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Thursday, December 16, 2010

North America...Rent this Idea !

Audi A2                                         photo by Audi
At Incoming BYTES, we believe  it appropriate  to offer cutting criticism and poke sharply at questionable events, issues and projects, especially  where justifiable criticism is  earned.
 It is equally an excellent idea to point out the clever, intelligent and the good.  Well,  good things very worthy of note  are happening in Paris, the City of Lights.
Paris will be the first city in the world to offer a major car-sharing program.  Yes, you read it right, a car-sharing program. Paris has had a successful bicycle-sharing program for three years and has cleverly decided to pioneer a car-sharing program featuring compact  electric cars. 
How smart is that?  Very. 
Initially, some 3,000  4-seat electric cars will be located  at 1200 docking locations throughout the city of Paris.   Pick it up here, and leave it there.   Reserve the car in advance, drive all over, and  return it to any station handy.    The driver needs the mandatory driver’s  license and an annual subscription and security deposit. 

How much more clever could that concept be?   The program will  be operational by the end of 2011.   The City of Paris is to be congratulated on their foresight and progressive plan.
 Way to go, Paris ! 

 Removing 3,000  gasoline-driven vehicles from the streets  is a sound environmental initiative. 
Electric vehicles are clean, quiet, and efficient. Battery technology can only get better. The newest battery technology by a German company, DBM Energy, allows an electric vehicle to be charged fully in 6 minutes or less and driven 375 miles at 55mph.  That should be enough range for almost everyone.   The ‘rent and drop at any location'  is inherently clever.
This is better than just a “good”  idea.   It is an idea whose time has arrived.
  Now all we need are  a few clever Canadian and  Americans entrepreneurs  to “discover” the concept and put it into action.    Hopefully, action that will be coming to a city near you  –and the sooner the better


  1. A good idea for all polluters in the world ...
    Congratulations to all postagem.Abraço ...

  2. as anyone who has ever driven in Paris or provincial cities, knows road constipation is a rude problem...no parking for narrow miles..so am happy to read this.
    several US cities do have successful bicycle sharing already. i hope to see more car sharing and public transport in the near future--ingenuity is squeezed out of dire times.

  3. "Ingenuity is squeezed out of dire times"...well said!

  4. Way to go Paris indeed! I love this idea. I think it would be an ideal thing for tourists too, no need to bring a car when you can rent one that is good for the environment. If I ever get to Paris I will certainly be interested in doing this.
    It would not work where I am - rural location - but this is awesome for tourist areas and bigger cities. I do wonder about electric vehicles in cold weather climates, such as Canada, since you mentioned it.
    I love your blog in general a ton of diverse, but all news worthy articles. You offer something new and interesting to read all the time. I have no idea what a 7 x 7 Link award is, but congrats on getting one.


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