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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reinventing Energy: The Rossi E-Cat

Clean Energy:  Where man has yet to Go

A 'cold fusion' reaction has already gone commercial and will be reinventing the energy sector.  The Rossi  E-cat  or "energy catalyzer"  is the unique invention of  Andrea Rossi, an Italian engineer using a unique approach to creating energy.   The process and process  has already been validated by other researchers and observers. 

How does it work?  A low energy  reaction.  External heat applied at about 60C initiates a reaction that is self-sustaining.  Is nuclear chemistry at work? That may be one of the important questions.  Nickel is turned into copper, and in the process, a huge amount of energy is released. Very little fuel is required. 

There is no emission of Carbon dioxide , no radioactive waste byproduct is  produced, and no radioactive materials are used in the process. 
Let the  dirty oil industry take note, the E-Cat is non-polluting, and creates clean energy. It can create heat, boil water, generate steam,  electricity, and drive vehicles down the road.  
At Incoming Bytes we believe The age of light is indeed upon us.  The bell tolls for dirty, polluting technology. 

The E-cat involves a fine nickel powder, an unnamed catalyst,  hydrogen, and a cold fusion reaction  process  The reaction observed and useful is exothermic, meaning that it produces heat--a lot of it.  
There are 10Kw home-sized units which will be soon be  available to heat homes.

The world is watching! 
The first Mega-Watt-sized unit has been sold and has been delivered.  Imagine the significance of this event.   The first large mega-Watt-sized unit has been sold ---and  it will be, like all good eCats, refilled and charged only once every six months. 
 Now all we have to do is wait and see how far the heavily-financed petroleum sector  will go to discourage and discredit this already-proven,  genuine innovation.   The time for cold fusion has arrived. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol made the big time...

Been naughty or nice this Christmas season?  Apparently it is hard to be perfect, isn't it?  Be happy, we all have our moments in the sun and otherwise.  
   I'm guessing that at some point in every author's life,   as polite as we try to be,   we are obligated to promote our own works of art, honk horns, ring bells,  raise a ruckus and beat on drums.  
Shameless self-promotion comes to mind
It is logical that timing is everything with seasonal and holiday-oriented works,  so  here goes ....
MORGIDOO'S CHRISTMAS CAROL made the big time!     It is now listed in the Premium catalog of Smashwords --and has it's own ISBN number.  It is a cool Christmas classic story written by a cool author and has wonderful pictures in it taken by a very cool photographer. 

The ISBN number is:    ISBN 978-1-4659-5436-7. 

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is available as an eBook  from multiple eBook retailers including the Apple i-store,  Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, and others.
It can be viewed, sampled and purchased at Smashwords   
Amazon Kindle  at:

The alarm bell in the village of Blister
 Enjoy this story on your  e-Reader  this Christmas.  This  story will warm your heart and  ring a bell... it's cool !

that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Prestigious 2011 Sunshine Blogger Award !

The Prestigious Sunshine Blogger Award  

The sunshine of November and the unseasonably warm weather is not my only blessing, it seems. I get to read blogs of my choosing, and I  follow a list of favourites regularly.  Most of them are no less than amazing.  As a blogger myself,  I am always on the lookout for interesting stuff to read, new ideas, and devious ways to attract new readers or even keep  loyal readers interested.  

At Incoming Bytes I am also  always deleriously  happy  to receive any sign that someone has actually read 'the blog'...so  I am especially delighted to have picked for a  2011 Sunshine Blogger award.

It being such an honour,  I would especially like to thank Rachel Howells,  who picked Incoming Bytes for such kudos,  is a friend and superlative writer. She writes with refreshing honesty, curious logic, wit and  with biting hilarity  on Lala Musings.   (http://lalamusings-lala.blogspot.com/ )   Rachel  also fearlessly tackles  tough issues and now, bravely  hands out awards only to the best,  doing  so with an elegant touch.

As a blogger or writer, it is always an inspiration to receive recognition from friends, individuals and prestigious organizations  even if  received for the most  obscure reason.  Recognition encourages us to  write more, write faster, but above all,  be better at what we do. Write better. Write more thoughtfully.  Sometimes it even encourages us to hand out more awards.  
There are rules involved in accepting the amazing Sunshine Blogger Award, which are:
1.  Thank the presenter,  and write a blog post about it.
2.   Answer a few basic questions,  and
3.   Turn the spotlight on ten or twelve blogs that inspire you.  Adding links for the blogs is essential.
The questions are as follows:
What is your favourite colour and why?
What is your favourite animal?
What is your favourite number?
What is your favourite drink?
Which do you prefer,  Facebook or Twitter?
What is your greatest passion in life?
Do you prefer giving or getting presents?
Which day of the week is your favourite?
What are your favourite flowers?
Here are my responses to the questions at hand: 
 Favourite Colour:  My favourite colour is yellow, the colour of the morning sun. It awakens, and inspires, and makes morning coffee more enjoyable. Some say it is also the colour of madness and lemons. I like it anyway.   It is not a coincidence that my favourite blog heading picture is blinding yellow. Oops......

Favourite Animal:   My all-time favorite animal is the horse. Horses run like the wind, the  symbol of freedom. They can kick back, but they also know how to kick back and relax.

Favourite Number:  Although 3 comes after two and  7 is supposed to be a lucky number, I am fascinated by 9. The number 9 is no less than amazing.  No matter what you do with the number 9, it works out.  I like things that always work out.  3+6=9,  3x6=18,  but  1+8=9. Add as many nines together as you like, the sum of the resulting numbers always add up to nine somehow.  That's where yellow comes from too, you get the idea.

Favourite drink:   Water wins, hands down and bottoms up.  Adam's ale. The most valuable liquid in the universe.  Curiously, water also floats boats and  rusts nails. There has to be a subliminal message there someplace.

Facebook or Twitter?   Facebook is unnecessarily intrusive into privacy.  I'm guessing it's smarter to like Twitter better.

Favourite Passion:   I could easily say writing fiction, because that is what I enjoy doing. The inspiration for that proclivity,  however, comes from observing humanity, so that's my favourite passion. Watching an alien species do alien stuff comes to mind.

Getting or giving presents:  I much prefer to give presents. Getting them is always difficult and seems to infer future obligation, however tenuous.  Giving is much safer.

Favourite day:   Saturday is the best, hands down. You can do anything on Saturday, knowing you can recuperate the next day.

Favourite flowers;   Black-eyed Susans.  They don't have thorns, they're yellow and they're wild, unlike sunflowers, which are coincidentally also yellow.  Don't get me wrong here, I like sunflowers the best  too. The problem with sunflowers is they are tame, usually grow in rows, and they follow the sun like slaves, which is a cool thing to watch, but seems just a bit too organized, something like choreography gone berserk. 

 My favourite blogs, for various and sometimes arcane reasons, whether it be excellence, humour,  incredibly good writing, wisdom, wit, the foibles of humanity, philosophy, objectivity, fuzzy warm subject matter or just plain fun,  are as follows:

Glory       at  Glory's Garden
Jim          at   Just Camping out 
John        at   Gold Mining and Prospecting
Mandy    at   Mandy's Pages
Nadine    at   Last Known Nest
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Julie        at   Wooly Acres
Sharon    at   Resistant but Persistent
Olivia     at   Olivia's Open Book
Conny     at   Under the Toronto Sun
Rachel    at    Lala Musings   ( Rachel,  this is not a conspiracy. This is a genuine award. You had to receive this award again to become the Dual Sushine Blogger Award winner. )

Enjoy!  Thanks again, Rachel!

 that's my story and I'm sticking to it

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday: A Deadly and Contagious Retail Disease

Where are your piggy-bank savings going this holiday season?

You and your piggy-bank savings
money are being persuaded to part company by big business unethically --yet again but with holidays coming on, that would be nothing new. 
How about losing your very life, your self-respect, your human dignity and conscience?
Black Friday, the  contagious disease of retail greed from south of the border is showing up  in Canadian retail centers.  

The symtoms of Black Friday disease are those of  unheralded insanity which include veritable stampedes of  insane, greedy shoppers, laughing greedy retailers, and inevitably, trampled people,  scores of  innocent people being hurt, violence, gun play, and even death.

Has corporate ethics have reached a new all-time low?  Is it now considered 'good business'  to promote total shopping madness, hand-to-hand combat on the retail floor, and idiocy--all  in the name of corporate profit?
How did "Thanksgiving", a time for family, reflection and above all, Giving Thanks, ever turn into such an ugly, greedy, and dangerous  retailing event?

A retail sales event is "just a sale"?  No longer.

On Black Friday last year in the Land of the Free  there were shootings.  A man was killed, stomped to death by an enraged herd of  greedy, lunatic shoppers out of control on corporate advertising steroids.  
Where does the madness end?  Apparently not at the Canadian  border. 
Canadian retailers are quickly adapting the same greedy, mindless and idiotic marketing strategy.
What is that underlying marketing "strategy"?  Simple greed, greedier, and greediest, not necessarily in that order. 
" Promote lack of logic, promote lack of  thought. Generate maximum retail hype and excitement.  Get the shoppers lined up like dumb cattle  with endless expectations to be fulfilled or not,-- and push sales and profit while the getting is good, no matter what the human cost."

In 2011 it quickly became apparent the corporate sector promoting this disastrous retailing practice  learned nothing from the death and mayhem observed in 2010.   The problem  became worse.  

This year, a man in Virginia  was walked over by shoppers as he died. Shoppers walked around, and over him. Nobody bothered to help, they were busy shopping on Black Friday.
A grandfather trying to rescue his small grandson from being trampled in the madness of an opening stampede  was put down, bludgeoned and bloody by a security guard.  On Black Friday.
There were shots fired in other incidents.  On Black Friday.
A certified madwoman shopper used pepper spray on some 20  other  customers to 'gain advantage  to 'get there first, grab the most, whether it was a 72"  flat-screen television, a package of a dozen disposable diapers, a coloring-book,  or a handful of  junk jewellery.  On Black Friday.
Was her vicious attack on others to gain "50% off" ?  No matter.   What she was 'getting first'  or the 'discount'   isn't the issue.   As a 'shopper', encouraged by Black Friday madness and incited by corporate greed,  she deemed  it 'necessary' to use pepper spray on other shoppers that were equally insane, trying to 'get the deals' first.  
Death and mayhem. It happened again on this Black Friday.

People were hurt. The question must be:  What is the matter with these people?   Where does this idiocy end?  
When will retailers take responsibility and curtail the dangerous practice of encouraging the mob mentality and  'racing to the counter' openings?  
Criminal charges should be filed, but will they be? Not likely. It was, after all, Black Friday, time to persuade people to 'shop' like idiot fools and help Corporate North America  make  more profit.

HERE at Incoming Bytes  we would like people to shake their collective heads and  start thinking for themselves.  There can be no excuse for people to give up their dignity, respect for others,  sense of humanity, or their lives  for a "good" deal,  Black Friday retail scam  or not.
As for business and the retailing set?  Shame on them.

that's my story and I'm sticking to it

Friday, November 25, 2011

Occupy this! Democracy under Attack

It must dawn upon us...Occupy this...

The global  'Occupy Everything' movement has generated a lot of attention over the last few  months.  
In North America the occupation of parks, streets, and other public areas by campers and  demonstrators of all descriptions was  intended to bring the insatiable  greed  of Corporate North America and the questionable economic policies of less than stellar financial institutions and  government to the attention of you, the reader.

The coloured tents, signs, unshaven occupants, endless speeches, chanting and impromptu arrests  became  both  fascinating and annoying to some, an unattractive blight on an otherwise 'pristine' urban landscape to some observers, --but a logical demonstration, a virile seed,  and a powerful inspiration to others. The movement grew exponentially. Why would it not?
  Brought to the attention of big government, not coincidentally under fire by the same protestors,  the lackadaisical occupiers, in-the-park campers,  "obstructing the public spaces of  holiday shufflers and shoppers  alike" also raised the ire of 'one or more'  'directly-affected' slightly miffed local governments and stuffy officials across Canada. 
Authorities disapproved of  colourful tent cities, odoriferous portable toilets, the occasional campfire, burning tents, and the  'unauthorized'  occupation of so-called 'public spaces' by 'demonstrating rabble'.  
The Occupy Toronto encampment was disassembled, and  as of this date, police are moving in to remove the Occupy Montreal site. The Occupy Edmonton site was also "encouraged to disappear" overnight by "authorities".  At 4:00am yet.  How convenient to keep their actions out of the scrutiny of the public.

At Incoming Bytes we can easily observe that local 'authority' figures, bureaucrats,   and officials "occupying the halls of power"  once more  purport to  know what is best for all of society. 

   It should be no surprise that  the people demonstrating, encamping, and speaking up may also NOT know what is best for our society;  Babies and Grade II students do not know what is best for our society, seniors do not necessarily know what is best for our society and neither do campers and demonstrators necessarily  --clearly so--but what they DO  know is what is unjust, what is hypocrisy,  and what has been damaging society.

  --And just what might the 'real best for society " actually be Guess.
The freedom to freely demonstrate. The freedom to free association with others that also believe in alternatives.   The freedom to speak up and identify bureaucratic abuse without fear. The freedom to speak out without fear when abuse of authority is recorded.  The freedom to speak out when governments waste tax dollars endlessly, without thought, while failing to feed children, seniors, and the homeless.  The freedom to speak out when war is declared  at the cost of trillions of dollars --not by the people, but by a few hawkish international policy-makers, self-aggrandizing   politicians and military leaders  cheered on by the petroleum and  armaments industry in the name of profit.   
That's not ALL.
The freedom to speak out against obscene corporate profits garnered without morals on the backs of the working poor. The freedom to speak out when corporations outsource jobs to China,  slash North American jobs, and simultaneously pay  CEO's bonuses of  tens of millions of dollars each year for such stellar performance . The power to speak out against the pervasive ROT that is endlessly observed in government.  Fake lakes. Billion-dollar political-pork-barreling.   Glorious half-million-dollar CF18 Fly-byes  to stroke the ego of  militarists and politicians  to make themselves feel good about spending billions on WAR. 
The power to speak out when financial institutions gut the financial sector, threaten bankruptcy  to political allies, who bail them out with hard-earned tax-payer dollars.  

All freedom-loving people should be giving notice.  
Occupy this concept: 
  Right is right. 
The practice of ethics, fairness, and justice  in governance, bureaucracy and industry is not only required, it is demanded by any democracy, it is demanded by the people of Canada
Canada  IS a democracy, or was.
Is democracy now under attack by our own governments?

Our government  purports to "wish democracy" upon places like LIBYA. We spent BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars interfering in the political process in that country, "supposedly" to depose a dictator.  Free the people and all that.
Was it hypocrisy, a bid for control over oil, or just more playing "puppet"  while filling huge and profitable contracts for the defense industry? 
 ALL people interested in justice, fairness, reason, and freedom globally should OCCUPY THIS concept: in a democracy, people have a RIGHT to demonstrate and speak up....or have our "authorities" conveniently forgotten that?

 Is the  official action now being taken to disassemble and quell the "uprisings of peasants" in Canadian cities merely  an indication of how close government is bedded with big business, or is  the apparent disapproval of freedom of expression throughout North America  a harbinger of fascism and dictatorships being established?  

We have to wonder.
The recent highly-publicized  American image of a uniformed officer CASUALLY strolling down a row of seated, quiet demonstrators, heavily pepper-spraying them ---is  a clear message of a TOTAL lack of  respect for civilians, inexcusable arrogance and a brutal abuse of power. The authorities responsible for this response to civil demonstration should be ashamed of themselves.
Why should concerned citizens not be allowed to voice an opinion, and demonstrate? 
At Incoming Bytes, the question of the day must be:
"How long does the existing political-corporate system in North America think it will be occupying the halls of power with the increasing abuse of authority?" The reader is encouraged to think independently
We suspect:  "Not long".   Ho hum....

that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, all of you Americans!

On the way to Morgidoo's

Happy Thanksgiving Day, all of you Americans!  We  wish you the best and safest holiday ever!  God bless each and every one.
These  best wishes include  family, friends,associates old prospectors, writers, pretty women,  the faithful,  all countrymen and plain old American wannabe's , of which there always seem to be a few. Not a soul shall be excluded. We share.
I'm guessing best Thanksgiving wishes  should apply to everyone today and always.   We have a lot to be thankful for.
 Here in Canada at Incoming Bytes --admittedly on the surface,  we are slightly envious of your holiday today, but well, the underlying reasons are pretty tasty.
We already had our Thanksgiving, a few weeks ago.  It was tasty too.  
The ulterior motive , always the best motivation,  is that of  simply wanting another beautifully-glazed turkey dinner with the stuffing, the  cranberry sauce, the  salads, hot fresh bread, ,  sweet potatoes, mashed and/or with golden-brown gravy.  Then we can add the butter tarts, cookies of all descriptions,  and  pumpkin pie with ice cream.
The stuff tastes so good, don't you think? We are so fortunate and have many blessings, much to be thankful for  including family and friends.

It's worth contemplating, daydreaming a bit. perhaps  even offering a little bit of devious hinting to the cook,  and  keeping one encouraging eye on that Thanksgiving feast  going on just across the border......why not?   We never give up....we're on the way to Morgidoo's...

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

100 Posts Later....

Discovery of the Light can be Blinding.....

This is a special occasion. One Hundred, count them, yes,  100 posts later, we're still here at Incoming Bytes !   We are still here.

Isn't that amazing? Why did we persist so?  Stubbornness. Foolishness, persistence,  the will to survive, no matter what?
Detractors and critics --we are sorry to disappoint you.  We didn't give up. We didn't quit. We did not run out of stuff to write about either.
Loyal friends, contributors, supporters and readers, rejoice, we clearly shall overcome!

We have become a real blog, talking about real stuff. 
From the abuse of Kakabeka Falls  to Fukushima Japan's nuclear disaster, elections and disastrous political gamesthe destruction of Canada's Avro Arrow--an aircraft that has few equals even 50 years later!  We  happily digressed to  bonsai and heaps of gardening all the way to the Middle East--- and even dared to wander back home into dull, boring politics, electioneering and tongue-in-cheek political-psycho-babble, sanctions and mousy local dictatorships.
From sugar-maple  mysteries,  discussions of garden zeitgeists,   Glory Lennon our gardener  all the way from  sunflowers to oaks,  we have even migrated across  the tender economics of economic growth, global failure and the fall of nasty dictators.
Snowmobile high-marking made it to the foreground when that foolish, mindless sport caused deaths yet again last winter!   Will they never LEARN?  
Predictions of Doomsday were discussed right on time, but Harold Camping and his doomsday money-making machine  failed to make it happen.  Twice yet!  
A couple of wonderful guest posts were included,  one by  Adriana Heep, a young thinker who clearly offers hope for humanity,   and  M.J Joachim (Gum Pets on the Hill)  who stirred the hearts of  alert readers with her  distinguished voice in poetic justice. 

We  even got to the point of  telling stories, checking out Glorious Flower Power, tales of persistence and  and  promoting the publishing  of eBooks, starting with my new Christmas classic, Morgidoo's Christmas Carol.  We have hypothesized about the new Age of Light --and recently welcomed a new website  EffectivelyHuman.com, a site that promotes human worth and dignity, something necessary to initiate the Age of Light.   We asked questions. 

I still like this question the best:  "Is willful nuclear expansion a sign of collective human insanity, insatiable corporate greed, total lunacy, irresponsible governance, --or proof positive of all of the above?"  (MUST WE Contaminate the world with Radiation? Say NO! (Mar.23rd 2011)

As a reader, what more could you ask ?   The fact is, almost any subject matter  may show up at Incoming Bytes.
Where are we going NEXT?   Wait and see.  Stay tunedParticipate!  Enjoy!

Where do we stand after 100 posts? We still want you to  think, --if you dare. We also want you to stand and be counted.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Quantum change: Let us Welcome Effectively Human.com

The Age of Light is upon us...

As suggested in our  recent   post,'The Age of Light'  here at Incoming Bytes, we would like to believe that a quantum change in humanity is on the way.  The status quo is clearly unacceptable and not sustainable. Perhaps the concept of the  Age of Light   is already at hand. We would like to believe in humanity.  We would like to believe mankind can substantially improve the lot of  all human beings regardless of where they are on the earth. 
 Notice  the phrase  "we would like to believe" ?  Is humanity smart enough collectively to initiate enough necessary change that will significantly alter the course of civilization?  All it takes is one small step at a time by enough individuals to effect a quantum change for all of humanity.

There are clearly people that do care where we are headed and would like humanity to be more focused, gentle, kinder, more--effectively human. People that believe in the dignity and sanctity of life and are willing to put themselves out there and speak up. Let us try honesty rather than hypocrisy. Let us not couch terms and pretend innocence. Let us truly value human life.  
Such are the people at www.effectivelyhuman.com, a site dedicated to the affirmation of human life.
Let us welcome effectivelyHuman.com  and help contribute to the improvement of civilization in any way possible.  We need to reinvent society and the way it functions.  We need to value humans individually and collectively-- with dignity. 
Visit  www. effectivelyHuman.com soon,  and think about what you can do to help yourself, your family,  others, and explore humanity itself.  We encourage the reader to participate.
See you there.
The Age of Light may be closer than we think.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Age of Light

The Age of Light is upon us
 The Age of Light is upon us.   The year  2012 is  almost here,-- the end of an era, the revelations of Mayan culture, strange planets are reported in "Before it's New".  Roswell revisited, all kinds of strange and wonderful sights seen,  misinterpreted, and misunderstood-some strange things are even admitted
All that in the midst of the  usual prescription of increasing economic tension, political international sabre-rattling, human failure and  failed predictions of gloom and doom, on two separate dates yet.  Let us not forget the past, the previous destruction of humanity and civility by any means, since Nov 11th Remembrance has also come and gone yet again, while the world is still at war.  

What shall we then  concentrate upon?  

I recently published Morgidoo's Christmas Carol, a new Christmas classic as an Ebook, and the subject of the Age of Light happened to be involved.
--The light from the Great Silver Bell and all that. 

A mere story, a work of fiction, a figment of a writer's imagination, ---or is it?   
Here at Incoming Bytes it always behooves us to examine such fascinating possibilities.  Weird stuff.  The unexpected, "incoming bytes " heading our way.
It is not a coincidence that one of the most interesting observations in life may be that writers not only record history and the past for posterity, but also to some degree, in fiction and literature,  imagine,create, extrapolate, project,  and somehow pen the details of the future, at times with unerring accuracy.  It is not a coincidence.

It is not a coincidence that the "age of dirty oil", pipelines, and choking greenhouse gases is not sustainable, nor is it wise to insist upon following that path .
 It is not a  coincidence that the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan occurred, with radiation spreading as we speak.
It may, therefore also not be a coincidence that the favourite heading picture of Incoming Bytes  is that of blinding sunlight in a morning sunrise.  
Sunlight is the greatest, cleanest and most powerful force in nature--one that is easily harvested. Sunlight is free, universal, and endless.  It is the ideal alternative energy.

Nor is the symbolism of the Age of Light and the Great Silver Bell in Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  lost as a guidepost to the future--and with faith and belief,  offering HOPE for mankind. 
I'm hoping you'll read it some day.  There is a reason for everything, including  coincidence, destiny, and fiction.  Perhaps one day we shall all  understand that reality. 

All we have to do is actually  be smart enough to identify the signs already pointing us in the direction of the Age of Light.  If we collectively set our minds to the job at hand, our  civilization can be reinvented and a new Age of Light shall be upon us.
Think about it.  Start now.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it

Friday, November 18, 2011

Democracy under Fire

 I am very disturbed to see that Democracy in  Canada is coming under fire , but not from the sources expected.  IN the Canadian House of Commons, the official Opposition, the New Democratic Party of Canada has silenced members of it's own party.  Stifled Not allowed to speak.  This is not a good sign. Canadians thought the Conservative majority would abuse it's power. That's happening too, --but abuse of power by a majority government is almost expected, perhaps even guaranteed.

The abuse of power in Ottawa, however, seems to be contagious and very unsettling.

The immediate and severe sanctions of NDP MP's  John Rafferty (Thunder Bay-Rainy River) and Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay-Superior North)  because of their vote supporting Bill  C19 dismantling the long-gun registry is far more suggestive of the development of a nasty little  dictatorship  within a political party than a democratic collection of individuals with the future of Canada at heart. 
   As punishment for their  votes,  the voices of the representatives of Thunder Bay have been silenced for the duration in the House of Commons. They have been removed from all committees and previous duties at the whim of a timid, overbearing but  clearly incompetent and inexperienced  interim political leader. Apparently the interim leader does not yet understand that respect of leadership is earned through astute decision-making, not by vicious reprimand.

 The majority  Conservatives under Stephen Harper  moved Bill C19  to fulfill a long-time promise   to abolish and dismantle the  despised  "Liberal"  long gun registry,  which was an ill-devised,  wasteful, knee-jerk  attempt to legislate the mandatory  registration of  all firearms owned by drug dealers, criminals, murderers and  honest farmers alike --at a cost of a huge bureaucracy and  billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars.  The registry failed miserably.  Not a single criminal registered his GUNS. Not a single drug dealer turned in his arsenal of GUNS.  Not a single murderer turned in his hunting rifle. 
We hate to say "we told you so" but guess what? Canadians all across Canada  "told you so".  I digress...

The Thunder Bay NDP members voted for the wishes of their constituents instead of voting against C19, a move that apparently  that did not meet the approval or high-handed "leadership"   of   interim NDP leader  Nycole Turmel.
 The vote was supposedly 'whipped'  under her 'guidance', which, after-the-fact--seems to have required the unanimous vote of  all NDP MPs. 
  MP John Rafferty, a man of impeccable character, was reportedly not advised of the requirement of the vote. He would have voted for abolishing the long gun registry regardless. After four elections,  John Rafferty has shown that he has both spine and ethics.

Why was Nycole Turmel wrong in this matter?
Because the conclusion of the vote was inevitable and passed second reading (156 to 123) and passed by  the  conservative majority.
  The subsequent  sanctions of  the Thunder Bay MP's was clearly no less than a display of inept,  rather stupid and heavy-handed leadership. Would  the same questionable decision have been   made under the leadership of  highly-respected  late Jack Layton?    Unlikely.

One thing for sure,  at Incoming Bytes, it is very, very clear that  sanctions against MP's  voting for their constituent's  as opposed to the 'party line' are  far from the democratic process Canadians naively believe they live under. 

Ms. Nycole Turmel has revealed her true colours and  clearly now cannot be trusted as the leader of the official leader of the New Democratic Party even on an interim basis.    
She has displayed bad judgment in this matter and has merely silenced the only members of her caucus that displayed any backboneNOT a good sign for the New " Democratic" Party of Canada.

that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is published AGAIN

Guess what? 
Here at Incoming Bytes  we are pleased to announce that Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is published again, to allow our readers to  enjoy this new Christmas classic in a  number of  popular E-reader formats including  Online reading, (HTML)   ePub, Kindle, PDF,  RTF, Palm Doc (PDB ) Plain Text (download) and Plain Text (view as a web page).
The versatile Smashwords Edition was published Nov. 15th  and is available for sample viewing and purchase at this page:

Enjoy this wonderful story this Christmas!

Now isn't that a lot more fun than talking about oil, politics, and world affairs?

That's my story and I'm sticking to it

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keystone Pipeline : DEAD, or just more DECEPTION about Dirty Oil?

The greatest energy source known  to mankind
I always find it interesting to see how 'International Relations' are affected when there is a hidden agenda. The  American  'DELAY' of the Keystone pipeline is a fine example of a political decision that was made for reasons that have nothing to do with oil, but manipulation and political  'control'.  

Canada's response? MORE  posturing.  "We'll  build a pipeline to the west coast in British Columbia and sell the oil to China and other Asian markets instead". China would love it, regardless of the cesspool of pollution it will leave in Northern Canada. 
The reciprocal American response?  Crocodile tears.  "Oh, we hope you wouldn't do that".  
Canadians and Americans both know that the Athabasca Oil Sands projects are the biggest source of pollution in North America. No refineries will be built in Canada.  
The Keystone oil pipeline, which will pipe dirty crude oil all the way from the Athabasca tar sands to Texas refineries is already being built.  Imagine that. 
At Incoming Bytes we have no illusion that the multi-billion-dollar pipeline will 'terminate' at the 'border'.  Let us be realistic.  Canada already supplies some 2 million barrels of oil per day to American markets.

Where does that leave the 'decision' ?   The fact is, it's parked in 'limbo' while the political benefits are being coolly calculated;  Canada's |Prime |Minister Stephen Harper will benefit politically by "saving" the Keystone pipeline, getting the 'delay' reversed,  and |President Barack Obama will benefit by playing the political game of satisfying environmental critics, while simultaneously delaying development of the Bakken.  Everybody wins by playing the game--except the native population of Athabasca.
Clearly approving the pipeline  'in the next few days'  at least,  is not a beneficial political decision. The United States of America has it's own Bakken oil deposits which are untouched--and hold more oil than Saudi Arabia, and more oil than Athabasca. 
  Why has the Bakken not been developed?  The fact is, nobody in the USA  wants to appear responsible for developing an unprecedented   environmental mess in the United States. It is much more attractive to  well-heeled  NIMBY's  to leave a cesspool of permanent pollution in Northern Canada instead.

How simple. The Keystone delay  won't hurt the historical Canadian/American relationship for long --a calculated deception,  with the economy in such tough straits, we estimate a reversal in a few weeks, or maybe a month or two.  January sounds about right. Everybody gets a big political Christmas present when the 'decision' is somehow magically reversed.  Joy to the world and all that.

   I guess they just don't get it.  Nobody has the moral right to create an irreversible ecological disaster, regardless of where it is.  

Meantime, the same politicians in  North America are collectively missing out on the greatest opportunity the world has ever seen; -the opportunity to develop clean, endless,  alternative energy --which already exists. Look up. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holidays, Parties and Crepe Paper Hats

Here at Incoming Bytes  I'm always tempted to get on a bus and take a holiday when dealing with modern technology that doesn't cooperate. In this day and age, one would think life should be simpler?
Maybe I should write a story instead. Publish something. Oh, we just did. Morgidoo's Christmas Carol.  I digress.  Wouldn't we rather just have a party instead? Maybe we've been on the bus too often? A tale of woe and reflection?  I think the reader should decide...

The Holiday Party 

But I don’t want to go on a holiday, I want a birthday party instead!”  Jack fussed. 
He set up a tantrum like he always does. Not that I care, but that’s what he does. Everybody has their own ideas about how to get stuff, and that’s how Jack gets stuff. Everybody else wanted to go on a holiday, get in a bus and go see stuff, or go mini-golfing or something,  but that’s not what Jack wants. He gets his way. It was always like that.    That was clearly a harbinger we should’a paid attention to a long time ago,  but didn’t. 

You had enough birthday parties already!  Y’aint a little kid anymore

I want a party, I ain’t goin’ on any holiday ‘till I get a party, that’s that!” he started to cry.

“Okay, Jack” she said, shaking her head and looking at the rest of us like we were stupid or something.

Whaddya lookin’ at!” she hissed. “He’s just a boy!

She called the kids. Every one of them. They showed up like it was a holiday, wearing bright crepe paper hats, the thin kind that’s supposed to make you  look like a king or something, but ends up making you look like a dummy with a crepe paper hat on with points going every which way except upYou look like a dumb cluck I hate mirrors, they tell the truth. Some kind of a dummy with a crepe paper decoration stuck on the bean . Orange ones, green ones, red ones, and even yellow. They’re the worst. They don’t match anything I ever wore. I’d rather go on a holiday.
No mind.
Jack got one on too, his was orange. His eyes twinkled, he was so happy. The other kids got around him and helped him open his presents.  Not much, only thirty-three kids and twenty-nine presents, some of them good, some of them cheesy toys, Jack likes cheesy toys. He likes good stuff like sweaters and story-books too, but he like cheesy stuff the best.  Always did. 
Fussy kid.  Doesn’t like going on holidays, but likes parties and gummy birthday cake with red candle-wax all over it. I hate candle-wax on my cake, but Jack doesn’t mind at all.

The piano in the hall twinkles hollow.  Mrs. Pedoodle is playing it. The candles light up the room and Jack’s face too. He smiles. It’s nice to see Jack smile. His eyes twinkle and he laughs. He points at the candles, mesmerized.  Everybody claps and she has to grab his hand quick before he gets burned.  She moves the cake back a bit. Jack cries.

We sing “ Happy Birthday to you,-- Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jackie,- Happy Birthday to you.” 
Everyone claps. Jack claps too, and keeps clapping.  He keeps clapping some more.

“That’s enough clapping, Jack, let’s eat cake!  Which piece do you want, Jack?” she asks. 

Cake, I like cake!” Jack says, with mischief in his eye. He points at the corner of the cake.

“I want that one” he says.  
No wonder he wants that one, it’s got all the  icing roses and a toy truck on it .
That’s how he always gets the biggest piece first. By pointing at it.  The corner piece with the thickest icing and the most candle-wax on it too. Lots of holes, a few finger-pokes.  His eyes twinkle.

“This is better than any  holiday”,  he says. “I don’t like holidays unless there’s a party first”.

“Happy 95th, Jack!” someone says, and everyone in the hermitage claps. His eyes twinkle like blue ice. The blue icing is already smeared all over his whiskers. 
I'd rather go on a holiday.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol -- is PUBLISHED !!

 Great News!   We have to smile about this post,  even if there are no, heaps,  maple leaves, politics, energy issues, or musings involved......  
because.............Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is finally published!
We could not be happier!

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  Ebook

Incoming Bytes  is  VERY  happy to announce that after wearing a lot of nerves pretty thin,  Morgidoo's Christmas Carol, which we are hoping will eventually become  a new Christmas classic, has  arrived  and been published  as an eBook on the Amazon Kindle (KDP) system. 

It is now available at Kindle at this link:

 I hope everyone enjoys it!   See what George Blister and Morgidoo have to say about it! --An early Merry Christmas !

Santa says:    that's my story and I'm sticking to it.     Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho !!!

The Postman delivering Morgidoo's Christmas Carol to YOU

No matter what Santa says,  publishing a book is a lot of work.  We found that out.  Now if everybody will just get a Kindle reader for Christmas too.....

That's MY story and I'm sticking to it.