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Friday, December 31, 2010


Here at Incoming BYTES  we wish everyone the best for the holiday season. We hope you had a wonderful, peaceful Christmas holiday, and for  2011, we wish you a safe, very Happy and prosperous New Year! 

Here comes 2011.  Some view the new year in fear and trepidation, others with open arms, accepting their lot in life whatever it may be.   How about you?   What are your dreams?   What do you want to happen, what can you expect to happen, and  what shall we individually learn from those events?   Will we endeavor to be  more faithful to God,  become more intelligent, and actually use the brains we are each given?   Shall we abandon the norm of acceptance of all we are handed,  to rebel seriously,  --and without hesitation, try to change things for the better?  What are you going to MAKE happen?    Casual observation suggests that society may, in apathy, continue to ignore what is substantially important in life.   

I must admit it is more fun to watch television and “be entertained” rather than think about difficult subjects. It is easier to watch “Jeopardy” than it is to actually think and plan quantum change in our own lives.
 Perhaps we should watch less television, and thereby kill two birds with one stone, make the mind more active and lessen the amount of brainwashing that comes our way at the same time.  Make no mistake about it, just as one example, we are conditioned and brainwashed to become perfect shoppers, as Black Friday and Christmas prove annually.
  Must we  as a society continue to accept the commercial  wishes of the powerful, malignant and greedy, and the curious political burden of undemocratic democracy that is  cast upon us?
  Are we being desensitized and trained to “accept” corrupt, unsatisfactory political solutions and gargantuan 'big money'  environmental disasters?  Are we being rapidly  prepared for “third world” conditions of poverty even as the international rich grow ever richer?    Is universal, one-world  government at hand?  Do you fear the future?   People kept in a state of fear are easier to control.  

I believe we should not only have high expectations, but question what those expectations should be.  Let us not be told what our expectations should be, but decide for ourselves.   It is not wrong to dream of better.  Is it not wrong to expect better in real life. It is not wrong to expect good health care,  fairness, justice, political honesty,  a healthy environment, a good life and ultimately, personal happiness. 
From the 365.242199  days of civilization  we survived in  2010, hopefully we  have gained a modicum of  knowledge, learned from the  collective human experience, cobbled together some new  ideas, and perhaps rediscovered  some pearls of wisdom from the past, --but perhaps we should also take a serious look at what we really accomplished to date?   Have we met all of our  goals, inspired  dreams  in others and encouraged thought?
 Perhaps we have planted  a few innocuous, strange  seeds ourselves  that may  grow unnoticed at our feet or in the minds of others. Perhaps others will think because of something you said, or an idea you offered.   I hope so.   Will our western society become responsible,  more reflective and reactive to make necessary changes to  provide betterment, --in fact assure  life for all human beings on the face of the earth? 
 The question is, what have we done collectively and as individuals to ensure that we continue to exist,  and what can we do in 2011  to change things for the better?

 Shall we make a list of “New Year’s Resolutions”  only to abandon them, as usual,  within a few weeks, or even days? It is  trendy to make a list and chuck it every year, but is it more appropriate to write a “bucket list” of lifetime objectives  and  really stick to them?   We shall see. 

Happy New Year! 

p.s.  Please do not drink and drive! 


  1. Wasn't it John Lennon who asked, "Another year over, and what have you done?"? You've given us all a fine prodding with a sharp stick, Raymond. Thanks for your wisdom and insight, as always!

    And not only that, Happy New Year anyway!


  2. See? If John Lennon says so, being a Beatles fan, that's a question that should be answered. Here's my answer: I tried hard to sharpen the stick, but in a gentle way. Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Insightful and true. Here's to 2011; let's hope we make the world a better place for the future.

    Wishing you all the best for the new year.

  4. so, i'm late, calendars are pliable as sentiment for the most part, i bow respectfully to your injunctions and inspiration, and vow to maintain my insatiable love of life to the best of my capacities throughout the year.
    always grateful, i wish you the widest readership to spread commonsense where most needed.
    amicalement, ns

  5. "Late" is relative. flexibility and inspiration combined shall maintain your love of life and unique writing voice...and thank you for the best wishes!


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