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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Solar THIS

The sun is shining.  The biggest source of heat in our immediate universe,  so why does it have to be so cold? 
 The snow squeals beneath your feet as you walk on it.  T.T.T.  and E.T.S. --as my loyal readers know, those would be Tilly the Tall and Ebony the Short, our resident pups with fur.  They step gingerly when it's that cold. Tires get flat spots overnight. Engines balk. Batteries freeze.

Here at Incoming Bytes it was no less than -38C this morning.  Chilly, even for Northwestern Ontario. For the metric challenged, that's within a hair of -38F too, since  at -40C the temperature is also -40F --right on the button.

Since all that heat and power is up there, shining down upon us so freely, why do we not take more advantage of it?

 These are 'cute little solar toys' that run all day, every day when the sun is barely visible--even when the sky is gray and dull. 

If toys will work so happily  with solar power, with no batteries, why won't the rest of the world?
 Must we pollute and destroy the environment with dirty oil?  No. 

We have a choice to make, and soon.  Let us *choose carefully. All life on this earth depends upon it.

*What will your choice be?

Is that Incoming I hear?

Video by r.a.kukkee

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fires of Waterland and MORE at Redmund

Is that Incoming I hear?     Books at Redmund...

The Fires of Waterland

Life itself,-- never mind writing, publishing and  launching books like The Fires of Waterland  and then reading 5-star reviews and getting great feedback, compliments, and  wonderful comments --it's all heady stuff isn't it?

Here at Incoming Bytes I'm happy to say that's what happened, The Fires of Waterland seems to be a worthy project, progressing well and going into print Feb. 13/13 or before.

It's interesting to note that in the excitement of launching FOW,   ---I seem to have overlooked  another eBook I have been involved with as a co-author. 

Note:  Updated: Aug/2014   The Redmund edition of The Fires of Waterland is no longer in print. 

A number of authors at Redmund Productions (Redmundpro.com)  have conspired  to put together a collection of flash fiction, mini-stories inspired by the M3 Blog, and written specifically with limited word counts.

   The resulting book  Flash in the Pan  is also available at the Redmundpro book store.

Best of all, it's FREE!  Download your copy today!

While you're at it, check out some of the other great books offered by Redmund Productions!

The Girl in the Iron Lung Cover
The Girl in the Iron Lung by Gail Thornton

Jabberweil Hunt by Ian Shaw
Jabberweil Hunt by Ian M. Shaw
Songs of Angels by Ian Shaw
Songs of Angels  by Ian M. Shaw

Moments Money and Memories
Money & Memories by Laurie Childree
Fractal Dreams Cover
Fractal Dreams by Janet Russell
TROAF cover
The Regret of a Flower  by Gail Thornton

Month of Mental Moments
A Month of Mental Moments by Liz Campbell

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Book Reviews: Fires of Waterland

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!   

I am happy to announce to my loyal readers here at Incoming Bytes
that  the very  first review of  my novel,  “The Fires of Waterland” has been received.

Cover Art: The Fires of Waterland
Cover Art for The Fires of Waterland

You can read ALL of the latest  reviews as they come in  here!


The  Fires of Waterland  was published by  Redmund Productions and is classified as YA-Historical fiction.

The Fires of Waterland is now available   at the  RedmundPro bookstore  in  Kindle, ePuband .mobi  formats,  and will soon be available also in softcover print.

How about that?  Isn't this cool?

|***I wish to thank Red Dwyer at Redmund Productions for her wonderful suggestions, encouragement, editorial skills,  wisdom–and incredible patience. Much appreciated, Red!

Overall?  Not a bad start for  2013, The Year of the Writer. 

Let us move into this New Year with prosperity, but above all, appreciation of others and  peace and joy  in our hearts.

Is that Incoming I hear?