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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gasoline in Venezuela: $0.37/ Gallon. In Canada: $6.52 /Gallon

I am a consumer. I'm  mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more. It is time to nationalize the petroleum industry in Canada. It is time to put an end to greedy "BIG OIL".
 The title explains it all.  There is NO  excuse for gasoline to be  $ 1.43 per liter  or $6.50Cdn /gallon in Canada.  In Toronto-- in 1970 gasoline was 0.37 a gallon. That was 40 years ago,  but gasoline today  is made by the same process, the same equipment. 

We all know the price of crude oil is artificially set by OPEC.  Why does the Canadian  oil industry have to follow the dictum of OPEC?  The SAD fact is, Canada could have a "made in Canada" oil price, but internationally based petroleum corporations see it as an opportunity to gouge unfair profit from the consumer, and the government, collecting ever more tax from the consumer in the process, does NOTHING about it.     

Enough is enough.  It is time for the majority government of Canada to 'bravely' admit what the problem is, and put an end to the gouging and over-taxation of gasoline.
IN Venezuela today, the price of gasoline is --imagine that---approximately 0.37 per gallon. 
Even self-righteous ideological political critics of the "Chavez"  government in Venezuela will choke  in indignation, if they are honest,  having to admit there is no excuse for $6.13 MORE  for a gallon of gasoline in Canada, a large oil-producing nation,  than is charged today in Venezuela, a small  oil-producing nation. 

Petroleum companies in North America, meanwhile,  have published  almost unheard of profit levels --billions of dollars over the same period last year-- unfairly  gouged from everyday people.  

Let us listen carefully to the objections and sputtering about "political differences" as being the excuse.  
 Like it or not, "Political ideology" must be recognized for what it is--an invention of those that benefit most from it. Fascism, communism, capitalism, dictatorship-anarchy--all benefit the creators and those in power using those ideologically and imperfect systems. Better and more fair systems CAN be created. Why?

Even the creators of  "purist capitalism" surely must come to the realization that there are LIMITS to the amount of money that can be gouged and siphoned from everyday people that wish ONLY to survive and be treated fairly. 

  It is inexplicable and extreme gouging that ANGERS the consumer, NOT the concept of a "fair price and fair profit for a good product". 

All North Americans should be aware that it is equally  the ABUSE of ANY political system that is the driving force of  political ideological  change.  At this time,  in the petroleum industry,  "capitalist extremism " and endless  greed has clearly grown out of control.

As the petroleum industry is being  operating today, it must cross the minds of government, the consumer AND the political critic that NATIONALIZATION of the petroleum  industry is an idea whose time has clearly come, ideological "travesty" or not.  It is called necessary "change"--for the better.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.


  1. petro-politics infiltrate governance circles and keep the constituency too busy earning just enough to pay at the pump..
    a little well applied anger is due -- overdue--fair trade means price must match resource plus extraction cost plus refining and transport = price at pump. period..
    signed: tired of subsidizing run away profits..
    ( although i personally own no engine)

  2. Right here in Oman we do not feel the pinch of the soaring oil prices that hit the world; increasing beyond control. Here it is now 1.20 USD per gallon, but when I went home (India) in December, I was literally shocked at the way the oil price had risen there in my absence. It is now nearly $5.00 USD which has shown a remarkable rise in the past six months from what it was.
    We've had a lot of uproar too about oil prices (in India) and are always put down with the excuses the government gives - like insisting that excise duty and sales tax and blah blah have been nominal and within reasonable limits. I understand your concern as an angry citizen and you have the right to be angry. Increasing oil prices for a nation that produces its own oil... well..... the citizens have to benefit from it FIRST before it is exported or made use of. You have every right to fight for what is rightfully yours.


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