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Friday, August 15, 2014

Interview: Author Extraordinaire-- Ani Alexander

©2014 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee  

Ani Alexander recording a podcast
Ani Alexander  recording a Podcast     ©2014 Ani Alexander

At  IncomingBytes.com  we recently  had the extraordinary good luck to be able to talk to not only a fascinating writer,  a personable, attractive young woman, and a brilliant  individual,  but  a published author too--all in the same interview! 

Yes, all one and the same --Ani Alexander.

Ani Alexander is a writer,  published author, a highly active blogger,  and most recently, a podcaster at Write 2B Read.  
 She is also an online entrepreneur.  And speaks five languages.
And is being published by a major publisher--soon.

How much more fascinating could this writer be? 

For the full interview, go  here.

Biography: Ani Alexander

Write 2B Read  
Ani had a corporate career for over 10 years before she realized  it was time to follow her passion. She quit and went home to write her 1st novel. Now she is a published author and the founder and host of the podcast  Write 2B Read - the podcast that inspires and encourages writers. Physically she lives in Armenia, but virtually she is everywhere.   :)

Of course, loyal readers, the link for the interview with Ani  is -----back home at IncomingBytes.com

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