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Monday, April 18, 2011

Campaign 2011: Off to the Races...and ( yawn.....)

After some minor distractions, we at Incoming Bytes  are once again compelled to discover that the political campaigns in Canada's election are in full swing. The fact is, nothing exciting has happened.  An election?  Really??

The campaigns are already  half over, so now what ?  Nothing is new, or different,  but should we expect it to be?  The Canadian electorate has a right to be skeptical. 

The glorious  "Corporate-Approved"  television debate was held  sans Elizabeth May,  the Green Party leader,  but that didn't seem to make any difference;  the one-on-one's were not exciting anyway,  the counter-attacks were bland to non-existent,  overall, it was dull and  yawn-worthy;   the participants performed much as were expected.  

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Conservative (minority) leader now wants a majority and is offering the saving of Canada from the coalition  and the separatists  and other terrible probabilities,   and is  insisting a majority will result in better government too.
But will it?  Not likely. Is anyone  really convinced?  Isn't that fear-mongering?  It doesn't work

Michael Ignatieff, the intellect PM  wannabe  poo-poos the idea of a Conservative majority, saying that Harper et al  cannot be trusted.  He's probably right, for  although all politicians seem trustworthy while campaigning,  no politicians can be trusted once they are ELECTED.  There is a subtle difference.   The Liberal  fortunes in this election are questionable. Polls aren't being nice..that's it.
The question the electorate  really should be asking is:
  " WHO can be trusted?"  

The answer must be " Nobody" ;  --and certainly not a "Michael Ignatieff Liberal " government either. 

Liberals promised  to protect Canada's Universal Health Care system--   (well, doesn't EVERYBODY  PROMISE ? )  --but previous Liberal Governments reportedly hijacked a stash of cash from health care and  U I  to help defeat the deficit back in Paul Martin /Chretien days, balance the budget, play games,  fun for all was had, --downloading costs to the provincial governments.  Private clinics seem to be  encouraged,  popping up here and there....how cute.  

The thin edge of ( the USA  private  health care health-care-only for money system )  wedge was smacked into the skulls of Canadians ...imagine that.  Shall we trust Iggy? No.  Shall we trust Stephen, who is on record as being pro-private enterprise in the field of health ?   No.
     There is little wonder  Gilles Duceppe and the BLOC  Quebecois  plunk themselves down in plush leather chairs  located in our Federal  House of Commons,  the better to keep an eye on federal scoundrels. 

  Nice office....  C'mon, Gilles,,, you got into the debate as a  special interest representative,  throwing red herrings  around left and right, confusing the issue,   so why can't  you spread candidates far and wide across Canada so you would be a REAL Federal political party, and  some people might even be tempted to vote for you?   What's the matter,  you afraid of losing ?     We think so, but  in the Big Bloc book,  it's better to sit and whine, isn't it, and NEVER have to actually prove you have a better idea, a better system.   Right.  Form your own country.   Ever heard of: 
  "Those who flee oppression oft' flee to oppression of their own?"  
Stranger things have happened.  What if  Gilles did win a majority?    

     Being on location in Ottawa all the time,  the Bloc  can complain, promote the removal of not only Federal  funds,  by blackmail or otherwise, but  help  malcontents,  even encourage in-house  traitors  to  remove the very Province of Quebec itself from Canada..
....*alas..  Gilles and Co. are always content to decorate debates,  sit on comfy  leather, complain,  and  threaten  another referendum.   

A  few tries later later  Gilles has discovered it's quite a lot of  fun and  more profitable  to blackmail Ottawa for big bucks and keep milking the glorious and generous Canadian Cow. 
Imagine that.  No fear of  majority a la Gilles.

It seems that Jack Layton, the New Democratic leader, unhindered by his recent surgery and EXCELLENT medical treatments via the  Universal Canadian Health system  has recovered quite nicely ---whether it was a real hip replacement or not.....or  just a little bit of metal, they say, not a real hip replacement, no matter what sis  said.  Just a slight family misunderstanding, it was. 

Everyone says Jack did very well in the "official debates" ....and  he continues to travel the country, recovering, shaking hands,   smiling and laughing...and progressing surprisingly well in the polls too.  Go figure. The Liberals  and  Michael are nervous, not surprisingly.

As for Elizabeth May, being excluded from the debate doesn't seem to have harmed her positive  attitude  at all. She hasn't got any "seats" yet, but she's got lots of Green and a pretty green platform to stand upon while she watches with interest, deciding which of the parties she should really consider a full  merge with.  Go figure...  "Only in Canada", you say?   (Yawn......)

That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.


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