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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Apocalypse Date: How Handy.

Well, it's not really a surprise that  Mr. Harold Camping's  May 21st  date with the future  didn't quite turn out to be an apocalypse,  On May 21st, we tried gardening instead,  and that was a good thing. May 21st came and went,  mind you,  in the old-fashioned realm of yesteryear, with the sun rising and setting right on time. I guess there is  always 3 days grace for everything,
In case you missed the last rapture and apocalypse, the NEW apocalypse date is Oct. 21st,    It seems Harold was off by 5 months,  we know not why .   A new Doomsday  date, how handyShall we try again? 

Meantime we'll keep on gardening and taking care of our lives in the best possible manner as honestly as possible, and realizing just how fortunate we really ARE. Why?

" Back in the real world of devastating events,  the city of  JOPLIN, Missouri was hit by a major tornado. So far 117 people have been confirmed killed in this terrible tragedy.   People are still missing."

  Is that a good enough answer? 

  At Incoming Bytes, we send our hearts and prayers to the survivors and  especially to families  that have lost loved ones. May they all find peace in their faith as they try to rebuild their shattered lives. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.    

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  1. Until i came to the states, i never had been aware of the end of the world schemes so evident in the local culture--so grounded were my social mores.
    although i understand the need for uplifting spirituality, it appears peculiar to hitch a ride on the first space bus--escapism or miscalculation? i doubt humans are meant to know all answers pertaining to earthly life...
    i watched neighbors sell every item in their home and then go to the mining town bar to spend the proceeds--because they had been advised that the end was on the morrow...the family did disappear, penniless and depressed, they took their kids and hangover to another mine..i felt guilty for having been instrumental in their hangovers, but used the items which i bought from the mistaken believers anyway..

    may the town of Joplin recover from this example of the force of nature, healing thoughts to all concerned..


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