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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Book Reviews: Fires of Waterland

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!   

I am happy to announce to my loyal readers here at Incoming Bytes
that  the very  first review of  my novel,  “The Fires of Waterland” has been received.

Cover Art: The Fires of Waterland
Cover Art for The Fires of Waterland

You can read ALL of the latest  reviews as they come in  here!


The  Fires of Waterland  was published by  Redmund Productions and is classified as YA-Historical fiction.

The Fires of Waterland is now available   at the  RedmundPro bookstore  in  Kindle, ePuband .mobi  formats,  and will soon be available also in softcover print.

How about that?  Isn't this cool?

|***I wish to thank Red Dwyer at Redmund Productions for her wonderful suggestions, encouragement, editorial skills,  wisdom–and incredible patience. Much appreciated, Red!

Overall?  Not a bad start for  2013, The Year of the Writer. 

Let us move into this New Year with prosperity, but above all, appreciation of others and  peace and joy  in our hearts.

Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. You are very welcome, Ray. There will be many more reviews to it because it really is a good book.

    1. Thanks, Red! Your kind comments and help are very encouraging! ":)

  2. I am so proud of you Raymond. What a wonderful start to your year, my dear friend.

    1. Thank you so much, Christyb! It is my dear friends that inspire--and made this book possible. I have to agree, it's a great start for 2013! ":) ~R

  3. Way to go Rayman....Love it! Very cool cover. Covers are so important. I get a lot of my books at the library according to the covers. They lead you into the book....It was a fabulous way of entering 2013!!! Good for you! I hope it does really well for you RK...Sending good luck your way....VK

    1. Hi Vk! Thank you, it is a cool cover isn't it? We're very optimistic about The Fires of Waterland--with all of the support I'm getting, it will be a success, no doubt about it! Thank you so much! ~R

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! R... Your December 4 2012 post, "Social Media: Damoclean Pot" struck me so... I finally had to write on the subject as well in order to... hopefully... get it out of my head! I read it LAST YEAR for Pete's sake! LOL!!! Anyhow, you can take a peek here >>> http://healthful-livingblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-paycheckmightier-than-potty-mouth.html where I am making a last ditch effort to keep at least one of my blogs current! LOL!! I need your kind of persistence!

    ALSO... and perhaps more importantly! A GREAT BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your new book!! I too love the cover!!!

    1. Hi Renee! Happy New Year to you TOO! I am SO glad you picked up on that Damoclean Pot post--it is kind of catching isn't it? The subject is so important to writers. I WILL read your article too!
      Regarding The Fires of Waterland, thank you so much, I'm glad you like the cover, I hope you read it too. I've been getting very good feedback on it. This process sure does take persistence...YOU can do it, I have no doubt about that. Thank you for commenting, please do check my incomingbytes.com website as well! Again,all the best for 2013, The Year of the Writer! May we all prosper. ~R


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