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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time for Civilization to Progress: Convert Oil Madness to Solar Strategy

                                              A Powerful Sunset                                              photo by r.a. kukkee

The world must be changed. The advancement of civilization is stalled, and progress is now blinded with the global obsession for oil.    The environment is repeatedly  poisoned by  catastrophic  events involving oil and will continue to be  until it is recognized that our preoccupation  with oil madness must be addressed and adequately remedied.    Oil madness  is rooted in greed, and humanity must bravely acknowledge that fact.   The obsession with oil is a global detriment and not sustainable in the long term, if only because the use of oil threatens the existence of life itself.

Until greed is better understood and quelled by common sense, necessity, and civility itself,  shall we continue to pretend we are on the right path and allow our beautiful and natural  world environment to be tortured  and blatantly destroyed in the relentless search and extraction of ever more oil wealth by  the greedy, the powerful and arrogant? 

 It is time to advance civilization and make changes for the better. Human beings everywhere have the basic human right to expect the global environment to be respected in it’s entirety and closely protected . We must offer change for the better, we must be part of change, but we  must also demand change. What can be done? 

Clean, viable energy alternatives ARE available, in spite of what a gigantic and powerfully-embedded  oil industry wishes you to believe. Alternatives and technical improvements are creating solutions that are no longer merely considered just an environmentalist’s  dream.
 Wind turbine technology is developing  rapidly and being put into service, which is progress in itself, but  how many readers know that the earth receives more energy from the sun in one HOUR than the whole world uses in one year?
In spite of that amazing fact,  solar energy production combined only accounts for 0.01% or less of the total Global Primary demand for energy
The very pointed question must be asked:   Why? 

Perhaps a few years ago photovoltaic cells ( PV, or solar cells)  were “inefficient” at a level of  6%,   but technology now exists to produce solar cells that perform at levels as high as  24.2% efficiency, (Solarbuzz)   reported by SunPower of San Jose, CA, USA.
Using a concentrator, Spectrolab Inc., a subsidiary of Boeing Company has announced a cell that can convert 41.6% of concentrated sunlight into electricity.
For more extensive information on solar technology and developments,  go to

There is no longer any excuse to support dirty, polluting oil technology. Stronger and better plastics can be made from vegetable matter instead of using crude oil.

Automotive battery technology for electric vehicles has advanced rapidly.
 For an eye-opening  revelation on the new DBM battery technology, and it’s application in a vehicle that can run 375 miles (600km) on a 6 minute charge,  go to:   http://www.taranfx.com/long-lasting-battery-electric-car  

Imagine plugging your electric vehicle in at home and driving 600km.  Stop for 6 minutes at any recharging station and continue on your way. Charge your vehicle with electricity from the sun. No gasoline required.
An on-board solar charger could extend your vehicle range even further It is now possible.

I believe the time has come for civilization to progress. Let us convert dreams into action and  convert oil madness into solar strategy.


  1. the colors of this picture are the very polluting particulates which "uncle Ray" knows to be dangerous to the planet and its inhabitants.
    that's why it makes sense to use the information to educate our selves in the next generation of solar captors.
    the sun is free (so far) now to use it--oil is not free, it has to be dug-transported-refined and manipulated to fit in your wallet and your tank...
    so now, can real subsidies go to real technologies to capture the free energy from what's above the ground--let's quit torturing this poor crust and enjoy what's left of nature, thank you ray for an informative, practical direction..


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