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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, all of you Americans!

On the way to Morgidoo's

Happy Thanksgiving Day, all of you Americans!  We  wish you the best and safest holiday ever!  God bless each and every one.
These  best wishes include  family, friends,associates old prospectors, writers, pretty women,  the faithful,  all countrymen and plain old American wannabe's , of which there always seem to be a few. Not a soul shall be excluded. We share.
I'm guessing best Thanksgiving wishes  should apply to everyone today and always.   We have a lot to be thankful for.
 Here in Canada at Incoming Bytes --admittedly on the surface,  we are slightly envious of your holiday today, but well, the underlying reasons are pretty tasty.
We already had our Thanksgiving, a few weeks ago.  It was tasty too.  
The ulterior motive , always the best motivation,  is that of  simply wanting another beautifully-glazed turkey dinner with the stuffing, the  cranberry sauce, the  salads, hot fresh bread, ,  sweet potatoes, mashed and/or with golden-brown gravy.  Then we can add the butter tarts, cookies of all descriptions,  and  pumpkin pie with ice cream.
The stuff tastes so good, don't you think? We are so fortunate and have many blessings, much to be thankful for  including family and friends.

It's worth contemplating, daydreaming a bit. perhaps  even offering a little bit of devious hinting to the cook,  and  keeping one encouraging eye on that Thanksgiving feast  going on just across the border......why not?   We never give up....we're on the way to Morgidoo's...

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Hey Ray:

    Covered bridges don't have chimneys, but thanks anyway.

  2. haha! John, you're a genius, no doubt about it. Maybe it's not a chimney, it's a vent. Maybe it was an old house that was converted to a bridge, it had running water. ":))

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Raymond... regardless of the time or weather.... people or location. :) You've given me an idea for a new blog - totally unrelated to Mandy's Pages. ;)


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