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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Four Questions? Unbelievable Playground

(c)2011 r.a. kukkee

May 2nd approaches .  With the Canadian Federal election and campaigns in full swing, it is not surprising to see the playground empty. It is not  surprising to see, but difficult to understand  why any leader of any honest political party would  reasonably find it necessary to  "limit" reporters to FOUR questions a day. 

Four questions that are supposed to provide  enough "answers"  that will in turn somehow magically convince 34,000,000 election-exhausted  Canadians that a Conservative majority is deserved after a  problematic minority? 

Would a majority Liberal government be any better?

 Think about it.   We're more than  a bit skeptical.

Is the "Opposition" any better out on the campaign trail?  You guess.   

Here at Incoming Bytes, everyone is allowed to draw their own  opinion at will,  but  the majority of  election-savvy Canadians recognize  that campaigns are artificial events designed to deceive.     This is not just a policy to make an already tightly-scripted,  memorized,  highly-controlled plastic campaign  more effective,  but rather to  guard the fort and keep the  hidden agenda hidden more effectively, so please....the electorate does know better.

All Canadians know that such tools are  official  Party Muzzles  for ANY  politician that is almost guaranteed to make a mistake when tired,   grab someone by the throat,  stutter,  stammer, stammer a horrible gaffe , blow a line, promise the sky,  slobber all over the baby,  say the wrong thing,  stumble into enemy territory, insert both feet into  the foaming mouth, ---and  thereby throw  the "perfect"  political  campaign  off track, out into space, --or more likely,  as we commonly observe,   bury it  up to the hips in  the inevitable pile of crumpets out behind the horse barn. 

Such are political campaigns, nice try, boys.... but they do NOTHING to answer  REAL questions.  Funny,  the truth always comes out. 

We have questions. Real ones.  Not "approved" by the event organizer, changed to suit the campaign manager, or tweaked for an optimal  photo op.
  • Just who IS stealing the election here?
  •  Who tried to create a coalition in 2004 and is pretending otherwise?
  •  Who has the WORST attendance record in parliament? 
  • Does ANYONE deserve a majority? 
  • Which Political party has NOT been scandalized or corrupted in the last 40 years?
  • Who has told the most blatant, willful lies?
  • Who has made the most inflated  promises, knowing full well they can not be kept?
  • Who is buying the Canadian electorate with their own money? 
  • Why do we still have a Senate which does nothing but cost taxpayers more every year? 
  • Why are corrupt politicians allowed to collect fat Senate pensions?
  •  Why is a  treasonous, regional separatist  party allowed to sit in our House of Commons ? 
  •  Why are Canadians subsidizing petroleum companies when consumers are being gouged and gasoline is over $6.00/ gallon?
  • Why are we exporting oil to the U.S. of A.  that has it's own GIGANTIC shale oil reserves? 
  • Why are Canadian taxpayers subsidizing the oil sands to export that same oil to the USA ? 
  • Why are Seniors in Canada forced to live below the poverty level?
  • Why are Canadian troops still in Afghanistan? 
  • Why are we buying  $150M per copy F35's  with  no engines?  
  • Why did we spend a BILLION dollars on the G-20 summit? 
  • Who is INTENT on gutting Canada's universal health care system-- perhaps the best health in the world? 
  • Why should Canadians  possibly believe a "majority" would do any better, or more honest ?
  •  Why is "fear-mongering" being used instead of common sense and logic? 
  • Where are YOU taking OUR Canada??
OOPS.....that's more than four questions ----in  less than five minutes, ...imagine that.  hm.................What are we going to do for the REST of the campaign ? 

Let's face it,  in any political forum,  four questions a day doesn't cut it,,,,,,period.

Let's  cut the bull and call it what it really is,  a canned, memorized campaign  intended to  numb the minds of the election-weary electorate so REAL issues will never be addressed.   

Sadly,  it is clear that Canadians have a right to be skeptical.   Canadians have a right to a better, more responsible and more honest government.   
Get out in the playground and provide some good, honest governance, that's what you're being PAID to do. 

I know one thing; as a skeptical  Canadian voter I  have no intention to vote for "the dishonest". 

That's my opinion  and I'm sticking to it. 


  1. as questions are not numbered--answers travel downward. first ten = same here, local variations and flavors.grand-standing-shout-outs or snarking.
    the citizenry seldom avails itself of the revealing voting records to ascertain who does what..
    as for oil, gas and shale;why should your neighbors spoil their vistas, antagonize their constituency or risk to lose voters--when it is so cheap and easy to get it from someone else' s playground?
    subsidies don't seem to go to small providers but rather to well lobbied entities = our gas costs $3.50 at the pump..

    you guys buy plane shells and then outfit them with your own engines? i' ve read labels like that--made in x sewn in xx.

    getting healthcare easy--with the help of big pharmachine and the medical-industrial complex.

    poverty levels for seniors and juniors are deplorable here as well.
    i'll keep my small discontent localized and positive as long as i can..

  2. This is interesting...The photo up top with the playground all covered just looks terrible...Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel


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