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Sunday, October 30, 2011

On the way to BLISTER: Morgidoo's Christmas Carol

There's always something cooking in nature, and so far she has been  happily cooperating by keeping the snow  upstairs for now.  Right.  
Guess what, I saw a snowbird today, so snow is not far behind. 
Cold snow....now don't you wish snow was warm as popcorn?

Here at Incoming Bytes, we are happy to announce that Morgidoo's Christmas Carol,  a new Christmas standard for young and old alike, is on the way to the tiny village of Blister....

Visitors arrive at Blister

A story from the ages for all ages,  Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  spans centuries and generations. The Great Silver Bell rang for generations in the Age of Light, and people sang Christmas songs and celebrated with joy, because they were always happy.

Best of all, Snow was as warm as popcorn ....until early one morning, the  ancient bell-ringer discovers the treasured silver bell is missing....and snow has turned cold. 

The village of Blister.  and  Morgidoo, the boy who searches for the Great Silver Bell both become timeless legends.......

Coming soon to YOU.....

 Morgidoo's Christmas Carol will be available as an eBook very soon......

that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Just in time for the holidays...perfect!

  2. Good luck, Raymond! Wherever did you get the name, Morgidoo?

  3. Thanks, Glory, hopefully this will be available on Kindle in a day or two, and also on Smashwords.

    Diane, the name "Morgidoo" was derived from the fact that he is the son of Morgan Morgan, who ran "Morgan's Do-All Services" in Twixley..... ":) Thanks!

    I'm sure some questions shall end up on a Q & A's page on a website sooner or later, that shall undoubtedly be the first question.

  4. How exciting. So happy for you. When is Morgidoo's Christmas Carol being released? I'd like to buy a copy, please. :)))

  5. This sounds delightful and very imaginative, much luck and success to you!


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