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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Fires of Waterland 3rd Edition!

2017  by Raymond Alexander Kukkee


      3rd Edition of The Fires of Waterland  published by Whitewood Forge Publishing

 Cover artwork for the 3rd Edition of The Fires of Waterland

The 3rd Edition of The Fires of Waterland 

Guess what? 
The 3rd Edition of The Fires of Waterland is now available  after much thought, publishing choices,  re- editing details, new cover design,  obtaining ISBN's and actual publishing by Whitewood Forge Publishing,  Thunder Bay, Ontario.

What's that, you ask?  Why, an independent publishing company. My own independent publishing company of course.  Why go independent? Is it just a trend that more and more authors are going independent and publishing their own books?  The answer, we believe, lies in one word: control.  

How helpful that is when making crucial  publishing decisions?  Very. 
Must we also take responsibility for those decisions, mistakes, successes or failures?  Absolutely.
We look forward to the challenge.  "A Whitewood Forge Book" is being considered for our tag line.

The  eBook format (Kindle) of The Fires of Waterland is available immediately online at:
 https://www.amazon.com/Fires-Waterland-Raymond-Alexander-Kukkee-     --and  the PRINT 3rd Edition will be available in print very shortly.   

Stay tuned for further developments .....

Thank you, my loyal readers, for your incredible patience. As most of you know, I can usually be found over on the "dot.com" site  (www.incomingbytes.com).  Clearly, content and venues are more critical  decisions which must be revisited and made in the exciting, scribbling  world of writing, authorship, and blogging.
Time will certainly tell where we're all headed...  Until next time, HAPPY NEW YEAR --have a safe, prosperous and healthy 2017 and hopefully the 'sabbatical' won't be as long next time... 


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