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Friday, October 7, 2011

Harvest time Choices

Here at Incoming Bytes  we were optimistically  hoping to resist temptation.  I wanted to digress enough to stick with interesting stuff --and thus be able to ignore following, studying and dissecting the ONTARIO election that just resulted in another Liberal minority anyway.  
My new mantra for this  Ontario election was:
 "Vote but ignore. .... Vote but ignore...."Hold-'yer-nose'-and vote" (in counter-rythm) . ......and Vote-but-ignore....." 

Catchy beat, isn't it? 

To start off with, every farmer knows it was the wrong time for an election, but let us not rant.

Our astute readers also recognize bad timing, bad choices, political lies, attack-dog ads eternal promises , the politics of fear -- and the fraternal and ridiculous  hee-haw-see-saw contest of political  "parties"......period.

Therefore, as a service to our readers, WE happily cut through all of that "flung dung" and ignored it. Tomatoes and carrots are heaps more interesting.
 The fact is, as usual, nothing changed on the political landscape.  Thinking about it, in rural Ontario, there are always more important things to do anyway.

  It's harvest time, a process offering genuine rewards to those who put effort into it , and  there are also more than enough perky diabolical diddlers , deceivers,  and  untruthful whiners at hand already without adding blathering striped politicians to the intense mix. 
So--- hold an election at harvest time, will 'ya??   Well, okay, it's all about harvest-time choices  then...
Don't get me wrong,--- this is serious business, at harvest time  difficult and complex issues can arise too.  Mind-boggling and sterling  choices must be made in good conscience, --such as "which healthy organic vegetables shall we choose to dine upon this evening? 

Keeping that in mind,
  "On October 6th,we voted for vegetables "

That may be a more revealing statement than some may care to admit.

I feel better already.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Much shorter than you usually post, but just as sweet - or bitter - as the case may be. Voted for vegetables, lol.

  2. In the US we might as well voted for a zucchini then what we got in 2008. A zucchini displays more leadership then what we have in Washington today.

  3. @ Alex, I came to the amazing conclusion that people are more interested in food than politics. "Wonder why?".....the lowest voter turnout on record...

    @ Geotek, zucchini made me laugh. WE voted for tomatoes but somehow got turnips! :))

  4. Such is the thing with the two-party system: The opposing party can criticize them to Hades and back, but deflect from the fact they have no solutions. Then, they get elected solely on the basis of the other party screwing up, then they get to do it for four years and get paid and the cycle starts again.

    Meanwhile, no one ever solves the problems.

  5. ... having said that, I wish I had some vegetables to dine upon lol.

  6. Alex, that is the problem with the existing system, more energy is spent fighting to protect ridiculous political dogma than is spent actually doing something positive for the country. The political systems of North America BADLY need to be redesigned and re-thought.
    If you were closer I would be delighted to send you some vegetables! ":)


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