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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MUST WE Contaminate the World with RADIATION? Say NO!

Leading to the Light

      The drinking water supply  in TOKYO,  hundreds of kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, has now been found to be contaminated with radioactive iodine.   Food and milk produced in the disaster area is also  contaminated.  Shipments of all vegetables and farm produce from the agricultural  area have been halted.  The reactors are still spewing radioactive materials. 
      In spite of the   blatant, horrific evidence facing the rich "nuclear industry" in Japan, the North American industry  continues to insist upon building more nuclear reactors as if nothing has happened.
     We believe that any further development of nuclear generating stations  is  not only morally reprehensible but may well be a crime against humanity.   Clean, safe alternatives and technology  ARE available.  If the same billions of dollars were directed at alternative energy sources, much cleaner energy would be harvested without danger or economic loss.
     Must we contaminate the whole world with radiation ? The "industry representatives"  so  innocently  holding the current  "hearings"  to build yet more nuclear reactors at Darlington, Ontario  seem to think so.  Trouble is, they apparently have not been paying attention to the growing disaster in Japan. 
      Greenpeace protesters  holding a demonstration  at the pseudo "hearings" were arrested and will be charged.  
      Is Ontario a police state?  What is wrong with protesting against proliferation of  technology that has the potential to destroy humanity?
                                                   Think about it!  
     There are 11,000,000 human beings  in southern Ontario within range of the  Bruce/Darlington and Pickering reactors and their potential leaks, failures and inevitably, their catastrophes.   What will the "owners and operators " do when that happens?  "Apologize profusely?"   NOT good enough !
      At Incoming Bytes  we object strenuously to any expansion or building of new  nuclear reactors.  The current hearings,  apparently sanctioned by our "leaders"  will clearly be continued with deaf ears,  so let the pointed questions BE:
" Why are hearings for expansion plans in Darlington  being held NOW, at this period of utmost distraction globally, with major disasters world-wide?"  --So nobody NOTICES them?
" Who has GENUINE moral authority to even CONSIDER building  nuclear reactors? " 
" Given the recent accidents, why would ANYONE be  foolish enough to build more nuclear reactors?" 
" Which authority has authorized  GREEDY CORPORATE INTERESTS to  threaten the lives of every human being alive?"
      I really like this question the best :       " Is willful nuclear expansion  a sign of collective human insanity, insatiable  corporate greed, total lunacy,    irresponsible governance, -or proof positive of all of the above ?" 
and finally:  
     " WHICH REFERENDUM has EVER been held to allow such a foolish energy policy to be followed  --and proceed nonchalantly with it, as if "nothing will happen"
 Murphy's law says otherwise.  If it CAN happen, it will.
     Clearly  "something" can happen; let us now ask the people of  Tokyo,  a  " highly responsible,  highly technologically-advanced society that has "SAFE" nuclear reactors, --and  who can NOW, today,   no longer allow their infants to drink the water in TOKYO,  hundreds of kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, because it has been found to be contaminated with radioactive iodine.   It is unfit for infants.  In fact, it is more likely  unfit for human consumption.  Food and milk produced in the disaster area is contaminated with radiation and shipments from the area have been halted.   To make matters worse, the damaged reactors CONTINUE TO LEAK MORE RADIATION. 
       Shall greedy corporate interests and individuals  be allowed destroy our civilization?   MUST we contaminate the world with radiation? Where ARE our political "leaders"  today? Are they leading us, or are they sitting smugly in the pockets of the nuclear industry?
     At Incoming Bytes   we  shall continue to express our opinion and protest blatant foolishness  where discovered  at every possible opportunity.
     Given that the recent nuclear disasters in Japan have proven that nuclear reactors cannot be made fail safe,   we hereby politely and insistently request  that:

     The reader is encouraged to post this and similar protests to the nuclear industry's  persistent and reckless assault on civilization in every forum possible.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. necessary rage---'why is there still willful expansion of nuclear energy--when disastrous consequences are a certainty.
    because it's the last wild rush to make money-quick-before it all blows up, burns up, or fills up with unwanted radioactive material with no place to go.
    insane anywhere.

  2. Nadine, that would not surprise me one bit-- perhaps some enterprising, greedy power-mongers think they can "take it with them" ?
    Regardless, having Tokyo's drinking water contaminated so far away from the reactors does not bode well for the HUGE food producing areas in between, does it....

  3. so much for the bread basket of Japan..what a way to punish such health conscious nation--for allowing their master thinkers to produce some element which cannot be controlled.

    even the Chinese who have historically understood natural principles--are rushing headlong into a supplemental nuclear process as of the very week of the proof of nucleophobi's validity ...
    just because we are afraid of potential disaster--does not mean there is little to fear...

  4. nucleophobia...and how reasonable a fear it is--not as a reason to shrink, but to grow into a mindful society.

  5. Nadine, that is a substantial comment. The existence of "nucleophobia" certainly is reasonable and is every reason to direct our civilization into safer technology. It has been proven over and over there will be accidents and incidents and disasters that the "controllers" will "apologize for" as they mutate from radiation.


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