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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is North America Being Integrated Without Permission?

     Now that the dust has settled,  the Canadian election is finished and delegated to the media back-burners in favour of other more exciting events. The latest annual flooding of  Manitoba and parts of Quebec  are complete with army call-outs for assistance --a new Federal  incentive at Provincial equalization  with Toronto's famous three inch snowstorm, so the majority Feds can  now happily claim equal helpfulness to all  Canadians  and confidently proceed with the progressive agenda on their books.  Everybody knows the publicized part, disposal of the long gun registry, another budget,  the same budget,  spend this,  yada yada.  
    But is the greater percentage of government agenda conducted openly or in secrecy? 
 Readers of Incoming Bytes  are  encouraged to think for themselves  as always, bearing in mind  "Ask the right questions, and you shall be told the right and most convenient  lies". 

     Shall we be thankful for the long-standing tradition of secret  governance?   Rightfully or not,  with inherent skepticism we believe  it's mostly secret.  Have no fear,  it's  just a matter of time,  ordinary folk will learn collectively what is to be done with us  reprobates and old codgers sooner or later, --perhaps even to rue the day a majority government was awarded.  For the forgetful, that was May 2nd.   
No matter.  It's already historical stuff, write it down, stick it on the refrigerator.

  Which other curious ongoing shenanigans  will become historical data,  to be revealed 50 years from now? 
   As we keep repeating,  the truth always comes out one way or the other, it's on the refrigerator in a sticky-note too,  --you can count on it, --but how can you do your part to  "help" the truth come out?

     Here's a hint;  Line up for Poutine or coffee at Timmy's.  Watch the body language of the politician in the line front of you,  if only for a few brief  moments of entertainment, --as you ask a pointed question loudly. 

   Try Question "A" :   "Is North America being integrated without our permission? "  The sudden  hush in the doughnut shop will astound you.
     Answer:   "That's a big question, um, oh, make that a double-double,  thanks--and a cinnamon doughnut, er, thanks,   I'm glad you asked that question,  yes, two sugars, ", blah blah...the perimeter security zone...blah blah, make that a chocolate  dip instead.....the correlated defense and security protocols, the confusing energy policy, we're working hard on that one,  the Keystone pipeline,   blah blah...pretty boring stuff.   How about Free trade ----that only applies to BIG business, --oh, did  Brian  forget to tell you that?  We wanted to tell you, but the members "opposite" didn't like that"....blah blah 
     Isn't  the Canadian-US border disappearing?    Where did you get that idea?  It wasn't very visible in the first place, but you still have to cough up  $ 87.00  on your credit card for a passport, yet another form of identification required,  No cash accepted Pay and go, You get the idea. Big business. Big government.  Big body language.

     Let us imagine what the real answer to question "A" might be instead,  it doesn't matter if the supposition is correct or not, it only matters that the reader's mind is actively seeking out all amusing truths  and other likely  probabilities.

    Real Integration involves all Americans lining up at the border and signing up to join Canada immediately when  1  US buck = 1 centavo = 1 Loonie.   We can't wait to see what the new North American "Centavo-loony-buck "   looks like  as it's integrated in celebration,  the sovereignty of three nations going down the pipe as slick as a burrito with sour cream.   "Mission accomplished", a revered Bushism,  comes home to roost.   
  "Queue up-alignez-vous " in multi-cultural Brit colony terms might be a handy term to remember and  understand while you stand in line  trying to join the Secret Governance Department in Ottawa.  It would also be helpful to  wear a " I voted Republican, Dude "  Tee-shirt.   
  If you happen to be applying at the Quebec border, as you're standing at the official counter, just nonchalantly mutter the words:         " Oui,, monsieur,  alignez-vous,  I got it, y'all " ,   which  can help you get an instant translator's  job in the Language Police division of  Quebec's department of Language Advancement .
By the way even with Gilles out- of- sorts  and even further out-of-office  with the results of the  last election, (May 2nd, remember?), you still  have to know  who Gilles is.   The bureaucrats might still  secretly want him  to be King of the new Integrated Quebec, although to the uninformed,   it looks like Jack already beat him to it.   That could be problematic secrecy at work yet again.  

WE don't know if Obama applied or not,  since he was so busy filling out the long-form birth certificate demanded by The Donald. 
  That kind of specialized electoral knowledge always  complicates the issues, especially with all of the orange signs Jack  has to get rid of and the extra forms you'll  have to fill out,  but, stand strong,  that's the very kind of stuff you need to know if you want to join Canada and get free Universal Health care, integrated without permission or not. 

As for a job,  there's full employment for all,  don't forget to apply in person at Timmy's too, before  it's integrated with Krispy Kreme on National Double-Double Doughnut- Taco  Day on June 5th.  

That's my story and  I'm sticking to it.


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  1. better keep your border patrol--lest ye be invaded--without your permission--and ye all know that most immigrants will be run-aways from the oppressed populations and the other poor.
    dollars to donuts...i betcha..
    make mine double-double glazed.


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