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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


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      "   Snow as warm as popcorn. Imagine that!


Well, great news----that wonderful word that rings in the ears of writers everywhere:   PRINT.   Hear the bells ring! 

But first......
Yes, I know,  mea culpa time flies, and  I have been m.i.a.  --and  haven't posted here on IB blogspot.com for some time,  but that's what happens when we are up to our necks in everything. Summer. Gardening. Pruning. Fishing. Weeding. Grass cutting. Lawnmower repairs. Visiting. Picking apples. Hosting.  Fall crops, blogging,  harvesting, making apple Jack, sauerkraut, and all things good. Editing, cultivating, writing, fixing, reading,  rewriting,  repairing, creating,  building stuff, winter coming on, taps leaking, you name it!
We've all been there, right Life is a merry-go-round at times. We survive!

Of course my loyal readers all know by now that we  write at  IncomingBytes.com   my blog-portfolio --IB's sister siteand continue the discussion on all kinds of interesting stuff.

I do hope everyone drops over to IB.com to  visit, read, enjoy, and comment. Dare to think. Dare to be fearless. Dare to argue. Dare to build and construct society as you think it should be.
I hope we see you there, and that means  everyone!

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol 

Now, about that news, Robin Tidwell  at   Rocking Horse Publishing confirms that RHP is on track---putting Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  into PRINT, and  it's HERE,  available NOW!

MCC  sports a great new cover created by Rocking Horse Publishing,  and Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  promises to be the same unique Christmas classic for all ages not  "Santa-centred"  but rather focused on a great story, +love, children,  a bit of magic for the season,  and above all, hope and perseverance. That being said, "Merry Christmas, everyone, may your Christmas be warm, happy and peaceful!"    

Snow as warm as popcorn. Imagine that!

Keep an eye out for the Rocking Horse Publishing edition of Morgidoo's Christmas Carol --in PRINT and ebooks -- in bookstores near you and online everywhere.

 Meantime,- stay warm, drop over to  www. IncomingBytes.com and stay awhile!

Is that Incoming I hear?