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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Narrow Tires, Big Snow in Blister

Blister General Store                            photo by  wlk photography

Shall we  pine for the old days when a  Model 'T 'and other choice vintage vehicles drove  through heavy snow easily because they had very tall, narrow tires?  
The old cars were solid, weighed far more, and displayed much higher clearance than modern vehicles.
It is snowing as we speak;  hopefully in the morning  it shall not look like the snow in Morgidoo’s village. Even the  Blister General Store is closed.  Perhaps the price of gasoline hasn’t been raised there  yet,  -or over in  the village of 'Twill, a few miles across the hills.

Fantasy and creativity and magic are all an essential part of the human psyche.  Shall we close our eyes and dream? 

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is coming soon... Don't forget to blink...
The Christmas Shop at Blister                photo by wlk photography


  1. a refreshing wind from Ontario comes our way--perhaps too cold soon--i saw the geese gather over evening sky, larger and faster flocks eager to escape the Canadian frostbite this week-end.
    very welcome thoughts this season, a light touch for the word weary. thanks along. ns

  2. Nadine, thank you, as I understand it will become even more refreshing and colder in the days ahead; a positive reason to remain indoors and write, unless you're heading south with the Canada geese..

  3. Pretty scene of times past, Sir Raymond. Did you take the pictures?

  4. Lady Glory, my wife and favourite photographer took the pictures, they are cute, aren't they?


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