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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Potential Takeover of Canadian Oil Giant by China: Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest...

* Breaking News: *

 See what happens?  
 A 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit the British Columbia coast late Saturday, setting off tsunami warnings.  October 28th, 2012

Giant Oil rig

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.....if the CNOOC  acquisition of Nexen is approved, which includes up to 25% of the Athabasca Oil Sands, one of the largest oil deposits in the world....

"The government will conveniently acquiesce to demands from "Chinese State Oil  based in Canada" to export Canadian oil  to China, with other questionable implications, economic, cultural and sovereign,  like it or not. "

Whoa,Canada! What on earth ARE we doing?  

The Canadian Government is "looking over"  a   C$15.1 billion (US$15.23 billion) bid by state-owned CNOOC Ltd to take over Canadian oil producer Nexen Inc. 

CNOOC is a Chinese state-owned company. 
.....er....You know, "Red" China?  Yes,,,that China... The ideological opposite, supposedly the very antithesis of democracy itself?

Here's an interesting question ALL Canadians should be asking our  Members of Parliament. 
Why would politicians in OUR Canada EVER  CONSIDER ALLOWING  ANY FOREIGN NATIONAL , MUCH LESS A FOREIGN  COMMUNIST COUNTRY --- CONTROL over ANY  resources in NORTH AMERICA, much less a HUGE chunk of our LARGEST oil deposit?  

Should we be Concerned? Let us digress momentarily--with purpose. 

Where does lunacy stop, and logic and reason start? 
Canadians are ALREADY  left with what may turn out to be one of, if not the largest environmental boondoggle,  the worst pollution-producing   ''oil disaster'  area in the world. 

 The oil sands will never again be clean, pristine lands. Water is already poisoned and polluted. Fish are already mutated. People are already sick.
Meantime, what is 'the public'  shown? What are we misled to believe?  
What would politicians have you believe?  
" Everything is 'just fine'. 
 The public is only shown 'tiny' remedial areas that have been 'fixed up' by the industry. Cute little patches of green grass. Cute little scientists in CLEAN WHITE SUITS and plastic hard-hats shown running around 'scientifically' sampling pristine waterways. "Protecting the environment, we are".  Oh, really.... Not A DROP OF OIL IN SIGHT.  

  The oil industry believes Canadians are naive and foolish enough to believe extraction processes boasted about in standard industry  advertising, the  mom and apple pie selected--- are pristine, faultless, and infallible.  
It's hogwash. Oil industry propaganda.    Let's keep that straight. Extraction of oil from tar sands is a dirty business. Pipelines fail. Earthquakes clearly happen.  *See above....
Mistakes are made endlessly and the excuses offered by the industry when mistakes ARE made --are meaningless.  Curiously, they always promise "it won't happen again". 
The fact is, it is not a matter of IF another  oil disaster will strike, but when.  We shall not even START to address the air pollution caused by this industry.

Politicians, for some inexplicable reason,  seem to believe that Canadians should now allow environmental disasters to grow endlessly larger--  only to sell oil to Asian markets--particularly China, after all, it's a 'rising star' of  global 'business'. 
Canadians, meanwhile, will continue to be gouged at the pump, subsidize foreign nationals, paying ever-higher domestic gasoline prices which will pay for the infrastructure necessary to supply oil to world markets like China.
Canadians" are expected to feel 'warm, fuzzy, and secure'   with "government negotiations of  
"opaque, murky net benefits agreements  negotiated for millionaires and billionaires " and agreements lacking transparency,  clearly NOT beneficial to anyone but the rich, powerful petroleum industry. Remember NAFTA?

Here at Incoming Bytes we believe this whole process is an orchestrated  ruse to benefit only the petroleum industry regardless of the eventual cost to Canadians. Why? 

Dumb:  it makes leaders look  incompetent, naive,  and  foolish enough to allow ANY takeover of control of  critical and limited resources that morally and ethically  belong to all Canadians.  Why would any Prime Minister of Canada even consider, much less allow this travesty?  Canada is a sovereign nation.  Why can we not ACT like one?

Dumber:  it will give the "oil industry" a lever,  an EXCUSE to demand the Northern Gateway Pipeline be built across the pristine waterways of British Columbia- a coastline which is earthquake prone --(*see above)   and which will clearly  endanger some of the most beautiful natural environments and shorelines on earth.
  The federal government will ultimately  plead 'compliance' to toothless, one-sided trade agreements and conveniently acquiesce to demands from "Chinese State Oil " based in Canada to export Canadian oil to China, with other questionable implications, economic, cultural and sovereign,  like it or not.

Dumbest:  Big Dirty Corporate Oil -- collectively,  that would be CNOOC included,   will walk away with hundreds of trillions of dollars in  profit. The contaminated hazard lands and an unbelievable environmental disaster--an unmitigated disaster without equal- will be left for  Canadians of the future,  conveniently after oil reserves have been pillaged.
  It must be asked if Canadians have learned anything from NAFTA ?  It seems not.

Politicians perpetrating this travesty  will be "long gone"or retired with fat pensions,-- and will collectively and loudly decline any responsibility for the inestimable, horrific environmental damage that has been done. 


 The Canadian government most recently  temporarily and bravely  "Halted" the sale of a $5.5B  sale of another oil giant, Progress  Energy Resources Corp.  to Malaysian STATE giant PETRONAS   because there was  SUPPOSEDLY NOT ENOUGH "NET BENEFIT" FOR CANADA. 
How politically devious clever.

Who are we kidding? 
 This should be entertaining but rather sad.   Canadians may now watch this  manipulated, improvised  act.  Sit back, remain silent, above all,  and watch as this 'deal'  predictably 'IMPROVES'  with trinkets and few extra paltry jobs that "must be added"  to 'enhance' the "Benefits to Canada". 
  Glass beads and trinkets, flat-screen televisions and all, offered by China or Asia--access to their markets for MORE of our resources --will be 'guaranteed.'   How wonderful.
Increased profit for local domestic oil industry itself will considered 'net benefits to Canada". 
 Secret trade incentives will also undoubtedly be included.  
Bottom line, the   rich and powerful petroleum industry "wise political machine" in Canada  will   predictably  reverse and ultimately approve that deal.  The stage is set.  

 CNOOC fearlessly enters stage left.... Canada has set a precedent.

Canadians will watch horrified---as CNOOC---in fact the COMMUNIST STATE of CHINA  'improves their offer of net benefits'  too, ---- and  because they, too,  now offer  'net benefits and meet the established criteria"  the deal can not be refused. 
 Canadians will be 'forced' to allow the State of China to take control of  critical and strategic resources--as much as 25% of the Athabasca oil sands. 

This is NOT acceptable!

Sovereignty is at issue. 

  What else is new?  American nationals have freely taken control of Canada's resources and profited from them  for generations.  Americans buy gasoline made from crude oil originating in Canada FAR cheaper than Canadians are offered.

 Trash and Trinket  Trade
Does the concept of " trash and trinkets for trade" sound familiar?  How soon we forget.
 Hundreds of years ago,  in our questionable past,  OUR ancestors, Europeans collectively, now North Americans,   the 'rich and powerful', English and French, Spanish, and a whole boatload of other foreign profiteers )   invaded moved into  and exploited North America and 'traded'  cheap, trashy 'trade goods' , killed off the natives,  loaded galleons with stolen gold,  plundered artifacts and cultures at will, and  commandeered   settled the whole continent.

 "Net benefits"  to the First Nations peoples were rotgut whiskey, deceptive meaningless treaties, glass beads, tin pans,  trinkets and inferior quality, cheap trade goods,   genocide,  disease,  decimation of buffalo herds,  native "cruel residential" schools for brainwashing native children --and guaranteed generations of poverty on  reservations many.

Could the equivalent process be repeated in modern history?  

Our loyal readers here at Incoming Bytes are always encouraged to think. There are specific parallels to be drawn.  Have our leaders failed to learn from the lessons of history? 

 Rich foreign nationals will profit and become ever more powerful politically and economically,  positioning themselves to demand changes in Canadian culture, immigration, politics,  and business practices favourable to them. Canadians will  foot the expense--subsidize the infrastructure,  end up with the environmental disaster--and ultimately  pay the price of apathy by ever-increasing loss of sovereignty."

We do not have to wonder why First Nations Peoples are  unhappy with exploitation of the Athabasca tar sands and are resisting the Northern Gateway Pipeline and more forked tongue hollow promises.
Alison Hartford, Premier of Alberta, insists this unbelievable environmental disaster is progress --and has absolutely no intention of sharing royalties or revenue. 
British Columbia's Premier Christy Clark  is hostile,  posturing, holding out for "five points'.....  'no pipeline unless B.C. gets  'better benefits',  with  undertones and blatant threats  of  a national political crisis if the pipeline is approved without 'better benefits' and a greater "share" to British Columbia.  "Which glittering trinkets would you like,  B.C. Christy?"    
  We offer glass beads, tin cups, shoddy imitation goods, mutated fish, oil-soaked rivers, sick people, decimation of wildlife species,  polluted coastline waterways,  a few maritime disasters a la Exxon Valdez...and..oh, and a few paltry jobs, we'll toss those in for your "SHARE"  too."

Clearly,  in this whole process---without exception, jurisdictions,  producers and holdouts alike,  nothing but greed matters; -- it's all about money, rich interests becoming richer without thought of the consequences.

Canadians should be demanding a halt to this process. Period.  Alternative energy exists. Clean alternative energy.   Why are we so foolish?  This disastrous process now being pursued can NEVER  be reversed.

The cold, hard fact is, our leaders are intent on selling off  critical resources and the future health of our country---in perpetuity-- merely to make rich oil corporations richer and feed the EGOS of our politicians.

However they may pretend to  position themselves, our leaders  are intent on freely  giving away control of our resources, -receiving by comparison in reality- nothing in return but temporary political glory and a guaranteed and  huge  environmental mess--an unparallelled environmental  disaster that will exist literally forever. 

Meantime,  politicians will 'reflect', write up their "memoirs and legacies",   pat themselves on the back in their mutual admiration society, shrug their shoulders,  and collectively deny all responsibility. They shall cry crocodile tears,  blaming the guaranteed environmental disaster on 'those Asian foreigners'.     How convenient and predictable.

Is that Incoming I hear? 

Photo credit: www.stocknewshub.com

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flash Fiction: Emeralds


by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Rough emeralds

 *Emeralds, the flash fiction series-- was inspired by  Red's M3 Fiction Challenge.

*Emeralds*  is a small collection of flash fiction stories that individually use pre-specified words and are each limited to specific maximum word counts. 
The individual flash sections are  titled with the required word and word count,  and are  linked together by a common thread.


"Pepper that Johnnie Reb with buckshot next time he comes around"   the woman suggested, smoothing her apron and rattling a muffin-tin into the gas oven.  " He's gone too far this time, don't you think ?"
"Why no, momma, we can't be shooting that old man just 'cause he's hanging around, wishin' to speak to 'ya".  The pimply teenager said.  "I don't think he means harm, momma". 
"He does too, he's your daddy"  she said.


Joe  heard the door squeak behind him and it made him jump ." That door always squeaks in the wind" he thought to himself and turned to close it. The big bearded man whacked him between the eyes with a stick before he could blink .  He saw stars and fell  backwards into a chair.
"Don't be tellin' me I can't see the woman" he heard.  " I'm  'yer  rebel-assed daddy, boy! "

Ripple  75

"I hope I didn't ripple that noggin permanent with this stick"  the man said, dumping cold water on Joe's face.   "Blood, not enough to get worryin' about" he added. 
Joe sat up and studied the man. He was 6' 5 and close to 350 lbs by his reckoning. 
"Your momma, she don't want me around"  he said. "I get into her moonshine."
"Get your hands up, Rufus Johns!" Momma said. The shotgun clicked. Rufus surrendered.

Drug   75

"Still on that  laudanum drug, Rufus?" Momma asked the big man with a smile on her face.
"I got you dead rights,  Rufus, I could ventilate that thick skull of yours with this here 12 gauge, and the judge would laugh about it."  she said, motioning him to sit.
"Ain't no judge going to sanction murder"  Rufus stated boldly.
 "My daddy, he'll sanctify whatever I say, the old goat" she winked.
"You're toast,  Rufus Johns!"

Wake 125

Rufus Johns stared into the barrel of the 12-guage shotgun with his one good eye. "I'm not afraid of dying, Sally, you get on pullin' the trigger if 'ya like", he said to the smiling woman.  He plugged his stubby fingers into both barrels.
The woman pulled the shotgun back. " I don't want to be wasting my time going to your wake" she said.  "Besides, I'd have to buy you a new black suit" she added,  standing the shotgun in the corner by the door.  "Y'aint gonna beat on the boy again, are 'ya?"
"Not me, woman,  I came to get your boy, there's work at the mine."
" He ain't my boy."  She winked at Rufus.

Corner   125

The gangly boy picked up the shotgun from the corner  and sat with it across his knee. "Damn, Momma," he said, "you always said tell  the truth , am I your boy or not? I could just pepper  Rufus Johns  here, my head hurts, so  you tell me the truth now."
"Ain't that easy boy," she hesitated.... "see, I'm an old friend of Louella's."
"Boy,  you just get 'yer duff-bag packed, you're goin' with me regardless", Rufus Johns  bellowed loudly. "There's work to be done at the mine and you're comin' with me". 
"No I'm not, Rufus Johns, I'm gonna be a farmer, not a rock-pickin' miner, dirty-faced gold-diggin' fool"
"We'll see, boy, what your momma says about that"  Rufus Johns coughed.

Book   125

"What's 'yer everyday callin' name, boy?"  Rufus Johns asked the  kid sitting on the truck seat beside him, his duffle on his knee. 
"I got no idea, Rufus Johns, I don't even know who my momma was, or if you're my old man,  I don' t know anything 'cept what I read in the good book.  I go by Joe,  that's what momma- Aunt Sally called  me --Joe, I got no idea if it's right or not."  The boy hesitated.
"My official name is really  Georgie Joe  Johns?"   
"That's what Louella  says, boy"  Rufus Johns said, " it's writ in her good book and I ain't about to argue with her, she's got a .44  and she knows how to use it."

Fire   125

"Hold 'yer fire, Louella!" Rufus Johns yelled at the woman pointing the  Colt .44 .   "Ya don't want to be killin' anyone, it's me an' the  boy!"
 Joe stood  behind  the truck, watching.  The dusty hat was pulled over the woman's eyes and she stood sideways like a crack shot.
"She'll shoot again, Rufus Johns,  told you we shouldn't come here, she don't want me here at the mine, " the boy said. "Is she a lunatic?"
"That's a matter of opinion" Rufus Johns said, watching the woman.
"Is that you, Georgie-Joe Johns,  is that you, boy, behind the truck, you  with Rufus there?" the woman yelled. 
"I'm writ  in 'yer good book!"  the boy shouted back.
"Don't shoot, we're comin' in! "

Ring   100

She showed the boy her ring.  "See?  I  was married to  Rufus Johns twenty years ."    "He said it was glass, but it's emerald from this mine here- this ain't  a gold mine like everybody figures." 
The boy squinted at the  moss inside the stone. "Moss" she said. 
  "In the looney-house,  I was"  she said. "Locked up like that moss."
"You got took in, Georgie-Joe, 'my friend Sally took 'ya in,  while I got well."
She spun the shiny  Colt  .44  on her finger.  "I shoot better'n Annie Oakley." 

Fish   100

"Louella, she'll  teach you how to fish and tell lies , and I'll teach 'ya how to mine emeralds and  pretend 'yer workin' a gold mine"  Rufus Johns said.  "Meantime we better get moving', Louella ain't gonna be peaceful when we come back, no supper"  Rufus said, squinting into the setting sun. "We better get home.". 
"Well look , this tire is flatter'n a cowflap!" Rufus kicked the truck.  "Git the jack, and hand me that wrench". The boy fired instead.
The prairie hen flapped and dropped at his feet.
"Do tell" Rufus said, smiling. "You shoot good!"

Mark    100

"See the mark  on the tree, boy?" Rufus  asked Joe. He pointed to a tree high on a hill. "It's the size of a man's head,  it's a knot, and if you hit it, boy, the emerald mine is yours".  He yanked the Winchester out of the gun boot. "Not easy like a shotgun, shoots left a bit" he said.   He tossed Joe the rifle.
Joe aimed and fired.
They walked up the hill. Rufus wheezed and dug the bullet out of the center of the knot.  He coughed blood.
"I'm dyin' boy.  I got consumption. The mine's yours".

Flash  100

"Rufus Johns coughed blood and died, "  Joe said, "we gotta bury him."
"Gave you the mine?" Louella  pointed the .44 at him.
"Damn him,  you ain't goin' nowhere."
"I ain't 'yer momma, idiot boy!" she raised the .44 to fire.
"I'm writ in 'yer good book, you said!"  Joe shouted.  He saw a flash of steel.
A shot rang out.
"See?  I told you we couldn't trust Louella, boy."  Rufus Johns said.
"Had to test her, boy. You'll get home to your real momma. Come back when you're full sized".
Joe buried Rufus Johns the next day too.

Type       100

Joe smoothed the dirt over the graves and piled rocks.  He broke a wide board in half and carved "Loonie Louella" shot dead 1891"   on one half  and  "My Father Rufus Johns  1891 " on the other half. He cut two sticks and nailed the cross-boards up.
"Goodbye, Rufus Johns"  Joe said, looking over the graves. "I ain't the type to be cryin' my head off over lunatics" .  
"I ain't a miner either" he said, jamming the truck into gear. He patted the bible on the seat beside him.  "But  I'm writ in the good book"  he said, smiling.

Trace         50

Joe saw green stones sparkling.
 "Green glass" his voice echoed.
 "I ain't a miner ".   He set a long  fuse in a bundle of dynamite.
 The fuse  spurted flame as it got shorter.
The flying rock closed the mine without a trace.  
"I'm back, Momma!  Joe smiled.


At Incoming Bytes, we love to experiment with writing. This post is an experiment in continuity and the potential relationships possible between flash stories. Can flash fiction be related?  When and where does a collection of flash fiction stories become a single short story?
We encourage our readers to consider that decision.
 We we also hope you enjoyed  it!

Is that Incoming I hear?

photo:  courtesy of  www.chemistryland.com

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Winding Down

September Sunfire

Another cool autumn  morning. Sunrise was non-existent and dull and dark.  Not like the beautiful Sunfire I collected only a few weeks ago -back in late September. The sun was at it's finest, the sky still asleep.  Why not wake up to natural beauty?  At times it pays to be an early bird. I  habitually waken with the sun year round, sometimes it seems it might be a bad habit, a now unnecessary relic left over from agricultural days, but it also offers amazing, surprising moments. In our area, rising with the sun means 5:30 or earlier in the summer, but closer to 9:00am in the middle of the winter. 

I'm guessing the lovely Indian summer here  is winding down fast. Being stuck in the middle of October may have something to do with it.  Here in NW Ontario we've already had our initial hissy-fit of  sleet, snow flurries, killing frost, cold rain and bluster.  The once brilliantly-colored leaves are fallen or turned dull as day-old pancakes by the rain and damp.  
Now it's time to wait for the first heavy snow and biting cold. What else to do but wait?  Too funny. We can certainly distract ourselves with work.  There are ever more tasks to complete before the snow hides them all.  
Pick up miscellaneous bits and pieces of trash. Collect dog toys from all over the yard. The snowblower doesn't like pull-toys, it chews them up and spits'em out with a vengeance.  Drain and roll up the garden and irrigation hoses. Winterize and park the rototillers and mowers.  Drain, service and store the irrigation pump. Collect and haul hay mulch. Haul in the last of the late cabbage.   Dispose of garden waste-giant tomato plants, sunflower stalks, potato plants, Canadian thistles  et al -organic detritus all-- gets buried in the  'heap' or will help in building the hugelkultur --an ongoing engineered gardening heap.  Mulch the garden beds. Plant the garlic. Locate the snow shovels. Move out an old vehicle. Clean the garage, install the big snowblower on the tractor and carefully set down the bonsai to winter-proof them...and so it goes.  Rake the leaves eh? Ok.
 I've already got the snow tires on, and the potatoes are dug and stored. Garlic is planted. Dozens of pumpkins and spaghetti squash are all prized possessions of new owners or tucked away somewhere.
Imagine that. I'm almost caught up, this October morning....a first. 
Why?  Unlike, in times past, there is no longer firewood to prepare.  Ground source geothermal heating does that. Fell, haul,  cut, split, pile and stack...no more.  I miss it. Get used to it, Jack. Lifelong habits die hard.  How lucky. Keeps the blessings in focus, doesn't it?
Coffee time.  That oughta' do it.  For now. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll sleep in. Maybe not.

Is that Incoming I hear?

Photo credit:  r.a.kukkee

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Here at Incoming Bytes we like to keep up with all of the important social events of the year that come along, and  a good one just showed up!
Uncle Mac, over at the shed, is holding a shed contest!  Come one, come all!  Enter your best garden shed photo and you may win a prize!!

Here's the link to check out the deal!


By the way, I already entered my own photo, so yours has to be GOOD!  As you can see, mine has snow, bonsai and other stuff in it.  Look like a winner to me!   

Now if only I could get Farm Girl to approve it!

P.S.   Uncle Mac's looking for some new farm hands too! 

Is that Incoming I hear? 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

After Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Leaves

It was Thanksgiving Day. The empty red and yellow hummingbird feeders hanging in the window were swinging back and forth  in an erratic breeze on that cool October morning as usual. They're just outside the window -in my peripheral vision as I sit writing,  and the motion is distracting .  Not unpleasantly so;   I'm guessing the feeders are merely reminding me to take them down. Their tiny ruby-throated guest diners have headed south a couple of weeks ago and it's time to close the stations for the season.  There's sleet on the ground.
A few odd bees checked out the sweet yellow plastic flowers for a few days after they left, so I left the feeders for awhile. Just in case. It never hurts to be kind.  A few late hummers  may have even come our way, migrating from north of us,-- perhaps they even stopped  at our way station. Meantime, the feeders fed the bees, why not?  "Feed the bees, please"--another species in danger in our polluted world.   Now there's a fine reason to procrastinate  taking down feeders, if ever I heard one.

 Yellowed poplar leaves are fluttering, out there, too, some falling, some stubbornly  hanging on for dear life, waiting their turn. do they line up at the ready?  Are they thankful to be heading for earth, the cool, moist ground,  eager to be covered with a comforting blanket of snow? The trees, for the greater part, are already bare.

White Lilac, Oct. 8, 2012

Some bushes look like they'll never drop their leaves.
Check out this white lilac. Although we've had a dozen serious killing frosts, the leaves on this bush remain untouched. How is that possible?
Hm....Now if this tree could just grow peaches or citrus.

 I think it's amazing how some bushes and trees still  remain green while  leaves of other trees have long since fallen and  have even  been raked up, waiting for  energetic  boys to visit and jump in them.  Toss'em in the air, play, have fun, burn up endless childhood energy. Why not?  It was Thanksgiving Day, time to play, and no matter how they get spread, we'll just rake them up again, -- and again the next day too. Repeat as required comes to mind. The wind redistributes a few anyway, just for good measure.
They'll end up in the garden as rich mulch, one way or the other.  I might even pile a few on the famous heap, too. |The vines and plants have all been handily buried in the heap too, by the way. The perpetual heap, too, is already digesting the newly stored food for next year. 

Sugar-maple leaves--Faded from Red, but Ready to Play

 T.T.T.  and E.T.S., that would be Tilly the Tall  and Ebony the short, the resident pups --run around in the leaves like happy children too,  why not?  Autumn is a time of  cool fresh air, the stifling heat is gone;  the coolness of fall is  is exhilaration  itself,  storing  anticipation of winter. 
Spotted an elegant buck,  some Ruffed Grouse and a flock of geese heading south too.  It's the season, no doubt about it. The truck was white with hard frost this morning.  Why fight it?  Let's celebrate it instead.  Makes sense to me.

In retrospect, our gardens produced prolific amounts of food this year. We could not ask for more.  That's what Thanksgiving Day was about, isn't it?  A celebration of a successful harvest,  a celebration of plenty--and we did have plenty. Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful.
There were pumpkin pies with whipped cream, cranberries, new potatoes and vegetables of all kinds  at the ready, and I cannot forget that memorable turkey roasted to perfection. We are so blessed.

Post-Thanksgiving turkey leftovers supreme shall not lead me astray, I propose..... Except for turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, turkey soup, fried rice and turkey,  and turkey tacos--which ARE the best.  I shall not be lead astray by other gastronomic inventions which might put inordinate pressure on the supply of leftover turkey bits.

Uh, huh.  Tell us another one.  I can hear it now..... "Once upon a time a hungry man looked into the refrigerator." Got any new ideas for turkey leftovers?  Shhhhh....

Is that Incoming I hear?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the Eye of the Beholder

In the Eye of the Beholder  (c) r a kukkee 2012

Yes, this is one of my latest photos,   I immediately named it "In the Eye of the Beholder" and isn't this the coolest?  Here at Incoming Bytes we do tend to fiddle around with everything, gardening, heaps,  apple trees and photos of everything. This is not a tomato, a potato or an apple, it is the world itself in the Eye of the Beholder...

Is that Incoming I hear?