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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Released! The Fires of Waterland

©2014 by  R.A. Kukkee
all rights reserved

Note:   This release was Previously Posted 08/08/2014  on IncomingBytes.com

Cover Art for The Fires of Waterland
©2014  Rocking Horse Publishing 

The Fires of Waterland  

has been released by

Rocking Horse Publishing  !

Its been a bit of a wait because as we all know,   good things take time,  but The Fires of Waterland has now been released by Rocking Horse Publishing!   

 AVAILABLE AT ROCKING HORSE PUBLISHING*in print and eBook  online, Amazon, --and at fine bookstores everywhere!  

Wow... was it worth the wait?  You can believe it!

..........How about that, people?   You can get it NOW!   ":)    

psst...While you're at it, check out Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  too --the Christmas classic for all ages. Yes, Christmas is coming.  Where is the Great Silver Bell? 

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

Is that Incoming I hear?

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