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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Social Media: Damoclean Pot

The Age of Light is Upon Us

Human beings using social media have increasingly discovered the delights of stretching the limits of reckless anonymity. Anonymity.  The marginal propensity to hide in cyberspace while  allowing one's self the careless use  of four-letter 'words'.
The fact is, wanton, reckless, and at times, --brazen taboo crap  inappropriate redundant language is  seemingly inserted in communication  to raise the 'status'  without thought or concern.

Is it inserted to attract attention,  or assign instant importance to jaded, insecure or pathetic lives?  Does it enhance stature, relevance, or draw an  audience to the previously ignored?
 I don't know.
Perhaps the status quo is a sign of  collective societal insecurity.  Immaturity. Inability to distinguish between foul potty mouth and actual communication. Is this a dearth of parental teaching?

I have to be honest, from the point of view of a writer,  it seems like deterioration of civilization itself. It seems we are, unfortunately, at a crossroads;  Perhaps people are blissfully and totally  unaware of the  effect of  scribbling, keyboarding, or texting chopped,  deviate combinations of words, whatever be the method or the message.
 It seems at times that nobody cares about what they are exposed to, or what the effect of such unmitigated, liberally  applied and questionable values of filth may have upon their children. The true long-term effect will not be seen in civilization for some time.
I'm guessing our tasteless melange of social media and rudimentary foul language ultimately will inflict a cost.

Where does "potty mouth" originate from on social media sites like Facebook? Have traditionally taboo, detestable, four-letter invectives  become fashionable?  The associated symptoms are easily spotted. Hedonism.  Jaded narcissism. Warped, over-the-edge humor.  Commandeered language and blatant ignorance. 

Does Potty Brain not recognize that " Potty Mouth" reflects directly upon character, person, background, parents, upbringing, nature, essence, the very spiritual being?

From strictly a human standpoint, in  simple terms, which part of 'a foul mouth suggests a foul mind' is so hard to understand?

It seems it takes little to destroy one's image. It takes no practice at all to foam off at the mouth in  a rude, crude interlude and  begin sliding into that stinking morass;  it is deceptively easy to succumb.

 For the last couple of years I have been curtailing my thoughts on  this distasteful aspect of social media, zipping the lip.  I cannot tell a lie though. In truth we....are not impressed.
There are always better ways to express sentiment.

Go ahead, do feel free to speak as you will.  Here's the plan.  Use whatever language you wish; the English language is changing, but...for the record, --the reward, justice at its finest;  the full chamber-pot --is hanging high above us by the proverbial Damoclean thread. Will it be your next 'word' or thought that breaks the thread?

Think about it.

Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. Thank you Ray. I have taken to banish such ill mannered isms from my streams in any of several methods.

    Unfortunately, it is not just the language that anonymity abuses, but the very way we treat people.


    1. Thanks, Mike-I will do the same thing too--just pleasantly delete them, FB, on my blog, whatever--I don't have to tolerate streams of 4-letter invectives and crap on my pages. This stuff isn't funny, some of these people think it's 'funny'. All it does is reveal how little respect they have for themselves-how pathetic is that?
      Anonymity does abuse language-and with no sense of civility-- people become jaded completely which requires ever worse crap....--if we as writers don't speak up about it, who will? Thanks for commenting, Mike. ":)

  2. Hey Rayman...
    Interesting post. Shows how out of it I am though. I don't FB or Tweet or even own a cell phone so I don't see what you are witnessing. I stay on enlightened websites and alternative news and that's it. Lucky for me I guess. This is the final fall before the phoenix rising I believe. People had to loose all self worth I guess before they awaken, if they even do. Many will not and that is their journey, they just don't need to inflict their ignorance upon others everywhere they go! Very sad indeed. They always said this time would be difficult walking between the worlds. It gets harder everyday! Hang in there friend and I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday...The big day is soon!!! There is a party at One World Rising if you care to drop by on the 21st and say hi to everyone who has been part of it. Don't know what I will post, if I even do, once this journey is over. I pretty much wrote the blog to capture the journey in words and now it is coming to a close. We shall see. Be well and stay in that light beam RK.....VK

    1. Hi Vk, nice to see you, I don't think you're 'out of it' at all, you're probably more in tune with everything than anyone is. The realization the end is near is affecting a lot of people, I'm thinking; that's why the incredible grab of profiteering, loss of respect, all kinds of self worth issues as you pointed out.
      I hope you have a wonderful holiday too, great things ARE happening, we will hang in there, the awareness is being fine-tuned--I would like to see you keep posting regardless--the Age of Light is upon us. Yes, we shall see--too bad many shall not. ":) Blessings to you, Vk...see you at One World Rising...":) ~R

  3. I just wrote quite along response to this Raymond, only to go and press a button on my keyboard for it to vanish.... and no I didnt swear!.... just gave a big sigh as my patience is being tried today LOL..

    I do not belong to FB or Twitter, but have seen how destructive it can be in families and between friends... as work colleagues have swapped stories of how vindictive some can be to each other with name calling etc..

    I have never found the need to use foul language.. And even when I worked my way up from sewing machinist on the factory floor I never would use bad language.. and others around me knew this.. At first they would swear to shock me, but after time they showed a mutual respect and would curb their vocabulary around me.. Saying shuuush Sues here... LOL..

    Many do not realise I think that they use bad language every other word unless its pointed out the them..
    I remember I once pointed it out to a lovely young girl who had the grace to blush..After a bout of foul language came at me in a torrent.. as later climbing the ladder of my career I pointed out her poor quality, I said how Ugly her words made her look as they spilled from such a pretty mouth.. After that I noticed how she altered.. as she separated fro herself more from a circle of girls who thought them selves to be untouchable..
    Self respect is something some do not have.... and if we show respect often we get respect back.. at least I have been lucky to find that to be the case...

    An interesting post Raymond..
    Wishing you a warm and restful weekend.. Sue

    1. Hi Sue,,I want to thank you specially for persisting on this comment---,this is SUCH A GOOD COMMENT!

      I would LOVE all the beautiful young girls in the world to read it. It is SO right on. They are so incredibly beautiful until they instantly destroy their image with foul language!

      The use of foul language reflects directly back on the speaker-all it shows is how little respect they have for themselves. The bottom line is-if they have no self respect, no self-esteem, how can they possibly have anyone believe they respect other people?

      I wonder how many realize they're not impressing anyone, but quite the opposite?

      The fact is, there are always other, far more effective ways to express one's self. KUDOS to you, Sue--for this comment. MUCH appreciated! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful weekend! ~R.

  4. Ignore the yahoos. Also, check out http://www.anxietyculture.com/antisocial.htm for some useful background!


    1. Thanks, Wendy, good idea. See no evil, hear no evil, especially when you whack the perpetrators betwixt the eyes...hahahha! Thanks ~Rq

  5. some of my fiction pieces demand the use of foul language to remain accurate on topic..and yet i have and must continue to skirt the dialog dilemma..i feel uncomfortable using other's words--so to be true to mine own self--i have to find a different angle to say whatever in an observer's perspective..there is no need to adopt ill behavior to reveal truths.

    i find people realize there are ways to communicate without being a verbal brute..they eventually quit swearing in my presence..as if i had asked them to, fun to watch it happen..and fun to note they actually enjoy not being rude..

    swimming in a gentle word pool, thanks raymond.

    1. Hi Nadine! Yes, sometimes it's difficult not to use foul language in written pieces, it truly can be extremely difficult to stay true to the dialogue that may be used.
      I really have no difficulty with that use of 'the language', I just object to the ridiculous, the arbitrary, unnecessary use of foul invectives simply for shock value. Yes, people do notice!
      'Swimming in a gentle word pool' is a lovely description --you have a unique way of putting things. GREAT to see you back....":) ~R


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