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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Ball and Chain Approach might Work for THEM too....

                                             the old ball and chain trick

It's difficult to raise the flag high  these days. 

It seems to me punishment should always fit the crime. 
in troubled financial times, the big spenders,  the economic destroyers wasting our money inappropriately and creating financial havoc should be wearing a Ball & Chain award instead of the people footing the bill.   The  old "Stars & Strips"  of the  United States of America is wearing a big ball and chain--uncontrollable debt, the wall is coming, a lot faster than you think,  we already talked about that,  but the concept and that cute little picture  also got me thinking about appropriate ways to reward people who insist upon following their hearts to questionable riches and fame at the  undisciplined expense of society.  Same thing for the guys making stupid and stupider decisions and policy.

Such  treatment should always be  appropriately arranged  for crooked politicians without fail, and for  financially-challenged overpaid CEOs  filching their shareholder's funds under the guise of bonuses.  They can join other greedy CEO's seeking bailouts to save their  stained shorts,  and  other industrious  greedy-specialist types that wish to garner wealth in devious, dubious or dishonest ways. 
Other rascal knockabouts  who think they can do anything devious, underhanded or " make stinky"  in society "as they please" without moderate to severe consequences should also think twice,  yes, make that twice,   we're onto you.

NO more holidays- get-off-Scott-free happy-hotels   for you   hoodlums, fast fingered- fanatics and assorted horrible home-grown terrorist guys either--you're exiled as of yesterday, you're off to some desert island without  umbrella-decorated cool drinks, but there are  lots of sharks in the water to entertain you.   Play "count the coconuts" as you tow your ball and chain around, making creative 'B & C' tracks.     Say bye-bye.  Get your Speedos on, you're leaving for much warmer climes much sooner than you think .

  McDummy hamburger-serving jobs complete with B& C benefits are awaiting all politicians that express a marginal propensity to destroy the job market by making foolish, biased decisions in a bid to to enrich themselves by building gazebos in their ridings for a million bucks each.  Let's include  dirty oil boys, and all industrialists who practice  Chinese outsourcery  or local economy downsizery too, while we're at it.  What's the matter with you guys, did you not watch Harry Potter?  Do you not know what happens to evil types?Want to see the inside of a real dungeon?
Oh, and about jobs?  Want to try a nice working foreign vacation ?   We shall assign you environmental   moppit   jobs in Fukushima's  Nukes and Radiation Melt-Down Department, REAL work  to pay for your vacation,  the vacation tailor-made  just for you,  if you insist on entertaining any additional  Nuclear energy in Canada.   You'll love the glowing veggies and beef  and radiated Saki.   

You will also get a glowing letter of recommendation when you leave Fukushima,  you even get to keep the radioactive mop,  and are awarded  a one-way  free pass to a Siberian work camp called Chernobyl.   They have cute little lines of  Class A  yurts there  (good idea eh, borrowed from Tibet!)    to vacation  in.   Don't forget the entertainment, it's the Gulag's "works"  Nuclear Society  Entertainment program,  the approved  'exchange-a-life-for a  glowing Siberian Honeymoon  plan' is another option.   It will be called other names by  politicians who THINK we should exchange sanity for more nuclear  power plants in Ontario, but apply soon,  most of the vacation spots are filled already.
Let's send  Dalton and the developers and nuclear financiers with him so they can become glowing water-boys too--as a rest,  right after the Ontario election,  shall we?  They'll be joining all the nice  Americans  from Nebraska.  They want a third Nuke plant down there  too, but that's justifiable, the first two are being washed away in the floods.   They're easy to spot,  they're the boys  trying to hoist the flag, --you know, the Stars & Strips,  the one with the big ball and chain on it.  

that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

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