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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Bloc: Blackmailing Canada

 Caution:  This post almost contains references to POLITICS 

Now I’ve heard it all.   I do  prefer to use my time  discussing the future of society,  brilliant advances in civilization,   amazing discoveries in science, energy and  technology, explore the unknown, and extrapolate and interpret happenings that may affect the future of world citizens everywhere.  I even hand out kudos to humanity when it shines.
 Today is an exception. Political parties  posturing and  threatening to call an unnecessary Federal election raises the ire and the blood pressure. It always has, and always will. 
Today is  also worse than usual;   I  have to admit that every year since I have been observing politics,  the actions of some  sleazy politicians in Canada  have shown lack common  of sense,  tested Federal-provincial relations, and  blackened the eye of democracy, but some border on criminality . 
Canadians are being blackmailed by the Bloc Québécois, yet again.  
Our leader of the Bloc Québécois, Mr. Gilles Duceppe, Ottawa’s  favourite  political thorn-in-the-side  has now demanded 5 Billion dollars from the Federal government to appease  Quebec,-- once again. 
The huge amount of money is   his “ price tag”  for supporting the minority Conservative government’s upcoming Federal budget.  Duceppe  wants $16Billion,   but he’ll “settle for” $5 Billion and laugh all the way to the bank.   
Will Stephen Harper, our minority Prime Minister  turn both  Gilles’ latest demand and his illusions of grandeur  down, which he  must do if our elected Conservative government has any  spine at all?   He must consider that  Bloc support will  be removed for  his  upcoming federal budget.  A federal election would undoubtedly result.
 Michael Ignatieff’s  Liberals have already made it quite clear they are not going to support the budget, leaving the key to the budget  in the hand of Jack Layton’s NDP if Bloc support is removed. Jack’s agenda floats a different direction,   a direction better debated when the politics of convenience is discussed.   
To the politically-correct mild-mannered Liberal  politicians sitting in luxury in Ottawa, Duceppe’s latest  threat may seem to be “it’s just our weirdo  colleague and  friend Gilles foaming at the mouth” yet again.     To the NDP and independents,  it may be “Gilles  whining about inequalities again and  the raw deal he imagines Quebec has been suffering from, yet again.
   Yet again is the key and common thread......  Enough is enough. 
To the Conservative Party of Canada, this threat has so far only been  labeled as  “hypocritical” by the government's Quebec lieutenant, Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis .
---Sorry, Christian, accepting this outrageous demand as merely  being “hypocritical” is not good enough. 
To ordinary Canadians, it looks like blackmail. It smells like blackmail.  Let us call it what it seems to be.  Blackmail. Childish political blackmail, to be sure, and   another example of the childish political gamesmanship  we are all so SICK of, but it has all of the appearance  of blackmail by the Bloc.  If not blackmail, it is extortion.  
Canada has NO  need for an election at this point.  Elections cost many millions of dollars, and wasteful,  unnecessary expenditure which overtaxed  Canadian taxpayers do NOT need. or want, political “spin” applied or not.
Therefore, at Incoming BYTES, pointed and not-so-funny questions should  again be asked in the House of Parliament .    The reader can decide what the answer should be, laughable or not:  

Q: Mr. Speaker, since when does the Government of Canada give in to minority political party  blackmail?
A:   Maybe WikiLeaks will give us the official “in camera” answer to that one.  My guess is, if Quebec is involved, pretty much every time.  Does anyone have  Julian’s number handy?  
Q: Mr. Speaker, since the Bloc Québécois does not represent a single  Canadian outside of the Province of Quebec, why is the Bloc Québécois  allowed seats  in the Federal  House of Parliament? 
A:   They would get tired standing all the time.  Also because collectively,  insecure, “politically-correct” politicians past and present  do not have enough spine to do the right thing and  toss the pikers out . Refer to the first question again.
Q:   Mr. Speaker, if the Bloc insists on being  allowed to vacation and rest themselves in the House of Parliament, when will they run candidates and offer representation to the REST of Canadians?

A: Never. Are you dreaming?   The rest of Canadians are not a factor in the prime directive of the Bloc, which is to remove Quebec from Canada after all blackmail requests to drain the Federal treasury are submitted and approved.
Q: Mr. Speaker, how much longer does the rest of Canada have to live under the threat of yet another  referendum for the separation of Quebec?  

A: Not much longer.   Ya’ really mean that?  (laughter)   Canadians will soon grow sick of separation referendums and even more sick of  being blackmailed more than two or three times a year.
Q: Mr. Speaker, does Gilles Duceppe remember that Quebec is divisible if Canada is divided ?  Does he not understand  the concept?

A:   No.  Gilles and his predecessors believe that all Quebecers, including English-speaking and ethnic minorities from the world over will insist on enjoying repressive French-Only signs, French-only schools,  and  “language police” and other similar political  policies of expedience  dreamed up for the mutual enjoyment of Quebec’s  exclusive distinct society of Francophones.
Q:   Mr. Speaker, what does Gilles do with the $8Billion in annual provincial equalization payments he  receives every year?
A:   (laughter)  Out of order, out of order !   Better ask Gilles that one.  Concrete bridges collapse regularly, and Gilles is always demanding more money,  if that helps rephrase the question.
Q:   Mr. Speaker, what is the real  purpose behind the blackmailing of the rest of Canada?  
A:   As always, the stock answer is “  the Bloc Québécois will be standing up for Quebec to ensure Canadians become angry enough at being blackmailed”  so  they will eventually  hold a referendum and  throw Quebec out  of confederation.  Oops,,did I say that?
Q: Mr. Speaker, when will the rest of  Canadians put a stop to this charade and  be offered a referendum to vote Quebec out of Canada?  
A:  You will be able to vote soon after Gilles is finished blackmailing the rest of Canada, and voters awake to the fact they have once again given in to Quebec blackmail. ...oopsie-daisy, I didn’t mean to give away any official secrets.
Q: Mr. Speaker, how much territory do you think a separate Quebec run by King Gilles would end up with ?
A: A couple of square kilometers, probably  some place close to old Quebec City.
Q:   Mr. Speaker, could you explain why?
A:    Because the Bloc Québécois  needs somewhere to display their culture and wear their elegant purple smoking jackets as they complain bitterly  about their feet burning from the salt water flooding their boots.
Q:   Mr. Speaker, .....are we allowed any other questions,   Mr. Speaker?
A:    Just a moment, I’ll ask Mr. Duceppe for permission...

Conclusion of the Day:     No wonder Canadians do not trust politics OR politicians.

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