" an incident in which an 'operator' conveniently stupidly inadvertently pushed the 'wrong' buttons which subsequently just happened to stop the main cooling pumps from pumping cooling water to an active nuclear reactor at Chalk River. (2)  
 " Coincidentally, a senior AECL official was taking a visiting official from the World Association of Nuclear Operators through the control room for a peer review. He spotted the mistake and reversed the valves before the (valves)closed completely, but not before a "low-flow" alarm sounded, the Citizen said.   

Let's be realistic. No matter how the 'incident' occurred, there was potential for a major nuclear event. How AECL can "downplay" an incident of this magnitude is beyond comprehension and inexcusable. A 'senior' official happened to notice the error?  WHAT????
 Let's " Pay attention" to Chalk River's "safety record".
According to a 2011 article in the Guardian newspaper, there have been 33 serious incidents and accidents at nuclear power plants  since the first Chalk River meltdown in 1952. That one was rated a Level 5 incident on an ascending scale of 1 to 7.
Level 1 is classed as an "anomaly," the Guardian said, while Level 7 is Chernobyl, the only accident of its kind that's ever been publicly acknowledged. 

A level 5 accident. A full meltdown in 1952.   A senior official "happened to spot the mistake"........ What  "Nuclear Safety"?  
 AECL  is  "DOWNPLAYING"  this incident?  This is inexcusable --and irresponsible. 

The Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan isn't even on the list.  We have to wonder if AECL is downplaying that one too.  It was considerably worse than Chernobyl. And ongoing.  Have YOU heard anything about Fukushima lately?  Of course not. It is being "downplayed".

  Let's THINK about these issues.  And comment on them. 
 We deserve better from our leaders.


Is that Incoming I hear? 


1.0   Photo Credit   Jmcdaid  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 

2.0       http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/atomic-energy-canada-playing-down-near-miss-ontario-185900047.html

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eternal Hope

Hope and Faith: May time heal All

The Boston Marathon Bombing   April 15, 20013

May those lost rest in peace, and may the families of the victims and  the wounded  alike  heal gain strength,  and find solace and understanding in their faith.
Here at IncomingBytes  we wish to pause and reflect on the recent senseless act of terrorism, loss of precious lives and hundreds of injuries that occurred so unexpectedly at the Boston Marathon tragedy on April 15th, 2013.

Our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you. We treasure and support our American friends. Let us be fearless in eternal hope and our resolve.   
May time bring those responsible to justice --and offer healing to all. 

R. A. Kukkee

Is that incoming I hear?  

photo credit:   Copyright 2011 by wlk photography.  This photo may not be copied or reproduced

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Fires of Waterland: Book Signing Event SUCCESS !

Books and Reviews !

The "Meet the Author & Book Signing Event"  that was held at the Nolalu Eco Centre to introduce  The Fires of Waterland  on Friday, April 12th was a great success!

In spite of terrible weather, a heavy snowstorm,  the event went ahead as planned.   The reading and book signing was well-attended by hardy souls who braved heavy snow and really bad road conditions to attend.

What a Surprise! The Fires of Waterland  is in PRINT!

Reading: The Fires of Waterland

I wish to offer special thanks to:
  •  Jacomyn Gerbrandy, hostess  at the beautiful Nolalu Eco Centre for so generously hosting this milestone event on my behalf
  • Wendy O'Connor, a fellow writer,  for her kind words of introduction,  
  •  Wendy K.,  Jane, Wendy O., Dodie, and Jacomyn for providing coffee, snacks and baking for our guestsLots of cookies! 

Most notably,  I would like to extend a special thanks to our determined and brave guests, who negotiated absolutely terrible road conditions and heavy snow to attend   
Some of our hardy guests in  the ensuing book discussion
 Book Signing --The author with Wendy O'Connor

Your interest in my writing efforts and The Fires of Waterland is much appreciated!   I do thank each and every one of you! Again, thank you, everyone!  Your kindness will not be forgotten.


Is that Incoming I hear? 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Book Signing Event

 Another Milestone!

Here at Incoming Bytes, I am always delighted to announce milestones, and show signs of progress.  Spring is upon us--it is time to move forward fearlessly. It is time to be bold. It is time to get excited! Dear loyal readers, you are all invited to this auspicious occasion--whether in body or in spirit to help celebrate this milestone!  

The Fires of Waterland  Book Signing Event
              WHEN:   Friday, APRIL 12, 2013 3:00-5:00PM          Doors open 2:00-6:00

                 50  FIRST RD.
                  NOLALU, ON

The Event:

Raymond Alexander Kukkee will present his newly-released novel The Fires of Waterland and offer a brief reading and discussion about this 5-star work of fiction. A limited number of copies will be available for purchase and signing at this event.

For further information contact the author by email at:  rkmywest@gmail.com

Is that incoming I hear?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Get Used to it, Jack

The Light is Upon Us

Wake up!... er....what?   "Get Used to It, Jack!"

Well, it's time to wake up,  after all, these echoes are also  IncomingBytes, are they not?
As a boy- child once said when  he woke me up, little fingers prying open both eyelids for me,  "Sun's up, so get up!"
I wipe the sleep from my face. The blue eyes are only two inches away from my own. "Wake up!"

How can we sleep with that kind of sunlight in eyes pried wide open?
Smart kid. Action, reaction, and satisfaction. Persistence pays. "eh?" er...-that would be "huh?" in American.   

Get used to it, Jack!  The boy pokes the muse, and the muse insists.  We are the bored... tired.   We cannot escape. We will be assimilated.  Beam me up, anyone!  *Note for future reference: "beam me up" is not synonymous with "wake me up"  or "get me up" ..... lazybones.  
 We shall get to  enjoy those technical disparities  whilst snoozing for another five? Another..two? 

Well, not...quite. The  child is insistent, and the sun is getting stronger,  fast.  It is incredibly bright but still -20C according to the thermometer just outside the window.   Joking. It's balmy....only -17C.  That's much better isn't it?   Fact is, we still have 3' of snow in Northwestern Ontario, but ---who's measuring? The sun is the color of daffodils.

I get up with the sun. Most of the time. It's a lifetime habit. Assisted by growling, once in a while, I must admit. Reluctantly, quite often, I must admit.
 I can smell the coffee already too. That's a good excuse.  The brain registers. Coffee. Hot. That does it every time.  Hit the deck.  Get used to it, Jack!  Cold red oak wakes the feet up in no time.

 It seems that here on Incomingbytes.blogspot.com  we have been procrastinating,  playing hookey, m.i.a. , absent on a bit of a hiatus, or...something,  a sabbatical,    'taking some time off -well, not intentionally, you understand, just doing something else which is supposed to be as good as a rest, or so they say.  Who is 'they' anyway? 
 .....I wonder which goofy tired blog-person first said that whilst the eyelids were propped up with toothpicks?
 Do you feel like that sometimes?  If so, you, too, cannot resist. You, too-- shall be assimilated. 
We have been busy, assimilated by life itself.  Working on my new website, incomingbytes.com ,  including blog and author portfolio. 

We have also  been launching The Fires of Waterland,  my hot new novel published by Redmund Productions. We have been admiring the first hands-on paperback copy, of The Fires of Waterland-- which is now the first signed edition, a milestone for any published author.

We have been writing press release sheets. And that doesn't include handouts, setting up book signings,  amusing Tilly the Tall and Ebony the Short  (T.T.S. and E.T.S, the resident pups) or planning (dreaming about) the garden.
I can tell, I need some more sleep already...Wake up!

Update:  THIRD Edition!

 Notice....... on the sidebar, the 3rd Edition of The Fires of Waterland  (2016)  is now available on Amazon in print and eBook!   

Why is this story so important?...because...
"Fire changes everything but the past....Feel the HEAT...

Is that Incoming I hear?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Great news! Fires of Waterland in Print! ** UPDATED

Great news! Things just got a whole lot hotter.  

UPDATE:   The original Redmundpro edition The Fires of Waterland is no longer available.  
*Contact email  rkymwest@gmail.com 

The Fires of Waterland (*redmundpro.com edition)  is no longer available

 *this edition no longer available online
* Limited print copies of this edition may still be available from  the author. 

Watch for the 2nd edition of The Fires of Waterland to be released August, 2014 !

Is that Incoming I hear?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Solar THIS

The sun is shining.  The biggest source of heat in our immediate universe,  so why does it have to be so cold? 
 The snow squeals beneath your feet as you walk on it.  T.T.T.  and E.T.S. --as my loyal readers know, those would be Tilly the Tall and Ebony the Short, our resident pups with fur.  They step gingerly when it's that cold. Tires get flat spots overnight. Engines balk. Batteries freeze.

Here at Incoming Bytes it was no less than -38C this morning.  Chilly, even for Northwestern Ontario. For the metric challenged, that's within a hair of -38F too, since  at -40C the temperature is also -40F --right on the button.

Since all that heat and power is up there, shining down upon us so freely, why do we not take more advantage of it?

 These are 'cute little solar toys' that run all day, every day when the sun is barely visible--even when the sky is gray and dull. 

If toys will work so happily  with solar power, with no batteries, why won't the rest of the world?
 Must we pollute and destroy the environment with dirty oil?  No. 

We have a choice to make, and soon.  Let us *choose carefully. All life on this earth depends upon it.

*What will your choice be?

Is that Incoming I hear?

Video by r.a.kukkee

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fires of Waterland and MORE at Redmund

Is that Incoming I hear?     Books at Redmund...

The Fires of Waterland

Life itself,-- never mind writing, publishing and  launching books like The Fires of Waterland  and then reading 5-star reviews and getting great feedback, compliments, and  wonderful comments --it's all heady stuff isn't it?

Here at Incoming Bytes I'm happy to say that's what happened, The Fires of Waterland seems to be a worthy project, progressing well and going into print Feb. 13/13 or before.

It's interesting to note that in the excitement of launching FOW,   ---I seem to have overlooked  another eBook I have been involved with as a co-author. 

Note:  Updated: Aug/2014   The Redmund edition of The Fires of Waterland is no longer in print. 

A number of authors at Redmund Productions (Redmundpro.com)  have conspired  to put together a collection of flash fiction, mini-stories inspired by the M3 Blog, and written specifically with limited word counts.

   The resulting book  Flash in the Pan  is also available at the Redmundpro book store.

Best of all, it's FREE!  Download your copy today!

While you're at it, check out some of the other great books offered by Redmund Productions!

The Girl in the Iron Lung Cover
The Girl in the Iron Lung by Gail Thornton

Jabberweil Hunt by Ian Shaw
Jabberweil Hunt by Ian M. Shaw
Songs of Angels by Ian Shaw
Songs of Angels  by Ian M. Shaw

Moments Money and Memories
Money & Memories by Laurie Childree
Fractal Dreams Cover
Fractal Dreams by Janet Russell
TROAF cover
The Regret of a Flower  by Gail Thornton

Month of Mental Moments
A Month of Mental Moments by Liz Campbell

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Book Reviews: Fires of Waterland

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!   

I am happy to announce to my loyal readers here at Incoming Bytes
that  the very  first review of  my novel,  “The Fires of Waterland” has been received.

Cover Art: The Fires of Waterland
Cover Art for The Fires of Waterland

You can read ALL of the latest  reviews as they come in  here!


The  Fires of Waterland  was published by  Redmund Productions and is classified as YA-Historical fiction.

The Fires of Waterland is now available   at the  RedmundPro bookstore  in  Kindle, ePuband .mobi  formats,  and will soon be available also in softcover print.

How about that?  Isn't this cool?

|***I wish to thank Red Dwyer at Redmund Productions for her wonderful suggestions, encouragement, editorial skills,  wisdom–and incredible patience. Much appreciated, Red!

Overall?  Not a bad start for  2013, The Year of the Writer. 

Let us move into this New Year with prosperity, but above all, appreciation of others and  peace and joy  in our hearts.

Is that Incoming I hear?