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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Beginning

Incoming BYTES                                        photo by r.a. kukkee

It is with some excitement and trepidation I have finally  taken it upon myself to speak my mind and write a blogA real blogIncoming Bytes, powered by the light of the early morning sun....

What will Incoming BYTES be about?  
Everything.     Everything that piques the curiosity, touches the  heart,  outrages, or offends the soul.  Justice,  societal mores,  the environment, social affairs, news, events, tragedy and triumph.   I will ask questions.   I will not only question, but  interpret, infer, critique, and at times praise what I observe.    I may provide a perceived answer or two, or leave that job to the reader.   I may at times  condemn or annoy shamelessly. Perhaps controversy shall arise at times, and offend, even though offense is not specifically intended.  Perhaps offense is actually earned upon occasion and if that is the case, so be it.
Above all,  I will express my personal opinion with HONESTY. 

 The second  question that must come  to the fore should probably be:  “Why?” 
Why bother to speak out?   The fact of the matter remains,  in Utopia, and modern suburbia,  ordinary individuals should  expect to be happy and pleased with what they see around them.  If they make observations that make them  become angry  and fail to  comment,  or simply do not bother to address lack of ethics,  poverty, crime, and daily issues, why expect miracles?  Instead, observe events and offer positive  ideas for change, or  we  cannot expect any change for the better. 
Societal pressure at times favours the status quo, does it not? Look out of the window in your neighbourhood.  Listen to your children, co-workers, the media and observe.  Clearly quantum change for the better  is needed in North America and world-wide.

It took quite some time to firmly decide that  writing a web log could be a suitable forum that can promote discussion.  Again, write about what?   The simple answer is, “literally everything”. Everything that amazes or surprises. New discoveries. Everything that prickles the mind or the soul. Everything that excites, amazes, causes  creative juices to flow, consternation and anxiety, or offends the sense of justice.  What offends you? What excites you? What piques your interest?  What makes you happy? What enrages you to the very core of your being?  Please leave a comment.

* By the way, we believe  it possible to express forceful opinion without the use of invectives and foul language.  Such language and offensive, hateful commentary will  be obliterated mercilessly from comments.  If the reader is  angry, he or she is requested to take time out, return later, and leave an insightful  comment in the form of civilized dialogue.

Will Incoming BYTES  be successful?   That decision is left to the reader.   Come again soon. 

*Note from North of Lake Superior:  In spite of the current interest in global warming, in Northwestern Ontario it seems it has not arrived, --at least not today.    It is winter, cold and dry, and there is a wonderful  blanket of snow  for kids of all ages to play in. 


  1. Of course it will be successful! It's utter hogwash to think otherwise. Good luck to you, Sir Raymond!

  2. Thank you, Glory, your encouraging words mean a lot!

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere, Sir Raymond!

    I've enjoyed your wit and wisdom for lo these many months (years?). Can't wait to see what you deem worthy of your insights here.

    Great start, my friend!

  4. Hey, I am here too! So peer pressure says you have to write now!


  5. Wow, thank you Julie! I guess I better start writing... ":)
    By the way, I checked out your site, it's wonderful, and the photographs are beautiful. VERY cute woolies you have there !

  6. yes, you can start writing any time now I expect big things from you Sir Raymond!

  7. Now I KNOW I have to get moving, Doreen...the big guns are out. Thank you for that inspiration. ":)

  8. "I will not only question, but interpret....", as will I, Raymond, as should all who not only read your questions but also consider their answers to them. It shall be entertaining exchanging interpretations on "all there is". Now,

  9. Thanks Revel! That is the key phrase, and there is much reading between the lines and interpolation as well as interpretation...

  10. Your blog sounds great; looking forwards to reading more.


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