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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egyptian President "Steps Down" : Are Words Enough?

 Is the revolution in Egypt formally  bearing fruit?  Is the light returning to Egypt, the heart of the Arab world? Are words enough?  Are  "stepping aside" or "stepping down"  merely words to placate the Egyptian people? 
" I will pursue the transfer of power in a way that will fulfill the people's demands and that this new government will fulfill the people's demands and their hopes for political, economic and social progress...."   (1)  Such were the (translated)  words of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak  on February 1st, 2011  at 16:17 ET  as he announced he would be "stepping down".

Does "stepping down" and "transferring power" really equate  the demands of the people of Egypt?  Is Mubarak giving up power, or has he hauled out some very ancient smoke and mirrors,  the way of the deceiver? 
  At Incoming BYTES,  every reader is aware that in Canada, the United States, or any other democracy,  "shuffling the cabinet" means little and is usually a political maneuver designed to deceive. Musical chairs, but far more formal and expensive to play, usually resulting in little if any real change.
I believe  that if Mr. Mubarak transfers the power to anyone associated with the old regime, a major deception is already in progress.   Who has designed the "new regime"?  In the same speech, he stated 

"I will work very hard to carry out all the necessary measures to transfer power to the "authorized legitimate."     and  
" I ask of the parliament to commit to -- to speed up the elections." (1)
 Who are the "authorized legitimate" in the opinion of Hosni Mubarak?   Someone authorized by Mr. Mubarak and his inner circle? 
How about:
"Commit to--to speed up " the elections? 
 Worrisome words.  Not necessarily to HOLD elections, just to "speed them up".   
The pointed question "When?" comes to mind.
In the  favourite phrase of  a good friend of mine,  "We shall see what we shall see" 
..... I  know he  keeps HIS word,   but will Mr. Mubarak?  

The world will be watching. 

(1) Quotation courtesy of : Politics Daily, Transcript of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's Remarks,   CQ  Transcriptions (c)2011 Congressional Quarterly Inc.

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  1. have you ever seen the type of cardboard figures which, once punched down, immediately return to the upright position?
    a proper cut out of the 30 year stand out president would be an appropriate carton-cartoon.not so funny for the people of egypt..


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