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Friday, June 15, 2012


We walk twice a day;  it is one of the things we do, regardless of the weather.
Today there is a storm moving in, the air is dark and restless, trees waving, stopping, waving halfheartedly.   A disturbed  state of agitated greenery surrounds this place. Grass is on the move; waves  race across a field like seawater driven in turmoil.
 Here in N.W. Ontario it has been weird; the weather, the feel is one of discomfort somehow. It feels different,  perhaps only because last year was much drier, almost  to the point of being dangerous.  You don't live in the same place for 33 years and not notice change.  Something is afoot.
   The leaves of poplar trees flip back and forth, trembling in an acrobatic, aerodynamically- choreographed trick of nature designed to assist in cooling and transpiration --or some other tricky  biological secret we have not been fully instructed in.  In nature there are many things we do not understand. We listen and observe. The leaves chatter

We walk.   The pups sniff ahead.  A long, quiet path among balsam fir, poplar, spruce, and white paper birch trees, Trillium, sticky-weed and three colours of violets.
 The needles on the balsam fir trees are uncharacteristically  orange-brown, the path in places is littered thickly with a curious needle drop previously unknown.  Clumps of white paper birch trees, now lifeless, huddling ghosts,  die from the top down. White spruce trees are off-colour, slowly browning,  dropping needles.

White Spruce, April 30th 2012:   Needles dropped.

A few stressed, soft green conifer needles  have become visible on some trees--but only at the  tips of  otherwise brown, naked,  surreal branches. Something is  afoot

The same white Spruce June 15, 2012  Note weird needle growth
On this day the boy, a mere child explores the trail with us He discovers a piece of shed birch bark, maroon mosses growing from  damp leaves and soil that adhere to the underside of the bark. He  turns it over, pinches and feels the soil.  He looks up at us.
 "The earth  is sick"  he says. 
 I have to turn away. I am speechless. How does he know?
The boy is not yet five years old.  What am I to think?  
What kind of world have we left him? Tears come to my eyes.  There are no words possible. We walk. 

Is that incoming I hear?


  1. amazing how that little boy knew. And sad that we are leaving a sick earth to our children and grandchildren. It will get worse, unfortunately, if the corporate powers that be continue to rape the planet.

    1. Exactly, Katley, I was astounded. How could he possibly know that, other than by universal knowledge and instinct? Four-year-olds simply do not think on those terms...or..as we are finding out, do they?
      Do we give children enough credit, or do we condescendingly dumb them down? What knowledge are children born with?
      Clearly things will get worse on the planet if corporate and political PTB's continue as they are. Thank you so much for commenting. ":) ~R

  2. Your story while beautifully written as always RK, just landed in my gut like a 10 pound rock. We know chemtrails are killing us all, but to hold proof in ones hand and to visually see the death all around is overwhelming. It could be the CME's or solar flares as well. I always thought how terrifying the holocaust must have been, but I think being forced to witness the slow demise of our world and eventually ourselves is worse!! Talk about helpless feeling. Everything is sick and dying! I am sure The Boy must have been a crystal child or Indigo. They are brilliant beyond understanding and he knew. People keep talking about the sick things kids are into today. How could they car surf, or train jump, or do all the new and highly dangerous drugs out there now. Huffing and squeezing a friends throat until they loose consciousness. Yes these are crazy, but you never hear the same people talking about the cause that drives them to do these things! I guess they are too afraid to look. The world is insane and filled with evil and darkness and to those young beings not yet spiritually awakened all seems hopeless so who cares if they die while doing these things. I truly hope something gives soon. We either make our shift or realize it was all a hoax by the dark ones, whatever...Lets just get on with it and do something to stop the madness. Good post RK although sad..... VK

    1. Vk, I am so sorry this made you sad. Yes, our witnessing the demise of the earth-because of whatever-- is painful, and we must make more people aware that a quantum leap, a major change in direction MUST be made if humanity is to survive life as we know it.
      "As we know it" may be the key phrase. As we know it right now is unacceptable by any terms. Desperation is unacceptable. Death of our planet is unacceptable. The treatment of this earth is insane, and it is driving people insane too, making everything sick. If a mere child can see it, why can we not? |There is the concept that if one can see, millions of others can also--and eventually do something about it. Thank you so much for commenting, Vk. Regardless, have a wonderful day...~R

  3. I love to go for walks and take my camera. It's a great way to connect with nature and explore the simplicity of our environment. Well done Raymond.

  4. Hi Christyb, out walking in nature is my favourite hobby above all. There is much to be learned in taking photos and observation of nature--and many messages. Nice to see you, Christyb.."Christyb is out walking in nature, taking pictures of wonderful things.." ":) ~R

  5. Children do know, Ray. They always have known. For so long they have been seen and not heard. Now that we are listening to them, they are not just saying the darnedest things. They are saying the damnedest things. Children know far more than adults give them credit for knowing or understanding. We are part of the Earth and she is part of us. Children have not earned the jaded scales over their eyes which makes adults forget it.

    1. Hi Red...I am of EXACTLY the same opinion. Children are born with prior knowledge- and we proceed to drum it out of them and make them be 'children'. We dumb them down; we "teach" them; in fact, perhaps more often than we would ever care to admit, they should be teaching US. With open minds we can learn much from very, very young children, if only we were smart enough to LISTEN.
      The boy is right...and thoughtfully so, that's what got me--he studied the soil, feeling it, hesitated, then told us. Clearly there is far more to this concept than we realize. Thank you for commenting, Red ---GREAT comment, and bang on. ":) ~R

  6. Greetings!

    I'm trying to visit all the participants of the 2012 A to Z Challenge and I have arrived at your lovely blog. Good luck with the rest of the year!

    Donna L Martin

    1. Welcome to Incoming Bytes, Donna! Thank you for the great compliment, and I DO hope you find discussions and content here on Incoming Bytes that will keep you coming back! The A to Z was interesting wasn't it? I am looking forward to reading your blog as well! Thank you for visiting and commenting, and do come again! ':) ~R

  7. Might be time we thinned our own herd

    1. Mac, sooner or later population control will become to be a big issue--the human population is out of control in some areas and is not sustainable, not enough rutabagas OR onions. Thinning the herd is most likely to happen, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if it's already in progress in the ME--there are far too many people for the land base. Go figure huh? Does that make people crazy? Thanks for this particular comment--I think it's a valid point and question that will have to be answered at some point.... ~R

  8. Yes the 'boy' is correct, the Earth is sick.. and we have made her sick in many ways... The weather here is not the norm... high winds cool and relentless rain... We all I think who connect with Nature on a regualar basis 'Feel' something isnt right and the Time is speeding up when I think we will need to listen to such children, who are now being born with much knowledge and intuition.. For they are the ones who will have to pick up our broken pieces of the mess we made.....

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for visiting! I found this comment late, but that doesn't change the amazing observation involved. Things are changing, it does seem time is being compressed. Perhaps these children are the only ones that know what is happening. Only time will tell--and yes, their generation WILL have no choice but to carry on, regardless. NOT fair to them, is it. Thank you for commenting! ":) ~R


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