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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt's Mubarak to Remain: Bloodshed in EGYPT

Can  Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak be trusted  by anyone from this point in Egypt's revolution? There has now been bloodshed in Egypt's revolution.  
Why should any independent  observer  expect anything other otherwise?    President Hosni Mubarak, after orchestrating a massive and brutal pro-government rally to intimidate,  beat and even kill anti-government protestors,  has now decided not to step down. 
Let us paraphrase President Mubarak's  unbelievable excuse and comment:    "( He)  cannot step down because it might bring  CHAOS to  Egypt. "  
      Has total lunacy set in?  Does anyone actually believe that highly questionable assessment of the unstable status quo?
     Surely the existing deaths and total CHAOS  are already the product of his deceit and orchestration. 
    No fewer than 10 people were shot dead,  and as many as 300 people may  have been killed and 800 wounded  in the violent conflict between pro-Mubarak thugs and anti-government demonstrators that had, been, at least up to the time the loyalists attacked them,  been patiently demonstrating in a relatively peaceful manner.
    Mubarak has also  ordered the roundup of western and other foreign journalists, some  of whom had already been attacked,  stabbed and beaten,  undoubtedly to prevent them from observing what his thugs are doing.  How better to  stifle  the voice of democracy and free speech, than under the "GUISE OF PROTECTION"? 
     He will now conveniently extend his tenure to the end of his term to "prevent CHAOS"  and his son Gamal "will not"  take his place.   Do his empty words mean anything at all?  Anti-government protesters think not.  The governments of Spain, Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany and the United States of America  think not. 
Why should the reader at Incoming BYTES  imagine otherwise?
     Clearly Mubarak's unbelievable method of choice   is to use blunt force if necessary,  and pretend  innocence  while conveniently "allocating" the  blame and brutality necessary to murderous thugs, camel-riding,   whip-wielding lunatics  and  Molotov cocktail-rock-throwing loyalists do his bidding.
      Proof  of his method  lies in the fact that his  paid military army  stood by doing NOTHING  while loyalists viciously attacked, wounded and killed anti-government demonstrators.  
     This brutality and murder of innocent people   is unacceptable by any civilized standard. Mr. Mubarak.  
If you wish to continue to run a brutal, corrupt dictatorship,  at the very least be HONEST enough to say so.
      Mr. Mubarak, perhaps you are right, the west  may not "understand" your culture, but we do understand murder, deception, dishonesty, and lies.

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