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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Heads, Tails, or the Edge?


Stone Cottage 
SoWrite.Us Competition: Best First Chapter
Unbridled optimism I don't know about you, but  here At Incoming Bytes I like to believe that hope springs eternal from proactive optimists.  Proactive optimists, worth repeating. Horseshoes and four-leaf clovers are lucky"Holes-in-one" happen We believe good stuff does happen to those who wait, and sometimes luck of the draw is just that, short straw,  long straw, heads, tails spin-of-the-bottle for a kiss.   Luck  is magic and illusion, balancing on the thin edge of life itself. 
Sometimes it pays to get proactive and jump in feet first,get in it to win it, or die trying.

November Fiction page
At  SoWrite.us.com  my entry in the November Fiction " Best First Chapter" contest created by Jim Bessey was successfully submitted without a hitch. Didn't even have to die trying!
 Wow!  In return, we received some great news. It went better than usual for me. Proactivism worked!

I was amazed to learn,-- my very own entry,  From Raggs: The Bent Man
   -----was awarded first prize ...$50.00 !!  Wow!

 Did I get to see the cash? 

You bet!   For contest doubters, you will be happy to know that  prize money offers from SoWrite.us  are real.  The cash   arrived almost within the hour.   Thanks, Jim!   

 Nice, and just in time for Christmas!   Ho -Ho-Ho !
How about that?  Here comes Santa!
We must congratulate co-finalists, Glory Lennon  and Teresa DePoy  --and all other competitors for for their wonderful entries. Special thanks to judges Amanda and Tamara for their hard work and particularly difficult decision. It's so hard to make a thin dime stand on edge!   
--and to Jim and SoWrite.us......Thanks again

  Maybe unbridled proactive optimism isn't such a bad thing after all?
Is that Incoming I hear?

 Photo credits: courtesy of  SoWrite.us.com  with thanks.


  1. Again Congratulations Raymond... Well Done... and yes holes in one do happen... I witnessed on while playing golf with my Hubby some years ago now on a Par-3 a great moment.. So I know that feeling of elation ... Keep those chapters coming..

    Wishing you well in this Season of Good Will....

    1. haha, Thanks, Sue! I'm not a golfer but I was at a company 'golf day' and was part of a foursome. I took a shot from about 100 yards from the rough (in the bushes) and plugged it right into the pocket. Alas...nobody SAW it happen. Isn't that the way? ":) Wishing you the best of the season too! ":) ~R


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