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Monday, July 18, 2011

M.J. Joachim : Gum Pets on the Hill

At Incoming Bytes  it is our privilege and pleasure to be able to feature fine guest authors .  Authors and individual writers who  think as  individuals,  speak with authority, and  express their personal  opinion with justification, a unique voice, and personal perspective --while encouraging protracted thought in the reader --are always welcome. 
Please join me in welcoming M.J.Joachim to Incoming Bytes.  Her approach to the oncoming financial crisis in the U.S.  is uniquely expressed in her always-powerful style. 

                 Gum Pets on the Hill

Mitzi was a gum pet

Statue of Liberty
A crazy sort of critter

Amenable to everyone

Not ever thought a quitter

Stuck like glue campaigning

Melting in the heat

Mitzi claimed the answers

But Mitzi was a cheat

Unraveling the mystery

Of change preached far and wide

Mitzi challenged everyone

To beam with errant pride

“We’re not there yet,” Mitzi shouted

As the people bowed in shame

“The economy’s atrocious,

And I am not to blame!”

The people stared in wonder

At the zeitgeist Mitzi made

Wampum was no good here

Few people could get paid

The past had come to haunt them

The present scared them more

The future looked much brighter

Than it ever had before

Mitzi was a gum pet

That lost direction fast

The question, “Are we there yet?”

Did not need to be asked

Blink and you might miss it

In the battles on the hill

Focus on the wrong things,

You’re sure to get a chill

Trust in God and liberty

Stand up for what is right

Challenge Mitzi gum pets

To keep your future bright. 
           copyright Teresa DePoy  2011                

                                     About our Guest Author                      

M. J. Joachim is a  freelance writer and self-described die-hard American who believes in common sense, hard work and the American Dream. She believes real people should get elected to serve her country, as opposed to professional politicians who want to run it.   M. J., like most patriotic Americans, is well aware of the power struggles taking place in Washington D. C., and in municipal governments across the country. Freelance writing in a number of genres enables her to share knowledge and opinions on a variety of subjects through the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, Freedom of Speech.    One of many American inalienable rights,  Freedom of Speech was deemed worthy of protection by America's Founding Fathers.

        M.J. has recently  published several E-books including  'The Merciful Victory of the Cross' ,  'Beyond our Words Prayers and Reflections' ,  and  a FlashTyme series of stories that may be found at         http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/mjjoachim

photo credit: http://www.freeimages.co.uk/                                                        p.s.  that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. I had wondered if someone would use these words on this topic, as I thought there was something there, and MJ delivered.

  2. Here's a riddle for you...mix up the letters of wampum and zeitgeist together to form new words. What do you get? Answer: Mitzi was gum pet. Once there, it was only a matter of time:)

  3. LOL M.J. now I feel better about my word obsession!

  4. Wow.. talk about a wampum-zeitgeist combo, and MJ, you amaze me. Never thought it would be in a poem. Nice poem there, btw. Quite entertaining. :) Kudos!

  5. Methinks I may have hit a nerve or something. I've lost several twitter followers since this went live. Ah the creative soul in me unleashed - it does have the ability to scare people off from time to time. What's a girl to do?

  6. M.J. it seems to me that if someone doesn't agree with you, they can be childish enough to "stop following", or they can be adult, recognize they are free to enter comments as discussion, and say so. Free speech does that, and I hope they respond with SOLID protracted thinking and constructive ideas. That IS what this blog and forum is about! Thanks, M.J.

  7. That is exactly why I had not put myself out there because my opinions always seem to have differed from the majority, even early on. I have many on FB or Twitter who have their rants I do not agree with, but I do not remove them.

    If I were to remove everyone with a different opinion from mine I would have no friends! I always admire those who can put it out there, even if I don't agree, because it shows their courage. Oh, I have my pieces that many would consider offensive, but one has to look for them. ;-)

    In a long-winded way: MJ, don't worry about it. True friends will know all this.

  8. Ah, you guys are the best! Can I interest you in following my client's facebook page? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Exterior-Accents/152002091528238 I just posted links to Don's new front yard and Raymond's grafting post on it:)

    No, I'm not worried about followers leaving me. The last time that happened, I ended up with a bunch more that actually interact with me and have a little fun. It's all good:)


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