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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More of the Same: Political Deception

     It never ceases to amaze me  how politicians  world-wide  blatantly make promises,  are voted in,  abuse their power,   break those promises,  and are  re-elected in spite of corruption and  repetitive political deception. 
     It seems logical  and reasonable that representation by the "elected"  on that basis should  be considered  worthless, and something to be avoided.   Civilization does not seem to learn from it's mistakes.   Is there no other choice offered? When regimes are clearly shown to be offensive and corrupt, should they be supported? 
     In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak is making superficial offerings of change, while the people of Egypt clearly  want him out and gone, not re-elected, not "self-elected"  and not just "stepping aside".   
He has slashed taxes by 50% and has offered many bribe-like  cosmetic changes that mean absolutely nothing,  since the majority of politicians, much less  autocratic dictators -- do not keep their promises anyway.  It is that simple. 
     The people of Egypt are not asking to wave the Egyptian flag happily for  a   newly-veneered  dictatorship called a "new"  Mubarak administration;  they want a NEW Democracy and a new era  without the influence of Mubarak and his cronies in the driver's seat.
It seems that the US, that was, upon observing the will of the Egyptian people,   initially, clearly  and strongly insisting  that Mubarak step down, ---but  has now 'changed it's mind'  about supporting Mubarak with his coy offerings of cheap veneer and whitewash, his deceptive bid to appease the population.   The question must be asked:  Why?  
      Is the US afraid of genuine democracy in Egypt which might even contain some unwelcome, difficult-to-deal-with  elements in the future,  or is it simply because  the allure of an  continued administration easily manipulated is  hard to resist?  Has the United States of America forgotten  the famous phrase  "WE the PEOPLE" ?
     Mid-East deception again comes to mind. Let us open our eyes to the fact that Hosni Mubarak is not about to willingly do the right thing and go away, thereby  allowing Egyptians to pursue their destiny without his dictatorship and "guidance".   Why would democratic regimes encourage the strengthening of a dictatorship when it is clear the choice of the people has been made?  
     Shall the people of North America expect the same deception and ill treatment by our governments  should WE decide to insist upon change?  
     I believe all people  of the free world should be encouraging FREEDOM, not deceptive autocracy or dictatorship -- in spite of  "perceived" problems  that choice may eventually cause.    Let us bravely deal with those problems  in a timely and logical fashion should they occur.    "IF they occur" comes to mind.
    In the meantime, Hosni Mubarak must go because the people of the "Nile Revolution"  want him gone. 


  1. i see that one more label should have been applied for SEO..."cheap veneer" to paraphrase.
    democracy suffers from wash-out syndrome...as soon as one major power vies for elbow room in the corridors of foreign sovereignty, there ensues mayhem and inefficiency (for profit).

    how many south american, asian or middle eastern countries have suffered from interference in their internal politics? Persia/iran, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba,Kenya, Nigeria, sorry, my fingers can't keep up with the long list of engineered perturbation in the people's pursuit of happiness or sustenance.
    this past year has seen so many reticent old men hanging onto the eternal seat of their respective power that the historical marker for world politics should rename year 2010 "the year of the badger kings".

  2. "Far too many" would be the correct answer to your question, Nadine, and "the year of the badger kings" ...how appropriate. Your observation that disruption of the "regime" whatever form it takes does disturb the efficiency of the profit derived from such arrangements is correct--so one does not have to wonder why the "little dictators" are so well-anchored in luxury as their people suffer inferior infrastructure, unemployment and misery in the respective "kingdoms".


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