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Saturday, May 5, 2012

An ordinary Saturday

Lonesome Daffodils

It's just an ordinary Saturday.
You know the kind,  'open the eyes when  clock-timer-dog  says  wake up,  yawn, prop the eye lids open, look out the window'. That kind.

 There are no deer at the foot of the garden this morning.  It's actually spring, but it's still cool and a bit gray.  The cold air smells fresh.  The lawn is greening a bit and there are a couple of lonesome  white and yellow daffodils out.

Fall-planted garlic

 I inspect the garden out of habit, looking for deer tracks.  There are none.
 Out in the garden, the fall-planted garlic is 10" high already.  It was peeping through the last snowfall.

  Amazing. Promising.

I must take Tilly the Tall  and Ebony the Short  (TTT and ETS) down the trails for their morning dog-a-thon.  It's cool outside, even huddled inside a jacket.  Too early and wet to garden, the  chilly wet  morning avoidance contingency plan kicks in.

 It's a good one. I know, it's just a typical escapist N.W. Ontario morning plan Procrastinate. Stay in and drink coffee.  Read.  Maybe some toast and jam, the  homemade strawberry kind. 
The pups are already flat-back schmoozing, that took about a minute after the towel-down. They're  worn out after morning dilly-dallying  and incessant play.
The clock ticks softly. The coffee smells good.  The plan is shaping up fine.
 I settle in and read.  I enjoy reading, it's one of my hobbies. I collect 'bits and bobs' ( Brit. slang )--information, that would be,  but my loyal readers know it's construction material for Incoming Bytes.
  It's amazing how much  information, knowledge, and variety is out there. Web sites. Word mills. Blogs, thousands of them.  Musings. Short stories, articles, opinions big and small, the soothing rhythm and charm of souls poetic . 
Some articles  I envy, the kind I wish I could write sometimes;  serious efforts at repairing humankind. Let's make that mankind;   I have to be honest, I don't appreciate the hypocrisy of  PC jargon. Politicized crap and garble, mindless, misused protocol. How to sensationalize boredom--but I digress.
 I read technical articles, fiction, and pretty much everything  that catches the eye.  News. Columnists. How to writeTrain the muse to dance with two left feet and  write faster. How to write when the stubborn muse is on strike and refuses to cooperate. How to do woodwork, build shelves, stairs or lay ceramic. How to pan for gold.  All about bonsai, you know, the little trees in  pots. That's one of my hobbies.  I could learn to tan a hide, grow stuff, facet diamonds, rebuild a diesel engine, crochet, or construct a chicken-wire fence. 
I cannot hope to ever read all of the classics, old literature or complicated technical content I would like to. I tend to soak it up, and digest it, but it becomes relegated to it's status,  it's pecking order in life;  perhaps waylaid,  it's relevance lost in the brain temporarily.  Recall comes to mind. Restore when needed. File nine.
Creativity, art, substance, questions,  the human condition exacerbates the human  reality at times;  persistent content sticks in the mind, if reluctantly.  Is there a better day for remembering stuff?
The blogosphere doesn't discriminate. Saturday or Wednesday, Tuesdays or Friday. No matter. Monday, Thursday, or Sunday,  they're all out of order anyway. 
Which day is better to read, observe, and listen?  Can the brain ever be filled to capacity? I cannot imagine how.  The mind stalling at capacity could ruin this very ordinary Saturday.

 I wonder why I cannot read faster, too. It would be handy. I already 'speed read', but not nearly fast enough. Skimming pages, sites, blogs.  Look up words unknown, get the context right, the online dictionary comes in handy for that.
 The unexpected. Surprises.  Interruptions.  I know;  at times we must suffer wonderful cinnamon buns instead of cookies, but that's life,  that's what's in the oven.  The construction of life itself.  Baking.  Saturday morning stuff. 

 Now to do something different.   Review the A to Z Challenge. Twenty-six posts.
 We did it. I actually survived and completed it.  I met some wonderful writers in the process, great bloggers,  read a lot of excellent writing,  and learned an awful lot.  I received great and kind comments here at Incoming Bytes. I do thank everyone for their kindness, consideration, and dedication.  Back to the xylography of ordinary life if such a beast exists.
  Shall I play with the pups some more?
Nope, they're still sleeping. Running around all day can be tiring, I better let them save some energy
Like me, they'll need it.  Why not teach old dogs new tricks?
Anything is possible--later.
 Meantime the coffee and cinnamon buns call clearly on this very ordinary Saturday, and a little snooze might work too.  Oh..almost 2:00 pm......time must be broken.....


Is that incoming I hear?


  1. "Broken time" filled with napping dogs, cinnamon buns and all the good stuff that life is made of. Nice post Raymond. A dark dank day here too. Another "ordinary Saturday"...but it's all good.:)

    1. Hi Olivia! Thanks! Saturday and 'Broken Time' filled with everything interesting is actually my very favourite time. Schmoozing without schedule, doing as I wish, enjoying the weather whatever it is --is so important to my creative side. Wonderful to see you here too! ":) ~R

  2. This is one of those really neat posts that makes me slow down, catch a breath, stretch my neck and wish I had some cinnamon buns baking in my oven right about now:) No matter. We had homemade pancakes this morning:) Happy Saturday to you, Raymond. Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Thank you, M.J., I hope it does help you slow down, catch your breath and make some cinnamon buns. Homemade pancakes are delicious too! A Happy Saturday to you too, my friend, and enjoy your day! ":) ~R

  3. That sounds like my kind of Saturday Raymond... I hope that Coffee was good... Hope you have an even Better Sunday.. just dropping in to say Hi.. and how much I too enjoyed reading your A to Z challenge.. and if you come across one of those Speed Reader for Sale... ;-) Just let me know, I could do with one of those,, TIME as we know it is sure getting a move on :-)..
    And thank you Raymond for those confidence boosting comments on Dreamwalkers WP... Love and Gratitude.. ~Sue

    1. Hi, Sue, the coffee was excellent, and Sunday is lining up just fine. Thank you for dropping in, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed reading the Challenge. I can NEVER read fast enough. ":) Time is short, and growing shorter, I believe. Send speed readers my way too. ";) I enjoy reading your comments and thank you for your dedication--and your support! Blessings to you too~ R

  4. Did somebody say cinnamon buns? This is the first Saturday I can finally catch up a bit without a rush. I have one puppy and he wears me out.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. For you, CYW, cinnamon buns it is! I feel the same way, trying to catch up! One thing after the other, no end in sight-but we manage! I do thank you for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend too! ~R

  5. Replies
    1. hi "Come At Me Bro", welcome to Incoming Bytes! I do hope you come back and visit again! Thank you for the very kind comments! ":) R

  6. A lovely description of an ordinary Saturday with pups, cinnamon buns, and reading on an early spring day, still colder than it is here.

    1. Querulous, that's one of the worst things about this area, it takes forever to actually warm up here and stay warm. Some years we have a long, dragging spring. This kind of 'Saturday' is actually quite common ":) Thank you so much for commenting! ~R

  7. I'Ve been reluCtant to go out in tHe garden on Cool days, too. At least you HaVe puppies to proCrastinate witH.

    1. hi Glory! Reluctant isn't the word. It has been cold and blustery, the wind makes it even colder--and it really isn't a joy to do anything when it's raining and soggy and miserable out. I tuck in and do other stuff instead--mostly writing and reading. The pups are a great distraction at times! ":) Thanks for visiting, my friend. ~R

  8. My weekend wasn't quite as relaxing as yours. My daughters had a booth at a craft show so I went along to help. My smells weren't the cinnamon bun smells, but rather the 'fair food' smells. Really quite enticing though and a wonderful 2 days spent with my daughters. Next weekend I can relax with cinnamon buns. Then the smell of a wonderful bonfire with my family. Really enjoyed reading about your day and your dogs.

  9. Karen, thanks! 'Fair food smells' get me every time. Inevitably, they make me hungry! I really like the smell of a bonfire, coffee gurgling on the fire and sizzling bacon camping too. I think 'smells' are our most powerful sense; they are capable of transporting the mind instantaneously.
    I'm glad you enjoyed this, and thanks for visiting, please do come again! Have a wonderful day! ~R

  10. Congrats on finishing the challenge! Sorry I don't comment more, finicky connection.

    1. Thanks, Alexandra, congrats to you too! I didn't comment all that much either, due to time restrictions. That's what happens. We're supposed to be having fun anyway! ~R

  11. Sounds like you had a well-deserved rest after the A-Z challenge!

  12. hi Katley, yes, I did, thank you very much! I hope you did also! Have a great evening! ":) ~R


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