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Friday, April 8, 2011

KUDOS to GERMANY - The BELL TOLLS for Nuclear Power

German Utilities say NO  to Nuclear Power

 Perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel after all.  Maybe there is hope for humanity yet. This is the best news I've seen for some time.
Germany wants out of nuclear power.  
Kudos are most definitely due .  A standing ovation is well deserved.  A move towards common sense has been declared.  A move to cleaner energy is afoot - in one of the most highly industrialized nations on earth.
The headline  reads:  
Association of German utility companies calls for abolishing nuclear power by 2020
 Utility companies reportedly want to abolish nuclear power following the total disaster witnessed in Japan.  And so they should.  
North America should also take off the blinders and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Clean, safe alternative energy is available NOW. 
The German Association of Energy and Water Industries  wants all nuclear power abolished completely by 2020.  The association represents some 1800 utilities,  INCLUDING  many of the operators that currently operate nuclear facilities.   
 TWO of the BIGGEST nuclear operators are "opposed" to this decision.  Why does that not surprise us?
Chancellor Angela Merkel  wants Germany  to eliminate nuclear energy altogether.  It is little wonder, since parts of Germany was polluted by Chernobyl,  which is a mere 900 miles away --and it  remains polluted,  25 years later.  

The question of the day MUST be: 
Where is the leadership in North America?
 Are North Americans supposed to wait until another horrific nuclear disaster strikes closer to home before they act?   Is 2020 soon enough?  We think not.  
 At Incoming Bytes we believe a shutdown of the nuclear industry cannot be fast enough.  Clearly the writing is on the wall when one of the most highly industrialized nations in the world considers nuclear energy too dangerous and has also accepted the fact that safer technology IS available.
Shutting down all nuclear reactors by  2020 is not nearly soon enough, but transition time is realistically required.   

Meanwhile, let us all congratulate Germany for the intelligent and courageous decision to move to clean, functional and efficient  solar, wind, and other  alternative energy sources.  
Nuclear reactors are no longer a reasonable option under any terms of reference.
That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

1 comment:

  1. nuclear reactors were NEVER a reasonable option..
    like adopting a wolverine to babysit the newborn in the warm house..
    not an if--but a when.
    i did trust Angela to do the right and strong duty of a progressive country..now, to convince her european counterparts..
    energy must be approached from a localized standpoint..Iceland has geothermal, California has sunshine, wave and algal energy may be tapped on coastlines, pelletized fibrous biomass in central regions.. industrial wastes and oils in impoverished areas..the solutions are not one big one size fits all..each province or nation should break free of mass production and allow innovative implementation of multiple existing technologies.
    we are misguided, not helpless.. respect to Germany..


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