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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Quantum change: Let us Welcome Effectively Human.com

The Age of Light is upon us...

As suggested in our  recent   post,'The Age of Light'  here at Incoming Bytes, we would like to believe that a quantum change in humanity is on the way.  The status quo is clearly unacceptable and not sustainable. Perhaps the concept of the  Age of Light   is already at hand. We would like to believe in humanity.  We would like to believe mankind can substantially improve the lot of  all human beings regardless of where they are on the earth. 
 Notice  the phrase  "we would like to believe" ?  Is humanity smart enough collectively to initiate enough necessary change that will significantly alter the course of civilization?  All it takes is one small step at a time by enough individuals to effect a quantum change for all of humanity.

There are clearly people that do care where we are headed and would like humanity to be more focused, gentle, kinder, more--effectively human. People that believe in the dignity and sanctity of life and are willing to put themselves out there and speak up. Let us try honesty rather than hypocrisy. Let us not couch terms and pretend innocence. Let us truly value human life.  
Such are the people at www.effectivelyhuman.com, a site dedicated to the affirmation of human life.
Let us welcome effectivelyHuman.com  and help contribute to the improvement of civilization in any way possible.  We need to reinvent society and the way it functions.  We need to value humans individually and collectively-- with dignity. 
Visit  www. effectivelyHuman.com soon,  and think about what you can do to help yourself, your family,  others, and explore humanity itself.  We encourage the reader to participate.
See you there.
The Age of Light may be closer than we think.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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  1. Raymond, this is beautiful! Thank you, my friend, thank you!


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