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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

People: Are You the next Genius?

© 2014 Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Amazing. Some 7,033 individuals apparently want to be the next Einstein, and have expressed interest.  Stick with me on this, loyal readers.... 

Those 7,033 incredibly smart individuals asked questions, thought about it, challenged themselves--and coincidentally,  read 

"How to Become the Next Einstein"  on  incomingBytes.com  ( The link follows of course!)

People,  let's think for ourselves. 

 Should we be disappointed in the number of people that have expressed  interest in becoming smarter? 

There are perhaps seven BILLION people in the world,  so the turnout mathematically  is relatively insignificant. Well, okay, dismal,  if we use use cold, hard statistics for the world wide web,  a mere  7,000 people out of 7 Billion is only .0001% of the population. Mind-boggling numbers.

Why? Let us ask ourselves the question, and come up with the right answer.  Is humanity not quite as astute as it COULD be? 

The fact is, though, even more amazing, is that statistically, 1.62% of  the unique page views WERE the 7,033 readers that expressed interest in becoming the next genius by reading that article.  

What does that mean? Let's do the math. Cold, hard, statistically,

of Ordinary People world-wide expressing interest in becoming a genius:   0.0001%

%    of IncomingBytes.com  readership expressing interest                                  1.620 %

What do the numbers mean, people?  Think.........Question.....re-think.  Clearly everyone in the world does not have the opportunity to access IncomingBytes.com ,  but the people that DO have access are interested in bettering both themselves and  humanity.  Encouraging, isn't it?

  Are you the next genius? Do you think like Albert Einstein, belong to a think tank, and offer solutions to the world's problems?  Do you challenge the status quo,  question everything, even your own answers?   Do you know how to improve the thinking process,  begin thinking and make quantum improvements in your thought processes?

So?  Are you the next Genius?

Is that Incoming I hear?