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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adriana Heep: A Young Thinker offers hope...

Perhaps we are blinded by the Obvious
From time to time we are reminded of global  issues deserving of far more attention.  
In this age of the informed, let us be honest; North Americans know we endlessly consume the limited resources of the earth with little concern for the future.
  We are encouraged, yea, lauded by politicians and rich, profitable corporations to spend and enforce the status quo merely because a few individuals offer "jobs", build "corporate interests"   --making not reasonable, but obscene profits in the process. 
Corporate consumer culture brainwashes the very young, grooming potential customers for life. The rich become richer as we  consume everything.  There is always more to consume. Do not think about it, just buy, buy, buy.
Products are designed with limited shelf life,   made of inferior, cheap  and failure-prone materials,  are shoddily produced at the absolute minimum cost, and are specifically engineered with planned obsolescence in mind. Products  built to wear out within a specific period of time make the replacement of that product inevitable, and early. Advertising shames consumers into buying new models of everything, the product itself  usually only superficially changed.  Such a problem in society might be labeled as "deliberate and wasteful consumption by planned obsolescence". 
 Can we resolve that issue? Perhaps we are blinded by the obvious, but is there  hope for a brighter future? 
In overview, resources should be treasured instead of plundered. Clean technology should be used in all facets of production and consumption.   People should understand what is really happening,  and in turn, should educate and feed others, encouraging them also to be aware. We can do this if we try.

Here at Incoming Bytes  I am therefore delighted  to include and feature Adriana Heep, in this post.

   Adriana is a writer and young thinker that offers hope by cutting to the chase with a  direct message for society,  consumers, Corporate North America,  and those in power.  She has clearly thought about our dilemma and offers hope points out solutions in her own words:
" The way our economy works is the most wasteful system. All of our products come from the earth in some way. And the earth only has so many resources to give in x amount of time. It takes an incredibly long time for certain things to form. many gems were formed more than a billion years ago. And in order for companies to continually make profits, they purposely do not make the best product they can. And this has been in the news numerous times on how companies will built a product to break after a certain amount of time so you go back for more. May be good for the rich man, but its horrible on the environment for so many different reasons and on the less fortunate too. The rich people probably won't care until there's absolutely nothing left alive on this earth. 
They'll hoard whats left til they die, but then their children will be stuck in a horrible dying world. In my opinion it's up to us to put the rich people out of power and change how things work to save the Earth. Only problem is getting people to do that.    Most people only act once their personal comfort is taken away, sadly.     
                                                                                                Adriana Heep(c)2011
The implications of Adriana's observations are staggering, and worth repeating;
 "it's up to us to put the rich people out of power and change how things work to save the earth" .
 If change is not forthcoming from those in power, do they even have the moral right to remain in charge of the planet?  In the real world of logic, with wealth and power also comes responsibility and leadership.
 Clearly Adriana is part of a thinking generation that offers hope.  She has carefully observed  the ultimate limitations of  planned obsolescence,  foolish consumption and  irresponsible corporate behaviour.  
      Interestingly, as she astutely observes, "the rich (in power) " do not appear to have made the same simple observation on their own behalf --in spite of the disaster that will be foisted upon their own children.
Do they need to be protected from themselves?   
It seems that the future is not completely dark.   Hope has been offered to us. Clearly Adriana's generation has been paying attention to what is being done to the world around us in the name of profit. 

The question of the day must then be:
  "Why is a mature civilization allowing this obvious and catastrophic abuse of limited world resources? 
 Clearly there is hope if brilliant young thinkers are recognizing the problems and offer solutions.  Where does that leave us?
 It is inevitable that the responsible reader must determine if apathy and the status quo are reasonable or logical. 
 Most noteworthy, in Adriana's words,   
"Most people only act once their personal comfort is taken away, sadly..."  
 Does it really have to come to that extreme? 
One thing for sure, accepting the status quo and a polluted, contaminated and deadly environment is clearly not the solution required for the future. 
 Our fondest hope is that the rest of us somehow get the message.
 Thank you, Adriana.  

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Biography of a young thinker:    Adriana Heep
With an educational background in governmental international studies, Adriana is inspired, among other things, by psychology and the arts. The former was born of a desire to understand people, an aspiration encouraged by her parents who always gave real answers to toddler questions others found exasperating. The latter serves as a channel for expression.
Writing is one vessel that she has nurtured from a young age on. This activity has graduated from private journals to ghostwriting while still in her teens. Hard times have shaped this young thinker to ask questions that adults much older should ponder, but haven’t. According to her parents, her answers and contemplations to these questions show a maturity and wisdom beyond any expectations.


  1. Having just returned from a trip in remote areas of Utah and Arizona, where the air is considered among the cleanest spots in America, this blog post, and the comments of our "young thinker," resonate.

    As a note, not all wealthy people who make money as unchecked capitalists do so without a conscience. There are men like Ted Turner, who I heard on TV last night. He spoke about the importance of renewable energy, and he is dedicating some of his personal fortune developing it in New Mexico. He was a pioneer in the cable news industry (CNN), and his comments last night about green technology were along these lines(encapsulated): "If America doesn't get on board, we will be left behind. Other countries are already ahead of us. There are many jobs that will be created if Americans make green energy a priority."

    What worries me is all of the misinformation out there on this topic. We have a political party feeding people's fears, and telling them what they want to hear, so that they don't have to think about doing anything different. Heaven forbid they should stop over-consuming. Isn't that the government's fault? Hmmmm...somehow it always comes back to that.

    Important issues like this one occasionally rise to the surface of national discourse, but then get muffled or talked over by various political agendas. We need more young thinkers who are willing to speak-up and put-up before it's too late.

    It's always interesting to visit your blog, Ray. :-)

  2. Diane, excellent point. There are always exceptions--in every way. Like everyone else,the rich shall declare where they stand by their actions. Ted Turner is a great example of that.
    There is, also, much misinformation being fed to the general population--hopefully that will begin correcting itself by disseminating INFORMATION instead of misinformation. The truth always comes out in the long run. We DO need more young thinkers that are capable of standing UP and speaking as Adriana has. Thank you for your kind comments, Diane. ~r

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  4. Thanks for visiting, Portugal, we try to cover a lot of different subjects that are helpful and of interest. I'm not sure if this specific comment was directed at this post or not, but thanks! ~R


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