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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Solar THIS

The sun is shining.  The biggest source of heat in our immediate universe,  so why does it have to be so cold? 
 The snow squeals beneath your feet as you walk on it.  T.T.T.  and E.T.S. --as my loyal readers know, those would be Tilly the Tall and Ebony the Short, our resident pups with fur.  They step gingerly when it's that cold. Tires get flat spots overnight. Engines balk. Batteries freeze.

Here at Incoming Bytes it was no less than -38C this morning.  Chilly, even for Northwestern Ontario. For the metric challenged, that's within a hair of -38F too, since  at -40C the temperature is also -40F --right on the button.

Since all that heat and power is up there, shining down upon us so freely, why do we not take more advantage of it?

 These are 'cute little solar toys' that run all day, every day when the sun is barely visible--even when the sky is gray and dull. 

If toys will work so happily  with solar power, with no batteries, why won't the rest of the world?
 Must we pollute and destroy the environment with dirty oil?  No. 

We have a choice to make, and soon.  Let us *choose carefully. All life on this earth depends upon it.

*What will your choice be?

Is that Incoming I hear?

Video by r.a.kukkee


  1. I so agree Raymond, I have often said the same thing... I do not see why new homes are not built with Solar Panels.. and why more isn't done in this area..
    However we have to remember those Big Boys who run the show in the Oil world of Crude Oil and Natural Gas Barron's..
    We looked into installing solar panels on the roof, but they were that expensive to install on the outlay to what you would recoup .. As my Husband has already reached that retirement age and has retired, if we were younger we would spend the money on this property, but at some point we may need to relocate,
    There are alternative free energies out there.. It is up to us to demand them I guess..
    :-) Sue

    1. Yes, Sue, it's always about money isn't it? There is SO much alternative energy available--and big money insists on profiting from the dirtiest technology available. We MUST demand change. Solar panels are becoming far more efficient--and will become cheaper. They are kept expensive to justify keeping dirty technology--to "use up" their investment in dirty technology--and exploit the CHEAP oil leases. Thanks for commenting, Sue, and good to see you! ~R

  2. I'm all for alternative power Raymond. Anything to put the Middle East out of business is fine with me.

    1. Raymond Alexander KukkeeJanuary 22, 2013 at 8:07 PM

      Absolutely, Conny, NO way North America should be dependent on the unstable M.E, --and btwy, anything to stop the oil sands--that are now going to be exploited to feed the insatiable Chinese market--and leave Canadians with the disgusting mess-the largest man-made ecological disaster in the world.
      What are we doing? Apparently it is so important for Harper and his crew to give away our resources so we can have a BILLION Chinese, each and every one of them, driving a gas-guzzling car, when the air in some Chinese cities is already unfit to breathe. Some day common sense needs to take precedence over money. Thanks for commenting Conny.. ":) ~R

  3. Brrrr Raymond those are chilly temps over there! It's cold here but not to that degree. Cross my fingers as I get cold so easy. The video of the flowers makes me smile :)

    1. Yes, Christyb, low temps, chilly, and we need solar energy...Stay warm...I guess you have it damp there too, that makes it a lot colder. Interesting how solar toys work just fine but we don't use solar for actual work....! ":)

  4. Love the daisies!


    1. Hi Sylvia! Thanks, yes, they're kind of cute aren't they? They are totally solar-powered, no batteries, they wave and smile at us all day, every day, whenever there's even the most subdued sunlight. The sun doesn't even have to be showing. Now all we need is a car like that...Nice to see you, too! ":) ~R

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