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Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day --Time to Re-think Freedom. You too, America!

It's July 1st  2011  and   "Will and Kate" , Prince William and Kate Middleton are wowing the crowds in Ottawa for Canada Day celebrations.  Isn't that great?   Canadians are enjoying the "historic relationship of the Mother country England --by honoring the newest and most popular royals, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, -- that are merely  "Will and Kate" to happy Canadians on this sunny day.  

What does that acknowledgment of royalty really  mean?   Only 145 years ago, Canada became 'Independent' and free of Great Britain's colonial rule.  Are we "free" ?  
It is time to rethink what freedom really is. It's not 1867  any  more, that is a given, but freedom is more than a royal signature on dusty old documents.

"I live, therefore I must be free or die." Passionate, serious words that challenge the concept of freedom within an ordinary, normal society, but where does true freedom really begin and end?
What must one be allowed to do to be considered free? " (more)

Canadians, in fact all North Americans,  need to think for themselves and examine the shaky ground we stand upon.  One only had to watch the G20 security summit disaster to recognize how close to a police state we appear to be.  Is democracy real freedom when  authoritarian rules are arbitrarily inflicted upon a civilized population?   Let's totally  ignore the rabble and trouble-making element for a moment.  Does a demonstrating,  civilized population need to be threatened and controlled by robotic, heavily-armed,  riot-equipped police?  At Incoming Bytes  we think not.  

Clearly troublemakers should be identified and held accountable for their actions and the damage they do, but is it necessary to threaten average teenagers, average adults, and average Canadians who choose to express their opinion?  Freedom of speech comes to mind.  
     When we have studied, compared, and discerned our actual status within reality,  stripping  away the imaginary "freedoms" we are "allowed" by government and bureaucracy  that has  totally forgotten what the real  mandate of government IS,  what is really left?  

Perhaps Canadians are not the worst off in the world comparatively, but could real freedom make our lives so much better?  
Americans in the United States  will celebrate their July4th  holiday with equal gusto,  but they are suffering reduction of freedoms under the guise of the 'war on terrorism'. They, too, have riot-equipped police forces.  Go figure.  They look just like ours.  Imagine that.  
How far does legislation and government  go before "freedom" is no longer?  Why is there so much  awkward silence about real freedom, just as there is unnatural, official silence about the spate of  disasters and the potentially mind-boggling, civilization-changing effects of them?   
It seems that "Will and Kate" are more important today .   That's fine.   Really.  Happy Canada Day --but we continue to  encourage all North Americans to think for themselves --before it is to late to do so.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. There definitely aught to be a 'LIKE' option at our pages. I clicked the +1. Hopefully that should work even better than the 'like'. I believe that is a way of recommending your blog on google (?).

  2. As a immigrant who came to the US from a third world nation, I'm quite dismayed with the level of freedom being taken away from the people, most without a peep from them. It seems the corrupt dictators my parents hoped to escape came here to do the same; namely, keeping people in their place, down trodden and beholden to the overbearing government. How sad and frightening that so many are willing to sit on their butts and allow the elitist rulers to take away rights and freedoms while they make themselves richer and more powerful.

    I say we should fight tooth and nail to keep every bit of freedom. We have to start by tossing out the people who are stealing it.

    Let freedom ring!

  3. Well said, Glory. Having come here as an immigrant, you are probably FAR more aware of this problem than people that have grown apathetic and accustomed to the gradual reduction in rights and freedoms. Thank you so much for commenting on this matter; perhaps your comments will help reduce the dangerous apathy that is developing all across North America. "Tossing out the people" and holding the culpable accountable for their actions IS the right thing to do. Thanks again!


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