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You Get what you See #2

Well,  here at Incoming Bytes, we're back at it again,  snooping around in:

 "What you See is What you Get".  

Looking around we are pleased to see there is still flower power and nature here with us, but not just 'everyday' flowers.
Let's "hit the bricks' and check out this cool little accidental display of real flower-power.  
We did not plant it.  It was found in the long, untrimmed grass.
The old, broken brick WAS a piece of forgotten building rubble, probably from 1991 when  we learned a new DIY brick trick skill,   i.e.  How to install 12,655 bricks on a  House. 

The old clay brick found  was laying in the long grass and apparently filled itself up with dirt -and was invaded by happy
plants,  natural grasses and some short beautiful blue flowers.

 How cool is this?   These  blue flowers  are normally about 36" tall! 
Old Broken Clay Brick Self-Planted Wannabe Planter!  (c) w.l. kukkee2012


What do you make of that?
  The concept of miniaturization of  Bonsai comes to mind;  the tiny amount of soil in the holes in the brick clearly limited  the growth potential of the plants. See the tiny *ferns too?
Does this give you any ideas?  It sure gave me a few!  An invasion of mini-plants!

* The huge, 4 -foot  tall ferns on my quad trails in the natural forest at times  seed themselves, or find their way into the moss surfaced pots  of the bonsai  collection.  
They  miniaturize  themselves, adapting to different soil  limitations and  conditions.  
In bonsai pots, the same ferns  are miniaturized to  a size that is  absolutely jewel-sized tiny!     This photo includes relatively BIG bonsai  wild fern specimens at less than 4"  tall !   

Miniaturized, adapted wild Ferns only 4 inches tall

Ebony the Short checks out  the Quad trail with  Natural Wild Ferns over 4' tall

See? These specimens of the same ferns are over 4 feet tall!  Isn't that amazing?

  Even E.T.S. knows that "  What you see is what you get!"

 Is that Incoming I hear? 

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