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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Now we KNOW there's a Jack-Rabbit Election coming Soon

A Jack-rabbit start towards a federal election is now evident.  We  KNOW there's an election coming in Canada, most likely a spring election too, when politicians are seen  out buying influence. 
Jack Layton, the leader of the federal New Democratic Party  was seen  helping Chinese Canadians  celebrate their New Year, which coincidentally happens to be  the 'Year of the Rabbit." --the Jack Rabbit, that is.       
We do not know if  this latest effort will help Jack  and his New Democrats  or not, as  the signals are just a bit confusing;  
In Toronto's Chinatown Jack was  handing out chocolate dollars,  -- which one must admit is a Conservative sum;  Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be envious at Jack's ingenuity and careful control of his budget:
The loot being handed out is stashed in a Red envelope, which is Liberal,  and Michael Ignatieff will  undoubtedly wish he had thought of it first;
Jack  handed out one to every pedestrian pushing a stroller and every  businessman on the Bloc  while he was at it,  just to be safe.
  My pointed question must be, " Now where's MY chocolate dollar?"  I love chocolate.
 Everyone should get a chocolate dollar,  Chinese or not, that would be the Democratic way. Canadian politics at it's best-- sweet promises.
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!   
                                                                                                     photo: Flickr


  1. ok, i'll vote for whomever gives me the most chocolate dollars--and i don't mean milk chocolate either--70% pure organic cacao beans, responsibly harvested..
    the only place i can vote in is France, so, i'm out for this one.
    jackrabbit makes good stew.

  2. I have to agree, 70% cacao is the best ! If someone would just send me a whole truckload of that stuff, red envelope or not, I'll consider voting for them too.. ": ) Sweet promises...ha!


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