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Friday, September 23, 2011

How to Know if Silence Is a Good Thing

Are YOU  surrounded by silence?  How do you know if it is a good thing? Is it a good silence,  the solitary imagined kind,  or another variety?  
Is  silence not often thought to be awkward when  circumstances  result in extended periods of nothing ?    It is not-at-all  surprising that when difficult issues arise, an enigmatic silence ensues which only allows problems to fester. At Incoming Bytes, reflecting on the discomfort  generated by  inappropriate, protracted or untimely silence, --an innocuous  temptation to offer a solution is strong.

Perhaps in the future, if one is offended strongly  by actions, bad manners, rants, statements or comments made by individuals in any form, an official protocol could prove handy.   It may be a  helpful and reasonable public  policy to bravely email them directly and identify the offensive material, changing their minds by gentle persuasion, offering weird jokes,  or simply inferring they are not as bright as they could be.  To sign off with one's real name is optional.   After all, what else is the Internet for?
It does seem inherently logical that  it could be  helpful to address individuals directly instead of allowing what are, in fact, negative, poor,  people-handling skills, to take over,  --for instance, screaming loudly down the street whilst throwing eggs at them.   Such spontaneous activities may occur  long before anyone even realizes they are not yet fully clothed in the morning,  thereby offering  a serious and even  unbecoming  spectacle to the casual observer out in the street.

This is unacceptable and offensive in itself.  People in this world  are generally good people;   they may all rant, scream, and express anger, but they are human beings without exception,  and should be encouraged to retain dignity of their persons  whilst watching serious, naked  communicators  tossing eggs at passers-by.
 May I suggest the following process ?  
 Should someone comment negatively or do something inadvertently that  I find  offensive,  I shall immediately email them  personally and express my concerns, using fewer than three foul invectives and fewer than eight pages of text. 

If the  reply I receive several days later includes little but  denial,  an arcuate avoidance of responsibility, includes any more than three foul invectives, or  does not otherwise resolve the issue, a follow-up email shall be  more than justified.   The reader will recall that time is of the essence.

With today’s helpful technology, it becomes a  point of personal pride to have all emails  between dedicated  individuals answered quickly and specifically, rather than operating  within a vague, quasi-organized schedule, particularly while  using a cumbersome, annoying, very snail-like postal service or the unprofessional 'new spelling' of texting.

The occasional exception may be allowed if one’s satellite service is failed due to NASA space-junk impact, visits from loving  mothers-in-law interfere with good governance, or inclement weather is experienced in the duration.

   To contact someone directly by email is inherently more  fair and honest, and will help avoid the perception of an arbitrary application of silence, and thus remain within the  bounds of the fine  art of  communication .
Ask yourself the question once again,   do you prefer silence, or are you just choosing silence by default, -perhaps without intent ? How many fits of silence are the result of the inability to think caused by misplaced  anger and a failed diet, particularly the lack of eggs?

To clear the air is a good thing in the spirit of peace, friendship and cooperation. In the old days, silence was golden, and it can still be a good thing if you  wish to observe it religiously  as such.

In spite of these recent revelations and advances in technology, then, I am proud to add each of you, singularly and collectively, to my email address book.
How to really know if silence is a good thing?   Try not opening your email, and see. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. LOL. Yeah, I spent a decade in silence with my brother for some stupid stuff. He still has not become more communicative - but what he does say counts.

  2. How adeptly you answered the question, "Is silence really golden?" :-)

  3. While I can see the good in expressing one's feelings, I am not now nor ever was a confrontational sort of person, so silence has been, as you so put it, silence by default. I very much doubt I will change this method of mine. It keeps my peaceful aura in tact, you see and I find that far more important than giving someone a piece of my mind...however, I must thank you for the reminder. I need to buy some eggs! ;-)


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