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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I wish everyone the best, most prosperous and Happy 2013 possible from Kakabeka Falls, up here in Northwestern Ontario. 

  Here at Incoming Bytes it's always tough to see time--a whole year-- fly by so fast. 

 The year 2012 has been wonderful in many ways. 

My  friends, family and associates have all been thoughtful,  generous, creative, and supportive. Loyal readers and followers provided tremendous encouragement to keep going. The  inspiration I have received from loyal friends and dedicated followers during 2012 is the force that has kept me moving on, dreaming, creating and writing.

It's been a tough and challenging year in some respects,  with major world events, war, flooding, storms, and terrible, even unbelievable human  tragedies.  
Predicted, but failed apocalyptic events unfulfilled. 
The end of the world yet..that was a biggie. There were smaller events that caused more pain. 

Tragedies great and small took place, some close at hand and expected, and  personal losses of loved ones occurred that cannot be equated with anything tangible other than the terrible sense of loss --and equally, the sense of optimism that must necessarily follow. 

I lost a friend in August,  Mr. John Angus Carter III, an American from Barkhamsted, Connecticut-- perhaps the last of his breed. We worked on a number of projects together.  John left a legacy of written works, many  unfinished.  A brilliant thinker, geologist, and great writer, John was above all, a good friend. He will be missed

Meantime, the rest of the world shall carry on with new excitement and renewed optimism. Let us maintain our faith, optimism, offer eternal kindness to all others, --and grant understanding and help to those that have perhaps failed to meet unrealistic expectations.

  Let us move on into 2013 with a sense of joy, love and a fresh outlook on life, and not only set new goals, but achieve them victoriously.

Happy New Year, to everyone, especially to my very BEST friends.  
Each of you knows who you are !  I thank you. 


Is that Incoming I hear?


  1. Excellent! My fav line is: "Let us move on into 2013 with a sense of joy..."

    Wonderful words Raymond and wishing you a great 2013!

    1. Happy New Year, and thank you, Christyb...I think if the whole world moved on with a sense of joy, the world would be a much happier place! Best of everything to you, my dear friend...((HUGS)) and happiness! ~R

  2. Hey Rayman....Happy New World New year to you as well...Happy new Paradigm!We are charging on ahead into 2013 with love and joy in our hearts and brilliant light flashing all about us.Stay warm up there, drag out the 2013 seed catalogs and start planning that garden :) Be well and stay in that cosmic light beam....VK

    1. Hi Vk, Happy New Year!...and New World New year too...the paradigm is shifting little by little, all we have to be is patient and remain in the light. We ARE of the light and spiritual beings, we have merely forgotten how to BE light. Planning the garden is a good start. Blessings to you Vk! ~R

  3. Happy New Year to you too Raymond. Glad to have you also on my list of 'BESTEST' friends. :) Love, joy and peace ... these are what I pray for, for you and your family this year. Ups and downs, births and deaths, gains and losses ... I have had my equal share of these last year, and it has taught me to value life and its struggles even more. 2013 is going to be a blessed year for us. If it isn't we are going to make it this way. Praise God for you my friend. :)

    1. Hi Mandy, Happy New Year to you, my wonderful friend--you are a blessing to me too! We all had our share of difficulties this last year and undoubtedly there will be some in 2013 too, but we shall persist with faith! Praise god, learn joy, and be at peace within--these ARE the tenets of 2013, The Year of the Writer.

  4. Happy New Year Raymond I cannot think of any better goals than the ones above mentioned..
    Bright Blessings for a wonderful 2013.. I just Know its going to be one of the Best Yet..
    Best wishes to you and your family...

    1. Sue, Happy New Year, I wish you and yours only the BEST in the Light. This year is 2013, The Year of the Writer...it is going to be the best. I just published "The Fires of Waterland" with RedmundPro so we're optimistic! Best wishes to you and YOUR family too! Let us keep peace, joy and light in our hearts. ":) ~R

    2. Congratulations Raymond, Well done and so pleased for you.. Many thanks for your well wishes.. .. Take care :-)

    3. Thanks, Sue! You can see it at the RedmunPro.com bookstore. I'm optimistic! I hope you read it and review it too ! Best of 2013! ~R


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